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  • Michael Bryant
    "Everything Is Moving North for the Housing Market." Agree!!! Buy Standard Pacific (SPF).
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    • phemale60: Yes, SPF a winner - PHM doing swell also. See CRUS today? Was over $3 but now 2.80 - up 42% since I bought some 7/30 - shoulda got more
    • Michael Bryant: Sell some. If correct, AAPL is using CRUS. But if history is an indicator, it is near its peak.;c=
    • phemale60: Thanks Michael, only have 50 shares so probably better off selling all - then buying again when in correction - like next debt ceiling fight
    • Michael Bryant: If there is a correction in the S&P 500, it will likely be in September. October-January is usually good.
    • phemale60: Good to know. You were right about other techs - MRVL and also AMAT -- JDSU did well tho.
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