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  • Michael Sacerdote
    $PRAN Spent an hour this afternoon talking with a radiochemist about how to image metals & PBT2. We're psyched!
    Mar 6, 8:04 PM
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    • dindin21: Have you taken a position?
      Mar 6, 9:14 PM
    • DrADKline: Cool - very interesting stuff: Best of luck!
      Mar 7, 4:05 AM
    • Michael Sacerdote: Nice essay relating superficial hemosiderosis and AD. There's no question in my mind that cerebral amyloid angiopathy and AD are related
      Mar 7, 9:28 AM
    • Michael Sacerdote: APP pathophys is analogous to the inflammatory response: protects against short-term insults but creates long-term problems if dysregulated
      Mar 7, 9:31 AM
    • DrADKline: Absolutely agree - the short-term amyloid pathology after traumatic head injury is perhaps illustrative.
      Mar 7, 9:44 AM
    • DrADKline: Lipid homeostasis (cerebrovasculature) & inflammation implicated in late-onset genetics. ApoE mouse knockout phenotype is atherosclerosis.
      Mar 7, 9:47 AM