• Micro Cap Sleuth
    $IMMVF article on the way... Premium/Small Cap Idea, out Monday or Tuesday...looking for another winner...
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    • skysteve: was this a classic pump and dump? very shameful!
    • Micro Cap Sleuth: SA back and forth with me, talking Premium, asking for edits... senior editors didnt want to publish re. Grey Sheet i suppose. I was shocked
    • skysteve: Dear Micro Cap Sleuth. Are you still long on ImmunoVaccine? The stock continues to decline in price. Will your article be published soon?
    • Micro Cap Sleuth: I wouldnt expect publication. It was deemed a fine article, but i think editors at SA decided against publishing about a grey sheet
    • Micro Cap Sleuth: If the company gets serious about uplisting in the US, they will contact me, and perhaps SA will give it another look.