• Michael Blair
    $MSFT Windows 8 tablets have 7.5% share in Q1 - momentum building for MSFT. Sell May $31 calls Buy June $32 http://bit.ly/11owq6b
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    • Ben Hanson: It's really impressive, given all the handicaps they faced. I wrote an article about it, my first one for SA, it was so surprising.
    • hahaha48: window 8 at least has a good chance to do well in the next 2 years. window 8 rt is useless. window 8 needs more hardware to show its strengh
    • Michael Blair: I have a Surface RT and really enjoy it. Light, thin, MS Office, and good library of apps. I would not write it off for many users.
    • celebritydave: I have an Asus RT. its ok. Shuld have gone full windows though. opps. Not surprised to share the market share growing.