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  • Michael Eisenberg
    Lunch yesterday w/ friend in Tel Aviv. Everyone at restaurant had AT LEAST one AAPL device. Mkt Saturation?
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    • hotnutsjesus: Mkt saturation there, Tel Aviv is super hip,but how fast will it grow in China is the biggest question. Hope you got some pomegranate juice.
    • PersonaNonGrata: Also, doesn't Apple have the highest brand loyalty out there? Wouldn't it be worse news if you saw anything other than what you saw?
    • hotnutsjesus: Persona, I think Michael was saying it as a positive, not a negative.
    • PersonaNonGrata: Guess I misunderstood. No worries. Just posing some questions to think about WRT the market saturation concern.
    • Michael Eisenberg: It was a negative for the stock. everyone has one. BUt you are right on china.
    • hotnutsjesus: I think it's a positive in first adopting areas. Tel-aviv and NY are early adopters and usually the rest of the world catches up.