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  • What Does History Say About The First Rate Hike And Stocks? [View article]
    New Paradigm. Raising rates is NOT just to fight inflation. It is to help make the transition from the Spending Cycle (the Business Cycle) to the Saving Cycle (the Rest Cycle). It is ALSO to limit new debt after the Business Cycle ends.
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  • What Does History Say About The First Rate Hike And Stocks? [View article]
    The FED is 14 years late in raising rates. We should have begun raising rates in 2001, when the Business Cycle ended. Instead, we tried to seduce people into more debt with lower rates to "extend the Business Cycle", a euphemism for DENY REALITY -- see where that got us.

    Raise rates. We have total debt/gdp at 375%. To get back to ground zero (organic economic growth) we need to get down to about 130%. Yes, it will hurt the economy to raise rates -- the DEAD economy -- the 1983-2001 Economy, which is, as I said, now DEAD.

    The strong Dollar will help collapse the global debt bubble. Without this, WE are dead.
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  • What Does History Say About The First Rate Hike And Stocks? [View article]
    History is sort of out the window. We've never had so much global debt before. America has never had so much debt before.

    It's not so simple as to compare raised interest rates historically -- you also need to compare where rates are stating when they are raised. And, of course, the amount of global debt that will be affected by such a raise.
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  • A Dollar Melt Up? [View article]
    Bernanke took on more debt when his job was to begin erasing debt. He took on more debt to stall, and to make sure someone else took the fall when the debt finally had to be downsized. Bernanke was a damn politician. Nothing to be admired.

    Look at the Fed balance sheet. He essentially stole money from the future to try to make it look like he was a hero.
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  • A Dollar Melt Up? [View article]
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  • Tragedy In Paris: The People And Markets Will Overcome [View article]
    Sorry, the River Lethe is clearly the River of Forgetting, not the River of Remembering.
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  • Tragedy In Paris: The People And Markets Will Overcome [View article]
    Strike: Only the Pope is allowed to pontificate. He is the pontiff after all.

    Let me tell you my idea of the three stages of deveopment of the human being. First we are primitive; we are told to believe in God; we do this out of faith and because we want to be obedient. Obedience is good.

    Second stage is the development of the intellect. We rebel against obedience. We want to know for ourselves. We refuse to be a part of a community that slavishly does what they are told. We develop our Ego, the self that knows, the self that stands alone, worshipping only the truth.

    Third stage. Synthesis of the two separated worlds above. The low and the high get melted into one. The first stage is about Faith, believing what we have been told, as good children. The second stage is about seeing the truth for ourselves. The third stage is seeing God and communicating with God directly. This is what you call 'pontificaing about esoteric truths'. Actually, we usually keep these truths to ourself, because the world is hostile to this synthesis. The lower religion hates this synethesis even more than the second world does. The third world comes down to the second world looking for souls to save, those who have developed their intellects but who are lost in the incomplete world they are serving. Rarely does the Third World come all the way down to the First World, because the First World will crucify them if they catch them. You are the fish we are looking for. We are the fishers of men. You are the type of men we want to pull into this world. You are the ones we want to raise up.

    The Second Heaven fishes in the First Heaven for conversts, those who grow tired of the Faith and Obedience Rules. The Second Heaven saves people from the First Heaven, and pulls them into the Individual Reason Heaven. This is the home of virulent hatred of the Father, and the Father's world. The Faith-Based world. But that is NOT the last development.

    The next stage is hard -- because it requires an atonement with the Father. This is where love comes in. The Second Heaven is where self-love rules, loneliness, alienation. Injured lovers who have sworn off love hide in this second heaven. Sartre refused to leave this Ego Sactuary because he loved romanticizing his own pain and refused to give up his kingship, to worship a God (Father) he had demonized all his life.

    The First Heaven is where the Son worships the Father. The Second Heaven is where the Son hates his Father and worship his Mother and is spoiled by his Mother.

    In the Third Heaven, the Mother enables the Son to forgive his Father, and forgive himself also. This Mother leads the Son to the River Lethe. She has the Son drink, so he can forget his pain, forget his sins, move back into his instincts, and prepare for his (re-)birth.

    The First Heaven is the child's heaven, in the Right Brain (the East). The Second Heaven is the adolescent's heaven, in the Left Brain (the West). The Third Heaven is the adult's heaven, the Sanctum Sanctorem, the place of the Covenant, on the bridge that links all three heavens.

    These are also descriptions of the three levels of the brain, from the brain stem on up.

    This Third Heaven is the Heaven of Noah, his wife, and the Ark. When the world is destroyed, the First Heaven dies, the Second Heaven dies, but the Third Heaven is where the seeds of the next world are kept.
    Nov 21, 2015. 12:42 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Tragedy In Paris: The People And Markets Will Overcome [View article]
    I was desperate to learn why some Muslims are so enlightened and others worse than savages. I learned the reason why. Stick to Sufism, but don't reveal your belief if you ever travel to Riyadh.
    There are two religions, the exoteric (outer) religion and the esoteric (inner) religion. The esoteric (mystics) often are killed by the exoteric religion. The world does not want the truth, it wants leaders who tell them they are smart and brave and good. The mystics are the prophets. They often tell people they are not smart, they have sinned, they have turned their backs on God. They call the mystics devils, and hang them from crosses and trees.

    Those from the inner religions are all part of the same congregation, worshippiing at God's Sanctum Sanctorum. Those on the outside worship mostly worldly success, glory, power and wealth. Worshipping the image, the reflection, not the reality.

    When the end of the world comes, Noah (Nuah is Spirit in Chaldean) and his wife (the Soul is the vehicle of Spirit) and the seeds of the next world are taken away and protected in the Arc (an arc is a portion of a circle) and God or Nature creates a hurricane to destroy all of those no in the Arc, so the world can start over after the destruction of the failed world.

    God's Sanctum Sanctorum is open only to those with the key. The key one finds on the bridge joining the Eastern and Western hemispheres, the two sides of the brain. Those who love both sides of the brain always have a home, no matter when Time takes them.
    Nov 20, 2015. 11:57 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Tragedy In Paris: The People And Markets Will Overcome [View article]
    Thomas: Evolution is a process. Two steps forward, one step back. We glimpse the idea through all of this, as a place toward which we are traveling. We build the world; it falls short; we destroy that world so we can build another, this time closer to the truth. But it is not a permanent world. 2001 was the culmination of the One World View. 1965 was another culmination, apex. 1929 another. We build the perfect world, find it is not perfect, and watch the metal of the world get thrust down into chaos again, into the furnace of alchemical re-ordering. The Melting Pot. We are forging a new Sword today. We will receive a new Sword in 2019.

    Is this a moral Sword? Not absolutely moral. The process is not absolutely moral. It is a process that we have been given. The Wheel was made by larger hands. Our job is to ride the wheel, and perform our chosen role(s) as best we can. 12 houses on this Ferris Wheel. Each house is the home of a god who gives us a different perspective, helpful for our growth but not absolutely moral.

    Plato described the Soul as a dodecahedron. 12 windows looking out of 12 houses, each of which is a part of our nature. The Sun is the only 'planet' that gets to travel through each of these houses. It is the Sun, the Soul, that these 12 gods are evolving, step by step, piece by piece, getting nearer to the goal and further from the goal at the same time.

    The world is perfect even in its imperfect state. It is about the process as much as the product. The process is God; the product is God's Son.
    Nov 20, 2015. 11:38 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Tragedy In Paris: The People And Markets Will Overcome [View article]
    All religions are scientific, but they paint the world with a large brush, focussing on the patterns of nature, rather than on the details. Causality is a tiny brush. It does not pain the Macroscosm; it paints the Microcosm. It paints the Microcosm with magnificent skill (technique) and precision -- but it is painting only part of the world. The rest of the world it paints black.

    That's why, when it wakes from this microcosmic dream (the dream of the individual) the world seems so dark. The shadow has become huge. The shadow does not like being denied, repressed, and dismissed.
    Nov 20, 2015. 11:23 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Tragedy In Paris: The People And Markets Will Overcome [View article]
    The Moon is 'reflected' sunlight. Mem, Mary, the Sea, Water, the Womb, the Female Principle -- this is all about reflection. The dream world that reflects the Day world. Precedent to rebirth.

    The Greeks had the soul drinking from the River Lethe, the River of Remembering, before incarnation, waking to face the day. The River Lethe is life, as we know it, life in the Day World. One cannot act is one cannot forget. In the Book of Revelation, the book is sealed again in the morning. All the spiritual truths that exist, are 'unsealed', during the Night Cycle are sealed up again, so we can become practical (small) again. (Ego big, world small.)

    The Greeks had a counterpart to the River of Forgetting, Lethe, life; the River of Mnemosyne, Remembering, again our letter 'M", Moon, Mary, Mother, Madonna, Miriam, Moses, Michael -- the spirits unsealed at the end of every Day-Cycle.

    Current Cycle:
    1983-2001: Day Cycle; Sealing of the Book of Secrets.
    2001-2019: Night Cycle; Unsealing of the Book of Secrets, the Book of Revelation.
    2019: The Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost all meet. The end of 'this' world, the beginning of the next world.
    Nov 20, 2015. 11:18 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Tragedy In Paris: The People And Markets Will Overcome [View article]
    Man is born out of the darkness of Night. There is a Black Adam, a White Adam, a Red Adam, a Yellow Adam.

    These are deep ideas, about evolution and cycles of manifesting types of humanity. The deeper one goes, the more one leaves race aside. Race is a lower concern, a body concern, a fixation with the mortal nature. But Race, being linked to instinct, is not to be taken lightly. When Chaos comes, race, tribe, nation all becomes fused with vitality and demands. The Survival Instinct is much more powerful at the Dawn than at the Dusk.
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  • Tragedy In Paris: The People And Markets Will Overcome [View article]
    The spirit of Lord Baltimore?
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  • Tragedy In Paris: The People And Markets Will Overcome [View article]
    I mention above Michael the Archangel and Ahriman. Ahriman is a Persian version of Lucifer. Ahriman is brilliant. He is the god of the Personality. He knows everything about the 'lower world', the three mortal worlds, Body, Emotion, and Lower Concrete Mind. He is the principle of Intellectual Pride. He will not bend his knee for God. He is the god of his realm, the Intellectual, and Ahriman will not be below anyone's knowledge. He is the 'know-it-all', this is hid identity. "I know everything." Yes. You know everything in the small world.

    WHEN THE YIN AND YANG ARE BALANCED ONLY AT DAWN AND DUSK in Simple English Gematria Yields: 466 – the High and the Low Worlds Meet only at Dawn and Dusk. And this is the vesica piscis imagery
    THE STATURE OF THIS YOUTH FILL THE WORLD in Simple English Gematria Yields: 466 –this youth is the Metatron
    ANTI-MATTER in Jewish Gematria Yields: 466
    THE ANGEL OF DETACHMENT in Jewish Gematria Yields: 466
    THE END OF THE ROAD in Jewish Gematria Yields: 466
    PRIDE BEFORE THE FALL in Jewish Gematria Yields: 466

    When Ahriman meets Michael it is the Intellect meeting the Soul. The Intellect has pride, and believes he is at the top of the world, because of his will. Michael believes Ahriman is at the bottom of the world. Michael is the manifestation of Wisdom, but his wisdom (knowledge) is complete. In today's parlance, he operates through both sides of the brain, denying nothing. Ahriman denies one half of the world. He dismisses one half of the world. He debunks one half of the world. Ahriman's mental light illuminates very clearly the half of the world he is seeing; the other side he reduces intellectually to stupidity, superstition, inferiority.

    When the Soul (Jung's Self) meets the Intellect (Jung's Ego), the Ego realizes his own incompleteness. Michael does not identify with his wisdom, his knowledge; this is something that permeates the world, belonging to God, not to anyone personally. For Ahriman, everything is personal. He has conquered knowledge because of his will; he is a titan because of his power. Michael's world is vast. He has no unhidden side. Ahriman has been repressing his shadow to keep the light of intellect on top.

    Ahriman is the empiricist; he is also Empire. He is the Sun who is eclipsed by the Moon (Michael is an emissary of the Moon God in Christianity, Jewry, Islam) for the Moon lights the path back to God, after a time of exile, sin, greed, murder, profit; after a time of Day-Cycle Sun-worship and the lawless rule of the individual Ahriman.

    It is interesting the "Michael the Archangel" in English Gematria yields the number 354. Days in the Lunar Cycle

    MICHAEL THE ARCHANGEL in English Gematria Yields: 354
    KETER in Simple English Gematria Yields: 354
    DRAGON in English Gematria Yields: 354
    MERKABAH in English Gematria Yields: 354
    I FIGHT AGAINST THE UNBALANCED WHITENESS in Simple English Gematria Yields: 354
    ARYAN in Simple English Gematria Yields: 354

    The Sun Cycle of 365 evokes other images:

    ADOLPH HITLER in Jewish Gematria Equals: 365 - Solar Calendar Number
    MICHAEL, I AM THAT I AM in Jewish Gematria Equals: 365
    MAGNIFIES HIMSELF in Jewish Gematria Equals: 365
    THRESHOLD in Jewish Gematria Yields: 365
    DURING THE NIGHT-CYCLE I BECOME INVISIBLE in Simple English Gematria Yields: 365
    GOD'S CURRENT MOST HOLY HUMAN BEING in Simple English Gematria Equals: 365

    Gematria is a mirror held up to the world. Only prophets understand how to use this tool. This is part of the half-world that Ahriman denies; and when Michael holds up this mirror to Ahriman, he falls from power, and begins becoming small again.

    INTELLECTUAL PRIDE in Jewish Gematria Yields: 681
    INTELLECTUAL PRIDE in Simple English Gematria Yields: 186
    °°° °°° °°°
    THE PLACE BETWEEN INCARNATIONS in Simple Ennglish Gematria Yields: 681
    BAPTIZED in Jewish Gematria Yields: 681 or 168
    *** *** ***
    THE WORLD ENDS in Simple English Gematria Yields: 186
    FUROR POETICUS in Simple English Gematria Yields: 186
    NESCHAMAH in Jewish Gematria Yields: 186 – the Soul in Jewish Kabbala
    AGNI in Simple English Gematria Yields: 186 -- Fire God of the ancient Indians
    ECHO in English Gematria Yields: 186
    JACOB in English Gematria Yields: 186
    MEM in English Gematria Yields: 186 -- The letter 'M' in the Hebrew Alphabet, 13, the Sea, the Moon, the Mother, Mary, Water, the Womb
    PAN in English Gematria Yields: 186
    BLAKE in English Gematria Yields: 186
    THE THORN OF SLEEP in English Gematria Yields: 186
    LOOKING in Jewish Gematria Yields: 186
    KEEP DEATH TO THE LEFT in Simple English Gematria Yields: 186
    CAVE in English Gematria Yields: 186 or 168
    *** *** ***
    MIKE CLARK in Jewish Gematria Yields: 168 or 1680
    *** *** ***
    CAN COME UPON HIM LIKE A THUNDERCLAP in English Gematria Yields: 1680

    There are different lenses on the world. There is a practical, literal lens. There is a poetic lens. There are other lenses as well. Read Gematria like you are reading poetry, a succession of images that present surrealistic connections. Sub-atomic connections.
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  • Tragedy In Paris: The People And Markets Will Overcome [View article]
    Yes, Sleek. I could not agree more. Mary is the Sea, what I call the Night-Cycle -- which we are in (as Noah was, and as Jonah was): 2001-2019. The Sea is Mary, Mem, the 13th Hebrew letter (when Day turns to Night): Memory (when the Soul wakes up), reflection, looking back, judgment, after a Day-Cycle of action (and sin). Moon: Mary is the Moon, Miriam (Moses female half -- remember Moses placed in the basket on the river by Miriam) -- M is Michael the Archangel, Metatron, Moses, of course, Mithra...Mary is the Moon inside of which the Next World as a seed takes up residence, waiting to be reborn -- 2019. Mary is the Female Principle. The Catholics were so afraid of the Female Principle (I was raised a Catholic, so I am criticizing my own) that they attempted to exclude her from the Holy Trinity, calling her the Holy Spirit -- as if the world could be reborn without a womb of the world priniciple.

    Beautiful poem by Rumi.

    During the Day-Cycle we have the power of a God (sun-power, Ego-power). But at noon (2001 in this cycle), that Ego-power gets killed. This is the spiritual down-sizing principle. Remember Jesus saying the Rich Man has the same chance of getting into heaven as a camel through the eye of a needle. The Night-Cycle is about getting small. It is about getting back into the seed form (the number back into the zero). Getting back into what physicists call anti-matter (what I call the Anti-Universe). Getting large we are the fruit in the tree, the point of the Growth Cycle. Getting small we are the seed in the earth. We get small back reflection, looking into the past. We get large by the power of the will, loking into the future, identifying with life. But physical life is spiritual death; and physical death (the getting small) is spiritual life -- this is the paradox. Getting into the anti-universe is like crossing the equator, going into the lower/higher hemisphere. Photograph; and photographic negative. This world the mirror of the other world, its twin brother, its adversary; also its completion.

    "God writes the spiritual mysteries in the lives of the prophets." Wonderful.

    Life IS mysterious. Debunking this mystery is self-defeating, a kind of spiritual suicide, leaving the world with mystery, dead.
    Nov 20, 2015. 08:57 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment