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  • Windows XP's Death Will Breathe Life Into Microsoft, Intel And AMD Shares [View article]
    @Lambretta Mike - that is real dedication to Apple - running your windows applications using VM Ware. Or, you could just use Windows like over 1 billion people do today. While you have a Mac only a small percentage of users have one or want one. A "real life" certainly does not require an Apple computer and many would not consider buying an Apple an "upgrade". The "post PC world" may come but it is still the PC world today and for those of us with work to do, it will be for many years to come.
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  • Intel And The Known Unknowns [View article]
    @Ed McKernan - great article. There is a collision coming between Apple, Qualcomm and Intel , with Allwinner, Mediatek, Rockchip and Samsung nipping at everyone's heels, and it is hard to predict the fallout. I would think 64-bit on its own will not keep Apple at the lead since all chip makers will soon have that in common in mobile but the Apple ecosystem is quite powerful and may be the key factor in their ability to command a premium to offset lagging process technology.
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  • Windows XP's Death Will Breathe Life Into Microsoft, Intel And AMD Shares [View article]
    @Nettligent - Intel is selling record numbers of Core processors. PC sales continue to run 25 million a month globally with millions of servers also running Windows OS. All computers come with an OS, not "forcibly installed" any more than OS X is "forcibly installed" on Macs. Windows 8 has sold more licenses than OS X, which many consider a terrific success. Linux is barely visible worldwide. iOS exists only on iPads and iPhones which have no real traction for mainstream corporate applications.

    I agree adoption of Windows 8 has been slower than prior versions. Why does that matter? Windows 7 continues to sell very well.

    I If you have any evidence that any material number of enterprises have shifted away from Windows OS share it with us. I have seen none.

    Bald assertions like your comment add nothing to the dialogue.
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  • Windows XP's Death Will Breathe Life Into Microsoft, Intel And AMD Shares [View article]
    @seealp - Not a particularly insightful comment. Over 300 million XP users are not moving to browser based applications tomorrow even if they could. The long term future may well be cross platform based applications but they don't exist today in any material sense and the support for XP has ended now. Most will simply upgrade to a new device of some sort, many of them PC's and many of them Windows PC's.
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  • Intel Is On Track To Grow This Year With Bullish Prospects For 2015 And 2016 [View article]
    @153972 - the FT article requires a log on which I won't provide. Hate that. Intel will have lower costs than any of its competitors in my view. More importantly, it will have better performing chips. In the end, consumers will decide which to choose and at what price. AMD tried for years to beat Intel on low prices with a near death experience.

    I think the real threat from lower priced chips from Mediatek, Allwinner and Rockchip is to Qualcomm. Lower ASP's mean less royalty to Qualcomm and low priced chips mean fewer Qualcomm Snapdragons in the devices.

    Today OEM's could put Snapdragons or Tegras in laptops but don't. Intel sells processors for laptops at $100 plus or in the case of Bay Trail more like $40. Snapdragons or Tegras at $15 to $20 are clearly cheaper. Why aren't they more popular? Performance and in the case of Windows OS devices architecture.

    A bet on Intel is based on the belief that users will pay more for performance. Apple has proved they will pay more for perceived performance let alone actual performance.

    I think five or six years from now 80% of tablets and half of smartphones will have Intel inside. Why? Better performance. Or, I will just be wrong and lose some money.
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  • Intel: My Take On The Earnings Report [View article]
    @Russ Fischer - great article. Thanks.
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  • Intel's Mobile Revenue Plummets [View article]
    @techy46- great comment and right on. The economics are the not the issue; product acceptance is the risk.
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  • More on Intel: Server CPU sales are healthy, mobile sales aren't [View news story]
    @dubyadeebee - the theory of the case is that the contra revenue induces OEM's to design platforms using Intel SOC's and if they are commercially successful they will continue to do so without subsidy going forward. At the same time, Intel's process advances reduce the cost of those chips. As far as the revenue goes, Stacy Smith was pretty clear that contra revenue is a deduction from gross revenues.
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  • Windows XP's Death Will Breathe Life Into Microsoft, Intel And AMD Shares [View article]
    @Timmies Regular - we are going to agree to disagree on that one Brian. I think the PC market will make a comeback simply because there is no real replacement for a PC except by those casual users who really use their device to consume content. I upgraded to an HP Envy all in one Touchsmart just a few weeks ago and love the machine. I do have older ones as well and they continue to function and do not require replacement but they are Windows 7 machines. My one XP machine is going to the storage room - an IBM Netvista all in one - to be kept as a museum piece. It still works very well and the form factor was fantastic for its day.
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  • More on Intel: Server CPU sales are healthy, mobile sales aren't [View news story]
    @Philip Marlowe - Brilliant yes, but wrong nonetheless. The low revenues from mobile are net of contra revenues and therefore understated. Intel shipped processors for 5 million tablets in the quarter which is well over last year. The segment will continue to show low revenues until the contra revenue ends later this year. Krzanich reinforced the view that Intel will meet its 40 million tablet target for the year.
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  • 5 Canadian Oil And Gas Stocks With Improving Fundamentals [View article]
    @turnitup - great asset play, longer term turnaround story, high leverage to gas so might surprise to the upside a bit. I like the company but see more torque in smaller names.
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  • Irrational Exuberance Leaves ADRs Of ARM Overvalued [View article]
    @Bottom Up Investing - right on the money. Thanks for taking time to write.
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  • There Are Cheaper Alternatives To The Cheapest iPhone. [View instapost]
    Ashraf - For one third the price, the Moto G is more than enough for Grace who seems to lose or break a phone about every six months. The inability of the iPhone to maintain a signal was really annoying although not enough to make her want to change. When it was stolen at school, she tried the Moto G. As a point of reference, the iPhone lost connection to our local cell phone tower 50 km earlier than the Android phone used by my son when we drove north to our log cabin for ski weekend and often dropped calls even when at home.
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  • General Motors - The Story Just Keeps Getting Worse [View article]
    @lemm- I can see you have a limited appreciation of the UAW and its power. They are on the record as wishing to end the 2 tier wage rate structure.

    Watch the next round of negotiations.
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  • Apple Faces A Problem And Increasing Prices Will Make It Worse [View article]
    @Piero - thanks for your comment. The iPhone 5C cost $670 with taxes, not $770 - excuse the typo. For your convenience, I have posted the receipts for both devices on my instablog.

    The correct spelling is "story".

    I would prefer if you avoided libelous comments. If you have something worthwhile to contribute to the discussion of the investment merits by all means share it.
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