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  • This Housing Bubble Is Set To Pop [View article]
    Total Debt at 370%/gdp is a huge buubble, the greatest debt bubble in the history of the world.

    When the world is forced to steal money from future (unborn) taxpayers in order to protect its asset bubbles from popping -- QE and ZIRP and NIRP -- then you can be sure there is a lot more room for deflationary subtractions to come.

    Ground zero for total Debt/GDP seems to be about 130%. So we have to eliminate 240% of our total debt. Since 2008 we have added more debt, not subtracted debt. So we have wasted time and money protecting a dead system.

    Housing has not recovered, you are right. But, truth is, it has much more to give up before the recovery stage can begin.
    Nov 15, 2015. 11:37 PM | 4 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • European Dream Turns Into A Nightmare [View article]
    Does not help in what way? Keep a lid on everything?

    This is the millennium Changing of the Guard. Don't you see? Christiianity displays a wide variety of strands, the largest of which is, today, to keep God out of the picture, in the background. Islam doesn't have that playbook. Islam views tolerance and liberal guilt as signs of weakness. That is why they think they can overpower the West now. Because the West has lost its roots.

    The West worships money, most of all, the Golden Calf. The Golden Calf is NOT God, indeed, it is Behemoth, Money, Pleasure, Individualism, most of the things the West now stands for; and we remember how Moses felt about some of his people worshipping the Golden Calf. The liberal era is ending. Fear of God is the beginning of Wisdom. And Fear is a prelude to the West finding its roots again.

    Diversity is a stage. One of many stages. Every stage has its hour in the foreground, and then leaves.

    The Millennial Idea is that the West's 1000 years of power is ending and the 1000 years of power of Islam is returning. Islam is animated, waking up. The West is tired, is looking for a place to hide. There is a crusade beginning, a reverse-crusade if you will. Islam is the "wrath of God" idea manifesting. The world is changing in a big way.
    Nov 15, 2015. 11:22 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • This Housing Bubble Is Set To Pop [View article]
    I think we have been stealing money from the future to keep assets from falling. AND keeping interest rates at zero, for the same reason.

    I think we will exprience a huge depression when we stop doing this -- and that depression will be, in effect, the deflation we have been trying to prevent. When the inflation bubble pops, prices will crash.
    Nov 15, 2015. 11:15 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • This Housing Bubble Is Set To Pop [View article]
    VFK02: Good points. I think the FED will raise in December. The Dollar is being attacked by many countries who are demanding it be balanced or replaced at the King Currency. If the Dollar is dethroned, then who needs the FED. The FED's bullets are the US Dollar. They have spent most of the last century deflating the Dollar; but they do not want to worship the Yuan, the Euro, or some new 'good idea' as its replacement.

    Also, bond traders are driving interest rates higher. The FED is not leading, but following.

    We engineered a housing bubble that gained 200-300% in three years in some areas, all over the world. This has to be given back. The central banks have been spending future money like crazy to NOT give it back. But the give-back is coming. Cheating gets punished eventually by Nature's karmic law and order. Put on your crash helmet. And LEARN the limits of cheating.
    Nov 15, 2015. 09:20 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • This Housing Bubble Is Set To Pop [View article]
    Historically, housing gains about 1 - 1 1/2% per year on average. In 2004-2006, some parts of the country saw 200-300% gains in housing. The bubble-blowers wanted a killing. Wanted to turn housing into a Las Vegas craps game. They succeeded. Now we have what we have -- we will be paying for this for many years now.
    Nov 15, 2015. 08:06 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Has Celgene's Stock Been Beaten Up Enough? [View article]
    No. 34th in Life Expectancy:

    I don't admire Russia. You are a typical right-winger apparently who assumes any criticism of our own country means one likes Russia. I don't like Russia so much. I don't think they are doing things right.

    Stop being part of the right-left cliche. Don't join either side. Think for yourself. I realize we are not taught to think for ourselves. We are taught to join a side and defend it to the death. This is the illusion. Both sides are half-right and half-wrong. Why do I want to be on either side, since both sides are half wrong.
    Nov 15, 2015. 06:31 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • European Dream Turns Into A Nightmare [View article]
    YES. ISLAM does not contradict the relgiious West of many centuries ago -- as much. But the West today is Godless. So it is Islam's duty to destroy it.

    Of course, we also need to reflect of where the West IS today, how we have become so Godless, and if we really desire this way of life. The West, today, worships Man. And that is the very Godless state the Bible warns about repeatedly. Worshipping the Ego, Behemoth, segregating God into a little church on Sundays for 1 hour a week recognition.

    Islam is not wrong -- but they are only 1/2 right. Islam's treatment of women is a disgrace, and always has been. The West is Life; and Islam is Death. Islam is Spiritual Life, the West is Spiritual Death. That is the conflict.
    Nov 15, 2015. 04:48 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Has Celgene's Stock Been Beaten Up Enough? [View article]
    Why does America spend 35% to 90% more per capita than all other developed countries?

    According to shocking new research published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, 59 percent of all U.S. adults are on at least one prescription drug, and 15 percent of all U.S. adults are on at least five prescription drugs. These numbers have never been higher, and they tell us that the United States is the most drugged nation on the entire planet. And it turns out that pushing these drugs on the American people is extremely profitable. For instance, Americans spent 100 billion dollars on cancer drugs alone last year. That isn’t “million” with an “m” – that is “billion” with a “b”. The profits that some of these pharmaceutical companies are making are absolutely obscene, and it is our pain and suffering that is making them rich.

    Drug use of all types is soaring, and commercials for the latest and greatest drugs seem to run around the clock on virtually every television network. Here are some more specific numbers from this newly released report…

    In the study, blood pressure drugs were among the most prescribed, increasing from 20% of adults in 1999-2000 to 27% in 2011-2012.

    Statins increased from 6.9% to 17%; antidepressants increased from 6.8% 13%; antidiabetic drugs increased from 4.6% to 8.2%;and tranquilizers and sedatives increased from 4.2% to 6.1%.

    The increase in the use of antidepressants really disturbs me. They are often prescribed needlessly, and they can have some extremely negative side effects.

    In particular, I think that it is important to mention that nearly every single mass shooter in the United States in recent years has been on antidepressants. The mainstream media never talks about this connection because the pharmaceutical companies purchase gobs of advertising time from them. But the reality of the matter is that these drugs can cause people to behave in extremely irrational ways. Even the Mayo Clinic admits this…

    Most antidepressants are generally safe, but the Food and Drug Administration requires that all antidepressants carry black box warnings, the strictest warnings for prescriptions. In some cases, children, teenagers and young adults under 25 may have an increase in suicidal thoughts or behavior when taking antidepressants, especially in the first few weeks after starting or when the dose is changed.

    Of course that is a very watered down version of the truth, and if you start seriously digging into this you will soon discover a whole host of absolutely horrifying stories.

    Here are some more statistics about the drugging of America that come from one of my previous articles…

    –According to the CDC, approximately 9 out of every 10 Americans that are at least 60 years old say that they have taken at least one prescription drug within the last month.

    –There is an unintentional drug overdose death in the United States every 19 minutes.

    –In the United States today, prescription painkillers kill more Americans than heroin and cocaine combined.

    –According to the CDC, approximately three quarters of a million people a year are rushed to emergency rooms in the United States because of adverse reactions to pharmaceutical drugs.

    –The percentage of women taking antidepressants in America is higher than in any other country in the world.

    –Children in the United States are three times more likely to be prescribed antidepressants as children in Europe are.

    –A shocking Government Accountability Office report discovered that approximately one-third of all foster children in the United States are on at least one psychiatric drug.

    –A survey conducted for the National Institute on Drug Abuse found that more than 15 percent of all U.S. high school seniors abuse prescription drugs.

    –Many of these antidepressants contain warnings that “suicidal thoughts” are one of the side effects that should be expected. The suicide rate for Americans between the ages of 35 and 64 rose by close to 30 percent between 1999 and 2010. The number of Americans that are killed by suicide now exceeds the number of Americans that die as a result of car accidents every year.

    But the pharmaceutical companies are never going to stop what they are doing, because it is making them exceedingly wealthy.
    Nov 15, 2015. 12:07 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Is It Finally Time To Buy Financials? [View article]
    Both sides are lawyer politicians. When are we going to wake up and realize that both parties are the same, taking turns to share the pie, while Americans put up the money to be saved by either one side or the other? We need a reformation of our democracy, with very clear limits placed on Wall Street and Washington.
    Nov 14, 2015. 07:07 PM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • What's Spooking Markets This Friday The 13th? [View article]
    The world had a scare in 2008. The ORDER was to begin destroying debt, globally. The world did not read the script correctly and began releveraging, not deleveraging. We are 14 years behind schedule to begin raising rates. The Business Cycle ended in 2001. This meant to business opportunities to turn credit into additional profits was over for 18 years. We need to throw the switch that promotes and supports speculators, lower rates (1983-2001) to higher rates, promoting saving AND THE paying off of debt. We are 14 years late, still resisting the idea that SAVING is an equal plank of the Economic Cycle as SPENDING.

    We need to torpedo GDP as our guiding light of economic health. SPENDING for 18 years, Growth, expansion, ALWAYS followed by 18 years of nonGrowth, contraction, rest, gestation (SAVING).

    We need both sides of this coin. Our leaders want one side only, because they are trying to protect profits gained during the GROWTH season. They don't understand the philosophy of both sides working together. So they are lost, and they are misleading us.
    Nov 14, 2015. 07:03 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • European Dream Turns Into A Nightmare [View article]

    Time to begin demolishing mosques in Europe?
    Nov 14, 2015. 06:41 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • What's Spooking Markets This Friday The 13th? [View article]
    Thank you, Tampat.
    Nov 14, 2015. 06:31 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • What's Spooking Markets This Friday The 13th? [View article]
    Leo: You want a new paradigm. Time. 18 years of growth always followed by 18 years of rest, nongrowth, deflation, gestation. Most recent season: 1983-2001, growth season, business cycle. 2001-2019: Night-Cycle. During the Night-Cycle, the world that was built in the last growth season (1983-2001) gets destroyed.

    1929-1947: Destruction of the world built 1911-1929.
    1965-1983: Destruction of the world built 1947-1965.

    World-destroyer elements include Nazis 1929-1947, global communism 1965-1983, Isis et al 2001-2019.

    Which means World Destroyers will be at their peak strength in 2019, from which their decliine will be slow but steady. Remember how close we came to WWIII in 1983; the Queen of England even had a speech prepared, which she practiced, announced WWIII to the English people. 1983 was the peak of the Destroyers' Power.

    We were scared to death communism was winning. 1983 was the turning point; follow the fragmenting and death of world communism 1983-1992 (9 years, 1/2 season), when the Berlin Wall fell...

    Looked at from another angle, the World Creators' (the West) power peaked in 2001 and has declined steadily to 2019.

    We study all the details of the world economy but exclude the most important element, TIME. If we study nature, we know when Spring begins and ends, when Summer begins and end....but we are still in the dark about the economic cycles. 36 year cycles. Working cycles. There are larger cycles as well, but the 36 year cycle is the King Cycle for humans to grasp. To read more, check out my historical posts, and my manuscript TURN OUT THE LIGHTS.

    Tell Larry Summers he has to understand TIME. The breath of God: expiration = creation (1983-2001); inspiration = destruction of His creation (2001-2019). God uses the West (Men) to build the world; he used the East (Spirits) to destroy the world.

    We have a shallow understanding to the world. We need to go deeper. Science is very high, but shallow. Science skips along the surface of the lake. But the true magic is found in the depths, which we fear, and which Science labels as madness or superstition or the past. We are 'advanced'. History is not a straight line. History is a spiral. We are heading into the next Middle Ages. The European Middle Ages was the Dawn; the Empire or Civilization phase (Euro-American) was High Noon; and now we are heading into the next Middle Age, the Dusk. Eastern Dawn; Western Dusk. Get ready to learn how to pray again. Everything returns.
    Nov 14, 2015. 03:24 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Is It Finally Time To Buy Financials? [View article]
    I agree. We are heading into a default sandstorm. Financials have A LOT of debt that is going to keep over and die. Rates are rising, even if the FED is having trouble finding its courage. The first wave of defaults will come from the developing nations and from the oil sector. That will start a frenzy of burning. We have some 260% total debt/gpd to destroy over the next five years. A lot of banks will get crunched as a result.
    Nov 13, 2015. 08:23 PM | 5 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • I Can't Believe I'm Saying This, But I'm Long BlackBerry [View article]
    I'm staring at a BBRY chart; and, for the life of me, I can't see why anyone is buying this stock. It's had its celebration. Pretty much straight down from here (again).
    Nov 13, 2015. 08:14 PM | 5 Likes Like |Link to Comment