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Micah Lamar
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Nice, I lived in Nelson New Zealand for two years. Love it there!
Thanks for your comment @CelebrityDave
LOL, I meant 7 in our house!
Thanks for the article links... BTW, for all you Apple traders who want the full PDF I made for your own records - you can get it at my AAPLTrader blog
I personally own 4 Apple products that I use daily. My wife also has 3. That's 8 in our house. Most of my friends also own several devices and are always buying new ones (sometimes several at a time for all their family members).
I agree, growth is slowing, but hey... now that we know that, why not get really good at covered calls and make more money while it slowly drifts!
It's hard to pin point one reason a stock is being sold. The main point I wanted to highlight in my above article is that Apple is still growing but growth is slowing.
Agreed, it will be interesting to see what happens after Jan options expire!
Good call Doyle3000 - We are really low here, great opportunities indeed - thinking of selling OTM cash secured puts on further selling to take advantage of low prices and high IV.