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  • Michael Kudrna
    I will be looking to continue about a 1 month trade in $DEJ off good earnings. Would like to be out be4 Jan Infusion Buyers can sell
    Mar 20, 9:29 PM
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    • blablah: I am underwater, wanna sell this sucker on further pop.Is 0.25 reachable or do you see long term potential for this to go above 0.30?
      Mar 20, 9:46 PM
    • Michael Kudrna: it's already averaging about 27/28 afterhours with a high of 30, albeit very little volume at 30. I think it's possible to be above 30 tomm
      Mar 20, 10:25 PM
    • Michael Kudrna: The stock tends to make a intraday high early on, then pullback the rest of the day, so use that to your advantage if it seems to mimic it
      Mar 20, 10:25 PM
    • PALTONB: hi Mike, any ideas on TLR, TGC ?
      Mar 21, 1:33 PM
    • Michael Kudrna: I definitely like TGC Chart over TLR at the moment for a short-term momentum trade, but I don't know enough about each comp to comment
      Mar 21, 1:36 PM
    • Michael Kudrna: Both are spec plays, so it takes a little more homework on the company to uncover details than solely a trade based on chart only
      Mar 21, 1:36 PM