Microcap Millionaires

Long/short equity, special situations, momentum, growth at reasonable price
Microcap Millionaires
Long/short equity, special situations, momentum, growth at reasonable price
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Company: Microcap Millionaires
Thanks Eli
Clever title :-)
Thanks for the quick read, I enjoy your articles Dana!
p.s. a bit of insider buying on DDD recently too
Excellent article! Apparently someone sees some reason for optimism though, in the form of 1,000,000 shares:
Great article, and yes I agree on Periscope is going to be huge...on the scale of YouTube, eventually.
Hey nice article. Might be straining gnats here on the divvy issue, but overall I agree that Wall Street is officially wrong about this being a one trick pony company. I expect investors to panic buy this thing up into the 20's as they realize how the CNBC bubbas told them wrong.
http://t.co/6uRLm3Pt3y $gluu guidance already has a taper in Kardashian game revenue factored in per CEO (from Aug 4th)
Yes I briefly covered this in the article, yet not in as much detail as you did in your comment. The bearish case is summed up well in your comment, but I feel the risk is to the upside due to the "big picture" being optimistic for CHCI in 2014 and beyond.
The people holding the 30% short position risk massive losses if a margin call is triggered, we'll see what happens.
Good article! MONIF getting jiggy for 2014 ;-)
Nice find. Bascially I think playing TSLA where it is now is like getting the chance to play AAPL in early 2010. Already had a nice move, but a lot more to go.
You're right, and that's an angle I didn't really cover in my article. So thanks for pointing that out.
Really? I'm unaware of any fast food chains that allow people to pay with food stamps....at least here in the south.
Boom! Buyout!
Nice to see you actually bullish on something for a change Paulo.
The Cubify stuff has the potential to go viral. New 52 week highs coming soon as long as market doesn't get spooked by Ben.
Yep, this guy beat you to the punch! Crazy drop on these 2 siblings.
Nice...yeah I love it when the big name guys talk about small cap stocks....usually really good trades to be had there.
Good article, was looking for something good on TTWO. Thanks
New highs coming on this bad boy, as well as XONE and SSYS. One quarter does not a trend make... and the previous quarter (missed on EPS) was the lone thing that shorts were glomming on to.
Now it's back to the awesome growth that we saw during 2012.
Revs ramping, margins increasing, what more could a trader/investor want?
This is probably my favorite big board stock to buy on dips right now. Sometimes you can catch XONE lagging when DDD and SSYS start to move too, then ride XONE for a nice 2 or 3 point move as it catches up.
Thanks for the write up.
SEAS looks interesting to me. Have you noticed which ones are oversubscribed?
Nice article, I'd say AMZN or GOOG seem the more likely of the group you mentioned as potential suitors.
Excellent article Brian. There was tons of leaks on these stocks until they shut down the k street shops...some of these may be good for short term trades but I think a good motto is stay away from sectors in our current POTUS' crosshairs.
"The stock is currently priced at $4.35 per share against $0.94 of book value and $0.71 of cash per share, with zero debt with a current P/E of 26."
I think you are right..this one is a good buyout target for a big software giant...
SWVI just hit .46, goes to show that promoted stocks are good ones to trade, regardless of how many "sec filing" detectives there are...
waiting for the obligatory "pffft SWVI is just a pump and dump stock" comment in 3, 2 and ....1
Powerful write up here, hope TSL files for you soon big dog.
will PPHM run like last time? hmmm...
Probably worth sticking out your neck for a buy here on some oversold stocks like the coalies: ACI ANR BTU and maybe JRCC if you have serious risk taking in your blood...
Worst case just use a real/mental stop in case market goes to 0.
There can never be to many of these articles that shine the light on paid promoters. I have to admit though, most of Lebed's picks are worth playing if they are the "a friend who owns a bajillion shares of the stock I am promoting referred me clients blah blah blah" type....
I would NOT touch his picks that he is paid the standard 10-20k for.