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Michael Stuart
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Zerohedge has the full stress test report up:
Let's just say that the optimistic "we only(!) need 62Bil EUR" scenario relies on the banks having a P/E of ~1.5. Perfectly reasonable, right?
Absolutely prescient and wonderful article. Thanks for posting this, it's not often you see somebody nail it like this!
I love this idea and have been thinking of doing the exact same thing for awhile now.
Thanks for looking into this, I was actually curious about this exact same question!
Quick Bernankman, to the rumormobile!
I'm sure Raj Rajaratnam takes great comfort in your words.
I have full faith that this will be investigated and prosecuted to the full extent of the law...
Umm, dirty viking socialists? I've got nothing, It'd be nice to see that kind of growth here in the U.S.
To you as well SA staff. You all do a great job!
It's so weird, maybe the someone forgot to turn on the "we're all saved Wurltizer" this morning :).
The rumor mill will fix all of this by morning.
I feel almost as confident with this declaration as I did when Timmeh Geithner made it!
ECB chasing another "sound investment" after gorging on PIIGS debt?
Jeff, under the super committee section you listed that they're looking to make 1.2 Billion in cuts. Just curious if that was a typo for trillion. Even I have faith that this dysfunctional asylum of congress critters could get together for 1.2 Billion in cuts!
If you couldn't tell, I was being sarcastic. I fully expect either the "trigger" to be defused or the "supercommittee" to come up with some reality bending definition of "cuts".
I'm glad that all that talk around the deficit ceiling back in August has led to a thoughtful and sustainable solution to our current fiscal woes.
Not saying that it'll go to $50 (or wherever), but yesterday's action showed that there are chinks in the armor. I think everyone knows it is going to eventually fall, the question is one of timing, I'm just glad to see that it's not a perpetual momo rocket!
Just wanted to say congratulations on getting it right! I've been waiting for this dog to fall for months!
If you think the liberal intellgentsia controls the majority of university business/economics departments I've got a bridge that you may be interested in...
Check out the EUR/USD chart after Draghi cut rates at his first meeting. The damn thing went up, we are living in bizarro world lately.
I'm glad to see that MF Global's former employees have found new work so quickly!
How does unlimited buying work when the official sources are stating a stagnant economy into next year?
Absolutely nothing, and yet this is somehow bullish for EUR/USD.
Thanks for reading! No new news yet, these things take time though, UoP's lawsuit took years and this one is far more serious, as least as far as repercussions for the stock are concerned.
I love the sense of humor in these kind of posts :)!
I've seen you pumping SKUL (no offense meant by that term) before earnings, great call!
Yay, old rumors are so exciting!
"Whatever, at least stocks and the euro are rallying a bit."-SA staff getting tired of this B.S. too?
Excellent! Again, thanks, I can not tell you how hard I've tried to find some sort of aggregator for this data!
I will enjoy buying puts on this dog.
If they're looking for the sources of volatility how about they take a look at the Guardian and Financial Times instead?
I'm just going to leave this here... http://econ.st/p5xeLa