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  • Michael Filloon
    $WLL deal to buy $KOG is an all stock deal. KOG gets .177/WLL share. May be accretive if WLL stock moves higher on news. $CLR $TPLM $EOX
    Jul 14, 12:42 AM
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    • SafisKusai: doesnt seem to be any premium built into this, unless wll does go up due to the deal. i know kog has always been a takeout candidate but...
      Jul 14, 1:54 AM
    • Michael Filloon: Will be interesting how $ WLL trades today. Would like to see additional suitors. $XOM $COP $STO $OXY $OAS $EOG $TPLM $EOX $AXAS $ESTE $SM
      Jul 14, 7:20 AM
    • Pablomike: Price seems to be take under I expect rumors on suitors. Lets start a bet pool when the first class action is filed. I'll take 1:30 today.
      Jul 14, 7:56 AM
    • AtomAnt8: some say it's a fine deal, you have been a long time follower, this seems like very underwhelming.. your first response?
      Jul 14, 11:27 AM
    • Michael Filloon: I would say its a good price if WLL stock trades to $100/share on the deal. That places KOG share price at $17.70. Might happen but unsure
      Jul 14, 6:25 PM
    • Pablomike: I just saw time stamp on class action suit 1:18pm. DARN!!! I missed by 12 minutes.
      Jul 14, 8:05 PM
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