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Michael Levy is a professional optimist. He is an international radio host and the author of ten inspirational books. His new explosive book is titled; "CUTTING TRUTHS" It is now available at Amazon and Michael's website. Michael's poetry and essays grace many web sites, newspapers,... More
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  • A Fish With BIG Ideas
    Sometimes, Investing in the markets may make us feel like a fish out of water.

    The following article may seem like a children's story, but for those who need to look a little deeper, it opens the mind to be the best it can be.


    I Am, Therefore, I think.

    Simon was a little fish with big ideas. He lived in the deep waters of a large ocean that was not charted on any map. The reason being, human beings had yet to become an animal that lived on earth. In fact, there were no animals or birds on earth, for most of the surface were covered with salt water.

    When Simon was just a little toddler, he loved to swim and frolic with all the other deep-water fish. However, as he began to mature into a teenage fish he started to wonder where all the light beams that shone down on him through all the darkness came from.

    Some days it was very dismal indeed, whilst other days the waters seem to illuminate with a fascinating glow. He soon realized the closer he swam to the surface, the brighter it would become. However, all the other older fish told him he must not go too near the surface; otherwise, he would perish from too much light. You see, they were also told by their parents that too much light will destroy them, so they always feared the light and stayed deep in the water where very little light shone down from above.

    Simon would have none of their superstitious fears, for when he grew bigger and stronger; he left his family and began to live much closer to the surface. One day he met another fish named Suzy and found love, joy and synchronicity with each other at first sight. They became fish soul mates and swam everywhere together.

    One day Simon and Suzy both thought it would be a good idea to see if they could jump out of the water, from beneath the surface, to get a quick glimpse of what it was like to experiencing pure daylight. They were very adventurous. Simon and Suzy thought similar thoughts and wanted to explore everything they could.

    So they took a big deep fish breath and holding fins they leapt out of the water together and seemed to fly in the air for a few moments before plunging back below the surface. Wow! That was the most exhilarating experience they ever savored in their short lives. Repeatedly they sprung from the depths and into the glorious sunlight. Day-by-day they were able to stay out of the water a little longer and could fly further above the surface.

    One evening when they were enjoying their evening meal of plankton, they both wished they could sprout wings and fly. They knew if their secret wish was revealed to any other fish, they would be ridiculed and become a laughing stock. Every moment they focused their thoughts together as one being and imagined flying through the air and never returning to the water.

    A few years went by ... Simon and Suzy had become fully-grown fish. They continued to enjoy their fun and games of flying above the surface of the water for a few seconds and then returning. One day something different happened. Like a miracle, when they started to fly, lo and behold, they flew higher and higher. They began to glide through the air on wind currents. All of a sudden, they discovered their dreams and wishes had come true. Simon and Suzy had sprouted wings and they could fly through the air with the greatest of ease.

    After a while, they spotted land ... An island with an abundance of trees and plants with delectable berries. A miracle had indeed occurred ... Because they persisted in their belief that one day they could fly; amazingly, they had transformed themselves into birds.

    Simon and Suzy were the first birds on earth. They had found a paradise island that supplied all their food and shelter. As time progressed, the couple produced a large family. Perhaps the birds you see in the sky today were fashioned because, two little fish with big ideas, had a great thought. They understood that all creative thoughts come from an infinite source of intelligence that can create and evolved all manner of creatures large and small.

    Just ponder for a few moments what a fantastic miracle it is, that a spinning rock in space, metamorphosed itself into a superabundant paradise called earth. Look around the country at the beauty of the mountains, lakes, flowers and trees. Look in the shopping mall stores at all the ingenuity of humanity... Take a look at all the super products and produces you can purchase... Everything you see came from nothingness. Live alchemy ideas, which amazingly manifest from… universal intelligence. Some of it is artificial products, most of it nature made, but all of it came from the same source of intelligent ideas.

    Also, just ponder for a few moments... If your father did not have a wink in his eye and an amorous thought in his mind, his sperm may not have entered your mother's egg. You may never have existed if a thought in your parents mind did not turn into an act of lovemaking. The minuscule one cell they reproduced had access to all the intelligence of the universe. Moreover, that one little cell that reproduced itself into billions of cells is now you in all your grown-up glory, which still has access to infinite universal intelligence. The only thing that can block your connection is your intellect/ego.

    The potency of thought is very powerful, and if it can turn a fish into a bird. Just think what a wonderful, spectacular utopia, every human being can turn their lives into. All it takes is a vivid imagination and a continuing-conscious-connection to the creator/evolver of all things bright and beautiful.

    "Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness. Concerning all acts of initiative and creation, there is one elementary truth the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: that the moment one definitely commits oneself, then providence moves too. All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred. A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one's favor all manner of unforeseen incidents, meetings and material assistance, which no man could have dreamed would have come his way. Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. Begin it now." _ Attributed to Goethe?

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  • Carpe Diem - Seize The Day

    Children do not think about time in the same way as older folks. They are too busy playing games and chatting with their friends. They grow into adults who gain responsibilities and commitments. As adults, there is no time to contemplate where time is going because many folks swamp themselves by their daily routines.

    However, as adults age, one day they suddenly realize how fast time flies. The older they become, the more they understand how time is speeding up, racing headlong into the jaws of physical death. In old age, a person may look back at past events that all too often had unpleasant outcomes and a few times surprisingly super results. In most peoples lives the problems outweighed the good times but somehow or other they struggled through and here they are in old age, reminiscing.

    No matter how successful or ineffective they were, everyone will as the same question ... Did I make the best of my time on earth. If they did, they will have no regrets. However if they did not enjoy their past life, it will come back to haunt them no matter how big the bank balance. In all probabilities, they will pass over in a depressed state of mind. Therefore, it makes sense to know as soon as possible how to live each moment on earth in divine bliss ... To know how to seize each day and make the most of every second.

    The origins of the words Carpe Diem (seize the day) have been around for many centuries. Many people attribute it to the Roman poet Horace, however is was around long before. That said, this is a good place to start our research...

    Horace's ode "Carpe Diem" or "Pluck the Day"

    Ask not ... we cannot know...

    what end the gods have set for you, for me;
    nor attempt the Babylonian reckonings Leuconoë.
    How much better to endure whatever comes,
    whether Jupiter grants us additional winters
    or whether this is our last,
    which now wears out the
    upon the barrier of the cliffs!
    Be wise, strain the wine; and since life is brief,
    prune back far-reaching hopes!
    Even while we speak, envious time has passed:
    pluck the day,
    putting as little trust as possible in tomorrow

    It seems humanity has always concerned itself with its own fleeting mortality ... Seize the day, was first written down about 1160 B.C., well before Horace. This poem was found on the tomb of Inherkhawy, a supervisor of workers at the Egyptian royal burial ground in the ancient city of Thebes:

    Song of the Harper

    Carpe diem ('seize the day') motif; song for Osiris;

    All who come into being as flesh, pass on;
    busy fluttering souls and bright transfigured spirits
    who people the world below
    and those who shine in the stars with Orion;
    all men rest in the grave;
    set your home well that your good name last because of it,

    care for your works that your seat in the West be splendid;
    seize the day! hold holiday

    be unwearied, unceasing, alive,
    let not your heart be troubled during your sojourn on earth
    grieve not your heart, whatever comes
    recall not the evil, loathsome to God,
    but have joy, joy, joy, and pleasure!
    content with your lot, rejoicing, not speaking evil.

    Superb words which have not lost their powerful message with the passing years. They make up the cornerstone foundation of every religion. In fact, the words are more needed to be understood today than at any time in human history.

    There can be no doubt that from the beginning of the human time and space mode, people have look up at the heavens and asked how they can make the most of their life on earth. The fountain of youth has become billions of dollar industry, with all type for cosmetic products and surgical procedures, keep fit regimens, health treatments, guru seminars and a whole host of concoctions that boggle the mind. And yet, despite all of that, holding on to blissful time is seemingly like trying to capture the wind as it breezes-by on your face.

    Experts may express that is impossible to be in a pleasurable state of mind all the day, every day. They will go on the say that even if it were possible life would become boring and uninteresting.
    Since most people listen to expert advice, they will believe the experts and feel it is normal to be miserable some days when things don't go the way they intended. Therefore, for most people it has become impossible to seize every day and enjoy whatever it brings. Nevertheless, what if the experts are wrong and a person could enjoy every moment they are on earth.

    What if there is a way to find the elixir of happiness that does not cost a dime and does not need any other human beings advice. Would that be something human beings would want? The answer is yes they do want it; however, the obstacle that stands in their way is so huge that for most people it becomes very hard to shift. The reason why is so hard to overcome is the fact that it is the persons own belief system and intellect that bars the way to happiness. Most people have become so entrenched in the way they perceive the world to be, that any application of truthfulness upsets their demeanor and they run a million miles in the opposite direction.

    The truth, like joy-filled time, evades most people and the more people try to capture them, the further away they travel. It is comparable to a computer that is loaded with all types of sophisticated software and yet fails to understand the simplest of tasks because it is are no longer part of the modern system that requires applications that are more advanced.

    Joy is still a gift that comes with birth however, the modern day living soon wants to take simple joy and change it by artificial human intellect into something it was never meant to be. The only place on earth that is susceptible to erroneous changes is the human intellect that believes it can alter its own intelligence system and make it better than originally planned.

    It shoves all types of food and drink into a system that is built to enjoy water and simple healthy foods. It artificially creates a luxury lifestyle, while forsaking the key ingredients of happiness and contentment. An expensive lifestyle is one where happiness is sacrificed for money, serenity for ambition and contentment for the pursuit of things. The simplicity formula is ... Happy to be alive with common sense = Intelligence…Working at being correct = Intellect.

    When the intellect attempts to rule over is own intelligence system, the result will always turn out to be misery. The good news is, whenever the intellect allows its own intelligence system to guide its lifestyle and creativity, the results will be Carpe Diem.

    The moments may contain chaos that want to catch the attention however, when we can seize that moment of chaos and feel the joy of the divine, we have seized the moment of joy within the chaos. The person that can seize the joy in the day without being caught up in the mayhem that may exist around them will live a prosperous life. Try to remember, beginners luck can last a lifetime, once we understand how lucky we are to be born.

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  • Applause, Applause!

    I'd like to wager you're not aware that you're performing to a captive audience every minute of every day, ever since you were born. Yep, your audience hangs on your every word....hovers over every thought. Nothing you do escapes their attention. There's no auditions and every action is absorbed ...What's that you do not believe me? Well, I can assure you it's true. In fact, your audience is far larger than the human population of the world. They will applaud and cheer your deliberations, or boo and hiss your thoughts and there is not a thing you can do about their reactions.

    Wait a minute, come to think about it, there is something you can do. First, I suppose I'd better let you know who your audience is....It is every cell in your body and mind. You have over seven billion of the little mites and they will let you know in-no-uncertain-terms how you are performing your roles on earth. All will be reflected in your health.

    For every negative thought you have, you will lose some of your precious, beloved supporters and give strength to the bad guys, who have only come along to help you fall frail and die of a disease. Their only mission in life it to take you to the grave as early as possible.

    For every erroneous thought you feed them, they will react in a destructive manner and will attack all your good guys. It seems on the surface, according to the experts, you are helpless to do anything about them. That is because most medical, educated people will tell you it is perfectly normal for cells to be destroyed by disease and in most cases, they do not know where the illness originated. They will inform you that ... human emotions are real and since they are real, only medication or mediation (science or religion) will help cool them down.

    What they will not inform you (because they do not know) is the fact that, it is the authentic you, that is filled with universal intelligence, that can help you overcome your ego's requirements for power and destruction, but before that intelligence can perform its magic, the ego needs to understand its purpose and unfortunately it is beyond its intellectual grasp. Therefore most people's intellectual egos govern how much ammunition the detrimental cells absorb ...

    Human negative emotions, governed by the intellect, seem so real, but they are not real, they are all figments of the ego's hold on the mind. However, as-long-as people believe educated intellectual experts, that lack universal intelligence and abound in all walks of life.... Then the negative emotions will be viewed as real sentiments that need pandering and loving care....Nothing can be further from the truth and since people live the lies of the ego, and have done for thousands of years, there is no real hope or any authentic help for them.

    Clinging on to figments erected by fallacious, educated thinkers, only produces a human race that is filled with deceits, wars and self-inflicted disease. Human emotions may be programed in human DNA and genes, but it does not mean they cannot be eradicated to a large extent, by an unfamiliar way of thinking that is authentic and as intelligent as time itself.

    Most medical doctors will prescribe drugs and medicine to help rid the body of disease and they ignore the fact that the bad cells are being fed by your brain...So, without doubt, you are the cause of your own illness. Not knowingly, or else you would not make yourself sick, or would you?

    Do people who smoke cigarettes know they will probably die of lung cancer?
    Do people who drink alcohol know they may die of an illness caused by the alcohol?
    Do obese people know that overeating is shortening their lives...
    What! They do know ... then why do they do it?
    Why not arrest a bad habit if it detrimental for a persons health?

    If only it was that simple to stop, but unfortunately it is not. Bad habits are hard to break simply because they are transported on incorrect thoughts ... They are the hardest of all to cure because they depend on a personal identity to support their addiction. Emotional stress, and negative thoughts, have become addictive and have spread like the plague throughout all humanity.

    The emotions implanted in human minds is the number one source of deaths since humans evolved as sophisticated animals that can reason their existence. Over time, volumes of mistaken progressive logic and reason has radiated from science and religion ... The more conclusive and indisputable the effects became to each group, the more the drawbridge was pulled up on simple truths.

    In today's world, the realities of the human race are established and endorsed by universities and places of learning. You only have to read the daily papers to see how the leaders in politics, media, corporations, science and religions are using their inept, improper education to protect their ivory towers and inflict their fractious ideas and views on a downward spiraling world society. Degrees and diplomas may signify and endorse a persons ability to read and write, but it also masks how things in the physical world do not add-up to produce a sound society. Education that lacks the wisdom in how to apply the knowledge within the universal laws of good intent, can and do produce a world filled with attitudes of greed and beggar-thy-neighbor. A society that lacks grace and compassion is a society doomed for extinction.

    The media and places of education are the greatest culprits in encouraging false ideas, concepts, opinions and beliefs, embedded in peoples ego's and there is little anyone can do to stop their unsound cavorting. The ivory tower mob hold center stage and will not accept their unsoundness and ignorance. However, there is something you can do to stop subscribing to the logic and reasoning of educated people, who consider the three dimensional world their only reality.

    When people live with convictions that they believe hold all the truth, then for sure something will come along and prove their beliefs to be false. It may take thousands of years, or it may only take a few moments, but all certainties in a three dimensional world are held together by threads of veracity and filled in with illusionary fantasies and inventive imaginations.

    Many years ago, doctors stuck leeches on their rich patients and used magic potions such as ground emeralds to heal? With the help of the educated quackery, the rich sick people died faster than the sick poor people, who had no 'expert' help. At least today, you know the educated experts of old were quacks in white coats.

    In today's world, medical practitioners keep people alive longer so that the drug companies can get richer and folks quality of life becomes poorer..... The patients grow sicker by the side effects of the drugs, that over time, require different drugs to treat the effects of the original drugs.....Good game for the doctors and drug companies, but hard cheese to the patient.... The funny thing is, most directors of the drug companies and doctors will succumb to the same type of disease as their patents. If they cannot help themselves, what chance do the public stand?

    Let's get back to your inner audience....Your benevolent, chivalrous cells only want what is good for your welfare... They will produce spectacular encouragement within your immune system, just so long as you feed them the correct formula that they were born to embrace. So, what is it that you can do, to be assured of good health throughout your lives and never need to visit the people in white coats with sharp knives and laughing gas.

    There is one golden rule to understand ... You are Not your ego, personality, character, name, or any label that you hang your hat on...... No-thing on this planet earth, in the physical, is part of your true self. If you cannot grasp this one golden rule, then nothing on earth will ever help you solve or cure, whatever troubles you now, or in the future. Every negative habit depends on your identity within the minds sentiments and emotions. Your personality cultivates the destruction of the cells in your body due to the harmful chemicals released by the emotions. Therefore, it cannot be stated strong enough ... detrimental thoughts manufacture ... injurious chemicals.

    Your eating habits are programmed into your taste buds, fed by your memories of what you believe you relish.
    Your exercise or laziness will be measured by your minds willingness to keep fit.
    Your worry, anxiety, hatreds and anger will all be triggered by the emotional storehouse in which your memory banks have invested their time observing and programming....Do you really want to live your life as a programed puppet, at the mercy of every stranger who can pull your strings?

    Deny your emotions their false reality and you will stop them from producing the harmful chemicals that can kill your adoring, good cell audience. Every thought you experience will spark neurons, that will send messengers, to each selective cell member in your body. The chemical messengers will effect your health, for better or worse, till death you do depart. So, how's about you start to put on a new show filled with merriment and laughter.

    Start to laugh at your own behavior and stubbornness. Ridicule yourself, mock yourself, mimic yourself. Make yourself a laughing stock, to yourself....Enjoy tearing your identity into little shreds of fiction they are and then bury the evidence in the deepest burial ground in your mind...never to be repossessed in the same form.... You begin to renew your self-image filled with feelings of love and joy and even though it is still a sham world you live in, you see its falseness and can enjoy its antics without any hindrance of being defensive....

    You see yourself as a temporal being that is put on earth to enjoy life and nothing is going to take away your joy-filled self ... for that is your eternal true identity and thus indestructible. You can help other people by projecting your joy and living by the laws of good intent. You wish everyone well, and even those who want to demean you ... send them all your best.

    Then when anyone else comes along and derides you and tells you how dumb and silly you are, you can laugh with them and say...You know you are quite right and your inner audience will give you a rousing encore for the best performance of your life so far.

    You will find your acting gets better and better along with your well being. Your health fame and wellness fortune will spread and be enjoyed by every nurturing cell in your body and mind. The stimulation of your joyful energy becomes an intoxicating elixir of wisdom, filling all the gaps left behind by your old scallywag emotions of illusionary negativity....

    Meet you at the interval for a cool glass of freshly squeezed orange juice and you can let me know how your audience is appreciating your new authentic inner-thespian.


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