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  • Michael Bryant
    "Whole Foods (WFM): Here's Why We Pay Our Employees More Than We Have To." Wish all companies were like this.
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    • phemale60: Michael, me too. I watched the video - Mackey/Robb deserve a lot of credit for their patriotism. This type of businessman could be POTUS!
    • phemale60: Michael, made a quick profit on BIOF - got 200 Fri.- sold this morn. when up $1.10! Proud I didn't hold on -- learning to let go!!
    • Michael Bryant: Wow, congratulations! I should drop out of school and work from home and trade all day. Was too late on BIOF.
    • Michael Bryant: Glad you made a quick profit. Yup, BIOF jumps up and down, so good that you sold.
    • phemale60: I think the same thing about work.. Should quit and stay home, study, research and trade!! LOL-- Off today and tomorrow for Rosh Hashana!
    • phemale60: My bosses are Jewish so close office. Fri. Cramer pumped DVAX so I got some this morn. Had it before and sold it. He thinks it's a winner