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Value, growth, momentum, dividend investing
Michael Bryant
Value, growth, momentum, dividend investing
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22 hours ago
Michael Bryant
"Nike ($NKE), BlackRock ($BLK), & Constellation Brands ($STZ) ready to bounce back." $STZ should do well. http://bit.ly/1QcZyoS
Fri, 6:05 PM
Michael Bryant
"Undervalued Big Brand Stocks: Whirlpool ($WHR), Home Depot ($HD), and GoPro ($GPRO)." Is $GPRO big brand? http://bit.ly/1QcH662
Fri, 4:28 PM
Michael Bryant
"U.S. Macro Outlook: Don't Panic -- No Recession Is on the Horizon." I predicted 1/7 (14%) chance. http://bit.ly/1QckD2E
Fri, 12:57 PM
Michael Bryant
If SunEdison ($SUNE)'s current ratio (current assets/current liabilities) is 1.13, how can it have a liquidity problem???
Thu, 10:34 PM
Michael Bryant
"Stocks could be setting up for a huge squeeze." I'm hoping on it. Buy low, sell high. http://read.bi/1SkOkov
Fri, 12:22 AM
Squeeze for sure...for longs or shorts...we will see...betting on green here.
Fri, 8:40 AM
Jan Retail sales were stronger than expected. Many stocks are oversold technically...wouldn't take much to spark a fierce rally to $SPX=1890
Thu, 11:18 AM
Michael Bryant
"People have more confidence in gold than in bank deposits or paper money. I think things have gotten out of control."
Thu, 11:21 AM
Really? At $1,200 an oz., gold is still far below its $1,700 high. http://yhoo.it/1WgkNL1
Thu, 11:22 AM
From my old article, nope, $1200 is just a resistance level. http://seekingalpha.com/a/204lx
Wed, 9:45 PM
Michael Bryant
"China is already out of money." My friend said that every country but the U.S. is in a bubble. http://yhoo.it/1V56Oao
Tue, 6:35 PM
Michael Bryant
If Chesapeake ($CHK) had $13.74B revenue last yr & market cap is $1.29B, why can't it pay $11.6B total debt? http://yhoo.it/20U7lzu
Tue, 2:33 PM
Michael Bryant
"Morgan Stanley: 2016 oil forecasts slashed from above $50 a barrel to less than $30." Its already $30. http://read.bi/23VfTJ5
Tue, 4:16 PM
So either they sell gold or stock or both.
Tue, 7:38 PM
Or US debt
Tue, 2:28 PM
Michael Bryant
"CEO of Vitol Group: oil to stay under $60 for as long as 10 years." 5 years at most or Saudi fund runs dry. http://read.bi/20TFyPI
Tue, 1:27 PM
Michael Bryant
"5 Commodity Stocks That Could Reverse Higher in Feb." Companhia Siderurgica ($SID) looks too cheap at $1. http://bit.ly/23V7sxk
Tue, 1:31 PM
And yes, $CVX and $BP are buys. Oil will likely end 2016 at $50-$60.
Tue, 1:13 PM
Michael Bryant
"REITs Likely to Gain Ground in 2016." I like Public Storage ($PSA) over Simon Property Group ($SPG). http://bit.ly/20Txbno
Mon, 11:24 PM
Michael Bryant
The S&P 500 ($SPY) will likely rise tomorrow. http://yhoo.it/1L1VrdZ#{"range":"2y","allowChartStacking":true}
Tue, 4:20 PM
Well, S&P 500 ($SPY) didn't rise, but it also didn't fall much either. This refusal to fall seems bullish too me.
Feb 6, 8:10 PM
Michael Bryant
Twitter ($TWTR) "thinks crude oil Is about to rebound." Interesting. I think oil will hit $40 by July. http://bit.ly/1Q0y9Gw
Feb 6, 7:10 PM
Michael Bryant
"Savvy job hunters landed great jobs by first volunteering." Sounds very similar to an internship. http://bit.ly/1KxSPcB
Feb 6, 6:34 PM
Michael Bryant
"Buffett Stocks To Defy This Choppy Market." I like First American Financial's ($FAF) rising dividend. http://bit.ly/1KxP7js
Feb 5, 12:55 PM
Michael Bryant
The stock market is "back to pricing in a 50% chance for a rate hike in December." Dec? Is that last year? http://yhoo.it/1nS1HjH
Feb 5, 11:59 AM
Michael Bryant
If the Fed didn't exist, but instead a version of the ECB, the Bank of Japan, or the Bank of China, would speculation about rates change?
Feb 4, 8:17 PM
Michael Bryant
Does anyone think today's S&P 500 ($SPY) movement was like a mini symmetrical triangle, & we should end up 25 points tomorrow?
Feb 3, 9:17 PM
Michael Bryant
"Everyone from Ackman to Tepper is betting against the Chinese yuan." The Bank of China warned against this. http://yhoo.it/1Sufx8D
Feb 3, 7:56 PM
Michael Bryant
"Venezuela getting crushed by low oil prices...needs light crude to mix with its heavy crude." Great for U.S. http://cnnmon.ie/1Sud7Hg
Feb 3, 1:01 PM
Michael Bryant
"This time maybe different: never has Fed enacted such dramatic policy." Human buy/sell emotion never change. http://yhoo.it/1QGrmoq
Feb 3, 12:27 PM
Michael Bryant
Sold $GTIM and bought more $NCT. $GTIM is at resistance and looks like it could head lower. It has made that stair step pattern before.
Feb 3, 12:29 PM
I'm also betting the additional activist board seat will help $NCT's already depressed stock price.
Feb 1, 10:06 AM
Michael Bryant
"Sustained oil fall "will shift $3 trillion/year from oil producers to global consumers." Buy U.S. stocks. http://bloom.bg/1KSqIje
Jan 31, 8:56 PM
Michael Bryant
So oil will be at least $50 by 2021, assuming Saudi exhausts it wealth fund and escapes bankruptcy. http://cnb.cx/1Slud9Z
Jan 31, 10:57 AM
Michael Bryant
"Apple ($AAPL) Could Leapfrog Amazon ($AMZN), Google ($GOOGL) With Netflix ($NFLX) Buy. $AAPL has the cash. http://tinyurl.com/znfqprf
Jan 31, 10:42 AM
Michael Bryant
"Russian industry opposes cancelling its tax breaks, which could cause steeper decline in oil production over long term." Good news!
Jan 31, 12:22 PM
Follow the money>) In this case follow $XOM's $..It is going to buy or share Russian oil property. More oil coming from Russia despite noise
Jan 31, 10:24 AM
Michael Bryant
"Insiders Buy Blue Chips/Energy: General Electric ($GE), Kinder Morgan ($KMI), Anadarko ($APC)." Buy $KMI. http://tinyurl.com/zlvq7a4
Jan 31, 12:35 AM
Michael Bryant
"U.S. Energy Information Administration: global oil consumption will rise 1.4 million barrels per day in 2015 and the same amount in 2016."
Jan 31, 10:00 AM
China GDP is nowhere near 6.9%. Watch for India and Vietnam. Businesses already moving from China to Vietnam.
Jan 31, 12:16 PM
Agree on Bloom100% But,Vietnam is already China's main outsource.Only irritation here is HK ppl resent losing their English freedom.BIG TIME
Jan 30, 11:47 PM
Michael Bryant
Feb 4 meeting on "PRESCRIPTION DRUG MARKET: OVERSIGHT" will be volatile day for drug stocks. Options??? http://tinyurl.com/hzh925h
Jan 30, 5:14 PM
Michael Bryant
"Berkshire ($BRK.B) bought 10.81M shares of Phillips 66 ($PSX) for $832M in Jan." Bought for $76.96. Now $80. http://tinyurl.com/zzkm47s
Jan 31, 2:09 AM
WB was all in on Tesla in UK & then they announced a 1/4 so bad the shares went to 7.I could name MORE,but,he needs to retire.His best skill
Jan 31, 2:10 AM
over last decade is selecting pickers.Not picking.BRKs worst investments are his ideas. Esp newspapers
Jan 29, 8:50 PM
Michael Bryant
So what's with Newcastle ($NCT) 9% jump today besides it being oversold? On side note, will $NCT golf course be near $SNR senior properties?
Jan 30, 11:53 AM
I'd like to know too. NCT has been very good to me with all of the spin-offs, but outside of golf courses and a few mortgage related assets