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I am not pumping this stock. As I've already said, get out of it if you're not happy.
You're welcome and have a great week.
Hi Everyone,
There's been so much guessing and speculation and even some bashing going on about Natcore and particularly about Chuck Provini and Brien Lundin.
Last Friday I called Natcore, and Chuck and the team were in a meeting. I left a message and also sent Chuck an email which, as usual, he responded to as soon as he was available. He told me in his email that he would get back to me today, and he did. Here is what the email I received from him today says:
"Dear Michael,

As a follow up to last week’s discussion, Natcore is making meaningful progress with respect to commercializing our back contact HIT cell. We are very protective of our intellectual property and have intentionally not said very much about our progress until we are totally confident that we are protected by a variety of patents. We are engaging a third party to help in determining pricing models and costs savings. This is an important step in the commercialization process.

I can understand some of your readers being impatient, saying that, we are running the company based on good business decisions and business ethics, not based on a calendar. It took me over 2.5 years to do the due diligence on Natcore before I became involved. This is the only company that I have aligned myself with after over 30 years on Wall Street. I do not participate in other deals just for the purpose of benefiting from short term stock gains. I have not sold any shares. I say this because the comment of us just pumping the stock is a bit offensive. If someone were to take the time to look at my history, it would become apparent.


Charles R. Provini
President & CEO
Natcore Technology, Inc.
189 N. Water Street, Suite 700
Rochester, NY 14604
P: 585-286-9180 F: 585-286-9182
That's where things stand for now. And here's my two cents worth. I've seen all of the comments criticising Chuck and Brien on the other Natcore articles. I personally have money invested in this company and to date have not had any reason to queston either of the aforementioned individuals, Chuck and Brien, about their motives.
If this response from Chuck Provini is not satisfying to those of you that want to bash him or the company, I can't help that and I can't help you. If you're not happy then the best advice is to get out of the stock. For me, I'm holding mine and may even purchase more at these levels.
Have a great week!
Good post.
Seek643 and Eckman,
I'm not even sure why the two of you, who are both very upset with Chuck and the company, are still even engaged in this? If I were in your shoes, so pissed off and upset, I'd have sold my shares long ago and moved on.
Hi All,
This is a heads up that I'll have something from Natcore to post here next week. Hi called the company today and I received an email from Chuck Provini. He will be getting back to me by Monday.
You just may be a dink, dink, dink.
When was the last time that you called Natcore and spoke to Chuck Provini or at the least, emailed him or anyone else in the company?
Seek 643,
When was the last time you called Natcore and spoke to Chuck Provini?
For the information of everyone here bashing Natcore, I will have a response to this next week. I can assure you that you are all way off base.
Enjoy your weekend.
It's solar energy. That's it!
Your comment here is quite humorous. I've already interviewed Chuck 3 times and published each interview. You're completely free to interview Chuck yourself and ask him the "hard questions."
We're all waiting to read your interview. When might we expect to see that on SA?
I sent an email to Chuck and Tom Scarpa with your question. As soon as I hear back I'll post the answer they send.
Hi All,
I have never seen the YouTube video that some of you have referred to here several times. My viewpoint is the following:
I have no reason to doubt that Natcore and the team that are working with that company are going to create something outstanding for investors. I have personally interviewed Chuck Provinin 3 teams, and each time he has had at least one other person on the call with him. David Levy was one of them, and he contributed to the interview also. So, all of these guys are either in together on a big scam, or have no clue what they're doing - NO WAY - or are going to do what they say they'll do.
Did they make some premature comments about when we'd see revenue and so forth? Yes, they did. But I don't care about that at all. It doesn't mean they're being dishonest or they're running a Ponzi scheme. It does mean they made a mistake or were a little too enthusiastic, or it means that getting this entire thing to the point where it becomes a commercial success has simply taken longer than they originally thought. No problem for me.
I would encourage any of you on this thread who have never personally emailed or called Natcore to do so. They'll be happy to address your concerns.
Are you actually invested in Natcore?
By all means unload your shares. No one's stopping you. Enjoy your weekend.
Investors who just follow the crowd can be idiots.
Consider a company such as FireEye. This company is losing millions. See below, which is directly from their 3rd quarter earnings release.
For 2015, the company currently expects total revenue in the range of $620 to $628 million. Additionally, for 2015, on a non-GAAP basis, the company expects:
Total billings in the range of $780 to $800 million.
Gross margin in the range of 72 to 73 percent of revenue.
Operating margin in the range of negative 38 to negative 39 percent of revenue.
Interest expense of $7.0 million related to the company's convertible senior notes.
Net loss per share of $1.61 to $1.63, based on estimated weighted average shares outstanding of approximately 154 million.
Positive cash flow from operations.
And this stock is trading at $22/share.
Avigilon is going to hit $500 million by the end of next year, the company's growth is fantastic, IT'S PROFITABLE. Every quarter this company has positive revenue and earnings growth, yet it's trading below US$9.00.
It makes no sense. Many investors are idiots.
If the share price is under $10.00 by the next earnings call, you should load up.
If you're suffering, then get out of the stock. If you don't believe in the company anymore, that's fine. I do and I'm willing to wait. If I felt that I was suffering because of Natcore, I wouldn't be in this stock. I'd get out and look for something better.
Who's suffering? I'm not suffering. In what way is anyone had to patiently "suffer" with Natcore?
Frankly, why this question is still being asked, "do you think Chuck Provini is credible?" amazes me.
And "it would be great if we could see some kind of article by end or 1st of the year about how they are going to achieve their goals in 2016."
If you've gone to their website, they've posted about your second point, Natcore was a sponsor at this years' New Orleans Investment Conference, and please remember that Chuck Provini is not the only person working at Natcore; this company has an entire team of highly regarded people from the solar industry.
If you're not comfortable with Natcore or don't want to wait any longer, that's your decision, but my view on Natcore has not changed.
If you've been following Avigilon for any length of time, what happened today after the call is exactly what happens to this company's stock after every single earnings release and conference call.
I don't know why this happens, but I believe it's simply traders. You'll notice that the stock will start moving up again towards the next earnings release, and that after the release there'll be a massive sell-off just like this time.
This is a great entry point if you're not in the stock or if you want to add to your position. You may want to wait another week or two and then start building a position.
In my opinion, this is a fantastic company. I do not know Alex Fernandes personally, have never spoken to him. I see a lot of comments made about him as being a real jerk, etc. I don't know that and I doubt people making those types of comments know that either.
But if he is that way, all the more power to him because from what the results show over the last 30+ quarters this guy is focused and has delivered consistently outstanding results.
If anyone can direct me to a small company that has performed as well in terms of revenue growth AND profitability over the last 31 quarters, I want to know more.
"He is not accepting differing viewpoints about strategy and is unwilling to adapt to market changes that are a product of customer wants that go beyond the product you are providing."
Really? It seems that based on the revenue and earnings numbers Fernandes knows exactly what the customers want beyond just product. Not sure where you get your information from. Do you personally know Alex, and/or any of the executive team that have left the company in order for you to make that kind of assumption?
How do you know he is not accepting differing viewpoints about strategy? Please provide some specific examples.
Please explain in what way Alex is unwilling to adapt to market changes. Be specific in your answers, please.
Hi All,
Check out the latest interview with CP from the New Orleans Investment Conference here: http://tinyurl.com/nm3...
It's segment 6.
Hi All,
Go to this link for interview with Brien Lundin and Chuck Provini. Segments 2 and 3. http://bit.ly/1kcQW9l
Invest 54,
I would agree with that.
Thanks for putting that post together for all of us. Have a great weekend.
Hi All,
To see the latest insider buying at Avigilon, check this: http://bit.ly/1Ocdl2X
Have a great week!
Here's my answer to your above question. Go to the Natcore site and read each and every one of the Profiles for both the Directors and Management (http://bit.ly/1QeMYGZ) as well as the company's Science Advisory Board (http://bit.ly/1QeMWiz).
Then take 30 minutes and think about whether all of these highly regarded, experienced individuals, would be wasting their time with this company if they didn't have a firm belief and a plan in place for commercial viability of their tech.
Chuck Provini has stated, many times, that what they are doing is not simply a "science project." They're committed to changing how solar cells are manufactured, e.g. significantly reducing costs while significantly increasing the efficiency of the cells.
Also, as I've stated many times, and as dougj34 has also said, CP and Tom Scarpa are not hiding from analysts and/or investors. They are more than willing to talk, reply to emails and most recently with the President's message have willingly addressed your concerns.
For now, what more could you want? We all would like to see a real money deal from Natcore. That's one of the reasons we've invested in the company.
And I believe we're going to see one and two and more deals. I think this company will be a five to ten bagger or more. So, I'm happy to hold right now.
First, if you haven't already done so, you may want to listen to Chuck Provini's interview here: http://bit.ly/1iIjFlK It's the 3rd segment on the weekend show.
Note that one of Natcore's partners is Eurotron. You can check the company here: http://www.eurotron.nl
Chuck Provini specifically mentions them in the interview on the Korelin Economics Report, but they've had a partnership for quite some time now. To implement Natcore's technology into an assembly line process actually wouldn't require much of a change in a manufacturing process.
Enjoy your week!
Hi All,
Chuck Provini was on the Kereport this past Wednesday.
Hi All,
It's a waste of your time to engage individuals such as 6034700. If he/she doesn't like the Dream Office REIT, that's his/her choice. It's best to ignore such individuals and they will go away.
As has already been pointed out, his/her comment about "I do not feel that a public forum is the right venue" says it all about this person. 'Nuff said.
Good day to all!