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  • Avigilon Continues Its Outstanding Revenue And Earnings Growth [View article]
    Hi All,
    For everyone's information, I am as surprised as many of you may be about the fall in the stock price since the earnings were released. That being said, I have not and will not be selling any of my shares. In fact, I have cash sitting on the sidelines and if the share price continues to drop I'll eventually add more to my position.

    As far as I know, there is no reason for the stock to be down like it is, but as I said before, that's the nature of the market at times.
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  • Avigilon Continues Its Outstanding Revenue And Earnings Growth [View article]
    Hi All,
    Thanks for sharing your comments and questions on this article. Following is what Alex Fernandes stated during the conference call when an analyst from CIBC World Markets asked about growing the bottom line to get to 20% to 25% EBITDA margin.
    Alex stated: "So the reason its not there today is because we are spending on growth and if you look at from a historical perspective the trajectory that we are on leads us to getting to 500 million in advance of the stated time frame and so and really saying its investments today for greater opportunity tomorrow is what we're doing."
    "I think it’s really worry about that (EBITDA margin of 20% to 25%)at a later date. I think what you would like to keep people focused on is the getting to that 500 million which is coming up very soon, I mean you know we're just basically not that many quarters way, I think 10 quarters or so and so basically yes stay focused on that and that’s really the objective and the track that we are on."

    If you haven't read the transcript from the conference call, you can go to to do so.

    This management team is doing, in my opinion, exactly what they should be. They are aggressively growing their sales and marketing team out in order to hit that $500 million number, which they're well on the way to doing.

    It's important to remember that this company is still profitable, so even though the earnings didn't come in at what some analysts or individuals were expecting, or hoping for, this company is still making money.

    Additionally, in the previous conference call when Q1 results were released, Alex Fernandes did state that their investment in the sales and marketing organization this year would have an affect on the bottom line. So, I personally was not surprised by this, I was expecting it.

    Finally, here is what Alex Fernandes says about Avigilon's future: "We are rapidly capturing market share in the global security industry by executing our proven growth strategies. The outlook for sustained growth is positive. We have a very large and growing addressable market. We have the best-in-class end-to-end security solution that combines HD surveillance, access control and video analytics and we have a strong team to succeed. We look forward to reporting on our ongoing progress at the end of Q3."
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  • Avigilon Continues Its Outstanding Revenue And Earnings Growth [View article]
    I have no idea why the plunge in the stock price, however it does not worry me in the least. On the U.S. exchange it's only a little over 5,000 shares traded anyway. Much more in Canada.
    However, it makes no sense, so I can only attribute it to "stupid" investors. You only need to look at the numbers to figure out that this stock is a great buy.
    If you look at Yahoo finance and the analyst's target price for this stock, the median is $37.50/share, with the high being $45.00 and the low being $29.00.
    1 analyst rates it as a Strong Buy, 7 analysts rate it as a Buy and 1 analyst rates it as a Hold.
    I personally am not selling any of my shares as this company is on track to hit $260 million in revenues this year.
    But, that's the market for you.
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  • Can The Regulators Afford Missing Herbalife? [View article]
    "Ponzi schemes don't give you a refund": this statement is complete nonsense. Have you read the book about Madoff? If you have then you'll know that he did provide some of his investors with redemptions when they asked for them - that is until his pyramid collapsed.
    So the fact that, at present, HLF offers a 100% money-back guarantee in no way proves that it's not a fraudulent enterprise or a pyramid scheme. Your lack of knowledge regarding this issue is quite impressive.
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  • Can The Regulators Afford Missing Herbalife? [View article]
    HLF Friend,
    I have not seen any well-written article by you or any other HLF supporter that provides an in-depth analysis of the company's structure in order to rebut and/or answer any of the accusations brought against HLF by Ackman, QTR and/or anyone else who has written about the company being a pyramid scheme.
    We're all waiting. Or maybe we shouldn't hold our breath as it's not likely you have the ability to write such an article.
    Aug 4 12:26 AM | 4 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • A Frothy Market Has Nothing To Do With Investing In Individual Stocks [View article]
    Thanks Chuck for another great article. Appreciate your writing very much. For anyone looking for a great growth story, both top and bottom lines, you may want to do some DD on Avigilon Corp. Incredible growth prospects.
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  • Avigilon Is An Under-Covered Explosive Growth Story Worth Your Attention [View article]
    Thanks for reading and leaving your comments. Avigilon reports next Thursday. Looking forward to see how things are progressing.
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  • Pembina Pipeline Is Very Appealing Based On Long-Term Bullish Fundamentals [View article]
    Michael: Great article. I'm long this stock also. It's a great, well-run company.
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  • Herbalife: POOF! There Goes The Bull Case [View article]
    So they added 76,000 and lost 126,000? If that's correct then a net loss of 50,000 members?
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  • Herbalife: POOF! There Goes The Bull Case [View article]
    Who are you referring to when you state "people without even a basic understanding of corporate finance.?"
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  • Herbalife: POOF! There Goes The Bull Case [View article]
    "All of QTR's pieces are ad hominem attacks as are Ackman's and Matt's." Of course, you did not provide us with an example.

    I do understand what ad hominem means, but for your sake, as you obviously don't, here is the definition: "

    An ad hominem (Latin for "to the man" or "to the person"[1]), short for argumentum ad hominem, is a general category of fallacies in which a claim or argument is rejected on the basis of some irrelevant fact about the author of or the person presenting the claim or argument.[2] Fallacious Ad hominem reasoning is normally categorized as an informal fallacy,[3][4][5] more precisely as a genetic fallacy,[6] a subcategory of fallacies of irrelevance.[7] Ad hominem reasoning is not always fallacious, for example, when it relates to the credibility of statements of fact."

    Now, please provide us with some examples of such fallacious argumentation by QTR, Ackman, etc. I have not read anything where they have attacked Herballife's pyramid scheme based on fallacious argument. I have only seen good, logical reasoning.

    On the other hand, all of the Herballife supporters I have read do use fallacious argument. You have not defended Old Analyst at all. Like him you also have resorted to a fallacious argument.

    "All I can say, is enjoy it while you can investing beginners. When you get some education then perhaps you will really understand what really happened today and why HLF is still in bull mode."

    WOW! The above quote from your reply to me is a text book example of ad hominem.
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  • Herbalife: POOF! There Goes The Bull Case [View article]
    @Old Analyst,
    You wrote: "their personal ad hominem attacks continue." I have not read any 'ad hominem' attacks used by QTR or Ackman. Are you sure you understand the meaning of the term?

    QTR and Ackman have presented a ton of very compelling fact-based evidence as well as financial analysis to show up the Herballife scam. Unlike yourself and/or any other of these Herballife supporters.

    Why don't you write an in-depth article analysing the financial metrics and reasons to buy Herbalife stock. Funny thing is, you're the person who has resorted to using ad hominem. Please look the term up.
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  • Herbalife: POOF! There Goes The Bull Case [View article]
    I admire how you've kept a cool head, as has Ackman and all others who have exposed this company for it's fraudulent claims and practices.

    Many years ago I got involved in a so-called MLM by the name of NSA (National Safety Associates) and it was exactly the same issue that I discovered after signing up. At that time the company was selling carbon water filters. According to the company's own standards of practice, no distributor was to paid any commissions until the product was sold into the retail market.

    But that's not what the company was doing. The company was paying commissions each and every time that you brought someone else into the business and that person would buy their product (stock). I met one older gentleman who was persuaded to come into the company with a purchase of $25,000.00 worth of water filters. Guess what happened to that poor guy?

    The distributor who persuaded him to make that investment got a big fat check from NSA for bringing the guy in, but that man likely still has a pile of old water filters sitting in his basement.

    That company was started by a guy named Jay Martin. And now he's peddling JuicePlus. These guys are all using MLM as a disguise for pyramid schemes. When one product reaches its saturation point, they simply move on to something else. And you'll also find that many distributors in these types of companies also move on to other schemes once they've fleeced enough people with their products.

    Thanks for your hard work on this.
    Jul 28 09:23 PM | 9 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Manitok Energy: Highly Undervalued And Poised For Price Appreciation [View article]
    Sorry Chris, it's not about being 'arrogant about stock analysis and trading.' You're just arrogant - period! And we're all still waiting for your thoughtful and reasoned response to Bankstock's calling your comparison between Birchcliff and Manitok, bulls..t.
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  • Amazon Is Not Worth Your Analytical Firepower [View article]
    Read the following article on Amazon by Paulo Santos. and in particular note how Mr. Santos shows that Amazon's gross margins are 'misleading.'

    Under "The gross margin fairy tale" he writes: "One of the things which has been used to promote stock is the tale about how gross margins are improving. This is both misleading and dishonest. Anyone with a modicum of honesty would point out that accounts for AWS and 3P (third party commissions from marketplace sellers) at 100% gross margin, and then includes the true variable costs of these activities lower in the P&L, in the "technology" cost line (AWS) and "fulfillment" (3P).

    Thus, when AWS and 3P are growing faster than the overall, the posted gross margin percentage has no way not to increase, no matter what's happening to's overall profitability.

    Indeed, many analysts then continue to expect "leverage" from those cost lines which, due to being victim to the same mechanics inflating stated gross margin, have no way of not increasing faster than overall revenues. This is, again, misleading or dishonest."

    The birds will eventually come home to roost.
    Jul 26 03:52 AM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment