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This camera will rule for indie and documentary work though.
Hollywood studios rent cameras. The cost of a camera is immaterial on a big production.
I said STORAGE - not SSD's specifically.
I actually see Amazon as the real threat, because they don't care about margins. They only focus on scale.
If it hits $90, I think there will be even more fear than there is today.
I would agree, but that multiple still has a lot of room to drop. When Q4 numbers come down, 2012 estimates will come down with them.
$73 billion in annual sales, and you think the Missoni collection really makes the difference?
Well, isn't everything about Apple these days?
Samsung makes some MBA drives.
The new MBA's are a huge improvement over the last version, and I hear similar comments from a lot of people.
It's bad for Intel because the Windows world won't be keeping up and giving people a reason to care about laptops. Also, I should have mentioned that there is a reasonable chance that Apple goes to ARM processors in the future. OS X is definitely looking a bit like iOS.
Did you actually read the article?
I said this: "Apple's iconic iPad should remain the tablet-market leader for the foreseeable future, but Amazon's Kindle Tablet should comfortably slide into second place in the fourth quarter of this year, assuming there aren't any supply constraints."
It's a threat to other Android tablets (all of which have usability issues), NOT the iPad.
I mean awesome in terms of $$$ for Amazon.
The non-tech savvy crowd has money to spend. Not everyone needs or wants an iPad. In fact, I don't see this as a threat to the iPad at all.
This will be the dominant small tablet.
We also have to remember that it wasn't a final version. So who knows that will be on there?
Nonetheless, the basic package looks awesome.
I don't think anyone's played with it enough to determine that.
I see Amazon as going for an all-in-one approach with a big emphasis on its own multimedia apps. There's risk to this, but the overall package is still pretty impressive.
The PC industry's been undercutting Apple on price for years and it hasn't gotten them anywhere.
Apple has never been interested in being the low-cost provider of anything, so I doubt they're worried about cheap Macbook Air knockoffs.
Great job of pumping the penny stock you own!
Bing's market-share gains don't really matter because MSFT loses billions online on an annual basis.
As for Nokia, the point is that Nokia is on the decline. Nokia would be a good partner if they were 29% headed to 40%. But it's 29% and going down fast.
The iPhone vs. Android battle is not a zero-sum game. The real losers are Nokia, RIM, and Microsoft, which together have more than 50% of the smartphone market to lose.
Did everyone forget that Intel lowered guidance on August 27th. They hopped over a low hurdle - it's just not much to celebrate.
I may in the minority, but I'm an Intel bear.
Engadget is for techies - not regular folks.
See for yourself:
The iPad is a major problem for companies like INTC & MSFT. It's not necessarily a revenue/earnings issue now - it's a psychological one.
The success of the iPad is just another reminder that Apple is light-years ahead of the competition, who have become content to simply react to market trends rather than create new ones.
The reason people won't switch from Office because nobody wants to be the guy responsible when that one important file doesn't work on an alternative system like OpenOffice or Google Apps or whatever.
I've started using iWork - it's pretty awesome, particularly Keynote. But Excel is way better than Numbers, especially for charting.
Funny - I still haven't seen a single Zune in the wild ever.
Yet iPads are slowly popping up all over NYC, in the coffee shops, the streets, the subway, and even among hospital patients. (don't ask)
Funny - AT&T said earlier this year that 40% of iPhone activations are for business customers.
davswa - battery life is a major worry of mine, especially because it isn't clear whether or not the initial Windows tablets will run the full version (which Ballmer said over summer) or the embedded version. It's also unclear that Intel's processors will make the issue better or worse.
PC operating systems are heavy duty - that's why a light, mobile-centric OS that is built for battery life is essential.
The iPad runs great despite having only 256MB of RAM - half that of the iPhone! What will Windows tablets need - 2 gigs? Bad bad bad for COGS relative to what it takes to run Android or iOS.
Most of that growth came in the first half. Forecasts for the second half are coming down very quickly.
Are you aware that PC sales are collapsing?
My main concern with whatever Google comes up with is that it is not very good at interface design.
Has anyone played around with Google Buzz? And Android isn't nearly as user-friendly as the iPhone.
Google's nailed some interfaces - notably Search and Docs - but they haven't done much to prove they can make something palatable to the average TV viewer.
There's one thing people need to focus on here - Microsoft's Internet operations lose a ton of money.
In fiscal 2010, Microsoft's Online Services division posted an operating loss of $2.355 billion on $2.199 billion in revenue. Those numbers would have been typical for a late-90's Internet company, but come on.
I'm a Google bear for other reasons, but at least they're making money.
Give me a ring when Microsoft earns a single penny online.