Michael Eisenberg

Venture capitalist, long/short equity, etf investing, tech
Michael Eisenberg
Venture capitalist, long/short equity, ETF investing, tech
Contributor since: 2005
Company: Benchmark Capital
I agree with this. Stock going way down. It will unravel as soon as leadership fight begins. Too much creative accounting.
As the first investor and board member in Seeking Alpha, I publicly want to thank you David for the vision, vim and vigor that brought Seeking Alpha to vibrancy. As a contributor, I have experienced the remarkable hive brain power and insights of the Seeking Alpha community. As someone who knows you over 20 years, I can say that you brought your heart and A game to Seeking Alpha and that when the time was right you and you were tired, you handed over the reins to Eli, having put in place someone who could take over.
Onward and upward for Seeking Alpha and its community!
In the world of internet and mobile, product creativity, quality and vision win. Generally, founders who had the original vision are the only ones able to deliver on that product experience needed to win.
I bought the Dip when Pincus came back. I like founders going back to companies.
Full disclosure as we are an investor in Meerkat. Second, TWTR purchased Periscope before Meerkat launched but did not announce it until after Meerkat was taking SXSW. Third, suggest you look at these stats http://lookats.com/stats. Yellow is Meerkat so not so squashed.
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There is no index in VC worth looking at. The index loses money. Returns are completely concentrated at the top. If you cannot get into the top funds or top emerging funds you will both lose money and reduce the outcome for some other funds that might be on the bubble.
See this: http://bit.ly/1i11gzr
Facebook just hit the jackpot. David Marcus is a great exec.
$MRIN - follow it. @daveyovanno used to be CEO at Gigya. The guy is rockstar.
Actually all the suburban mall companies fall into that category. You could also go long urban commercial real estate.
The Obama government loses 20X what they lost on Solyndra and nobody says a word!!
I am Long $CGEN. conference call details on trajectory will be important. Not Q3 results.
Sean -
Great article. Thanks for your contributions over the years. You know what would be revolutionary? If you could get the compliance wonks at CIBC to let you keep writing. I am sure your insights will only grow more valuable from within the firm and you can brand as a CIBC trader!
And they have no children which is killing both optimism and their economic future.
The other area they are making real progress in is search share. As google scared away a lot of search syndication partners with their new compliance changes, Yahoo has picked them up. Should be good for a few points of Gross margin.
In note early today, Mark Argento at LakeStreet surfaced the filing and the possible $VRNG settlement with $MSFT. $VRNG up 16% today. Argento is a real guy and if you look back at the last note I posted from him, he called for a $6 stock price on $VRNG. (FD: Long VRNG)
This will be interesting - DB hosting a conference call on Boeing
Monday January 28th 2013
3pm ET

Update on Boeing 787

Hosted by:

Myles Walton
DB Aerospace / Defense Analyst


R. John Hansman
MIT Aeronautics/Astronautics Professor, Director of MIT International Center for Air Transportation

Dr. Hansman consults and serves as a member of numerous advisory and technical committees including the Congressional Aeronautics Advisory Committee, the FAA Research and Development Advisory Committee, the FAA WAAS Independent Review Board, and the NASA Advanced Air Transportation Technologies Executive Steering Committee. He serves on several editorial boards including the Air Traffic Control Quarterly. He has over 5650 hours of pilot in-command time in airplanes, helicopters and sailplanes, including meteorological, production and engineering flight test experience.

US: (800) 309-8606
Intl: (706) 679-0645
Conf ID: 94517001

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Well Argued by all here. My blog post (originally posted on my personal blog) was not about Boeing's stock. I make no recommendation on that based on the Dreamliner. My point was philosophical even if I think it does/can impact businesses. I hope the Dreamliner is a success. I fly a lot and it looks a lot more comfortable.
I accept the points that it is possible that these are just teething pains and that the 787 will be a huge long term hit. I also agree that the Comet and the A380 may be better examples for now. Someone on my Facebook page also suggested Project Better Place is a better example than the Dreamliner and was better proof of the point I was making (see: http://bit.ly/YbmVKm).
Breakthrough technologies is what I earn a living from and I am certainly in favor of. Pushing the limits of the technology and our capability is what we all strive for. However, it is worth noting that Facbebook did not start in a grandiose way but it became really large. Same with Intel. Same with Cisco and even Apple (just an iPod music player). I could go on. My issue is with hubris and grandiose plans that end up in the scrap heap of history and do not move the human spirit forward. (written in an airline loungs between 747-400 flights).
use Google Translate on this http://bit.ly/Xy8zn1
David's point on privacy is crucial. Engendering trust from customers is what business is all about and the internet is no different. One of my companies Gigya (http://www.gigya.com), launched a privacy seal and compliance service last week (http://bit.ly/YbGiSV) and web sites using social data and other data are going to need to publicly adhere to higher standards of user privacy than before. It is not just the social networks like FB and Twitter or foursquare like David mentions but any site wanting your data. It is interesting to watch who are the first web sites to sign up for the service. It will tell you a lot about their approach to privacy.
Below are an important two paragraphs from the CNN article i linked to above:
"The holdouts who avoid signing in with social profiles don't want to give third-parties the keys to their personal data. They believe companies will take their profile information and sell it, spam their friends or post to their social networks without permission, according to the Gigya survey.
"There's a real question of transparency and trusting, and confusion as to what's happening," said Gigya CEO Patrick Salyer. He believes much of it is a "perception issue" and that increased transparency between companies and customers would be mutually beneficial."
good point
so 12 months to a World War?
one business is working http://dthin.gs/TG8wNU
I bought FB stock last week for first time. I think their ads are starting to work on all platforms. May only turn up in Q4 though.
See this by Richard Florida on the "Creative Class" vs the "labor Class". Telling. http://bit.ly/S2xlc6
It is a good deal and a smart way to do the deal. She placates some shareholders by giving them back some cash now. saves a little money for acquisitions and if she needs to raise cash later, she can sell more of the stake with less investor demands for cash down the road.
It is time to bite this bullet and move on. Hoarding Drachmas
Just give em more government subsidies...
http://bit.ly/LzcG8r "Realizing that Windows is not a hegemony will unleash market forces that nobody can predict."
Is there a long Drachma fund?
Thanks for digging up that nugget on the "zero risk" classification.