• Mike Arnold
    Decent report from $LFGR. Think its enough to take these shares higher before spin of Rightside.
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    • Thunder Capital: Really? Would love to understand your bull case.
    • Mike Arnold: sum-of-the-parts and catalyst to unlock the domain registrar.
    • Thunder Capital: Sure, I did the analysis. Would like to hear how you would adjust it. http://seekingalpha.com/a/17s6v Stock is off clearly...
    • Mike Arnold: Its a nice article. $45 mil free cash flow, not bad. Hard to lose - permanently - at the current price, in my opinion, given the catalysts.
    • Thunder Capital: Completely agree. Albeit I think LQA makes more sense. LTM is not a great measure when you have declining businesses.
    • Mike Arnold: The domain biz is growing nicely. I think the content biz will surprise in later in the year. I was early, yes. Learned a lesson, for sure.
    • Thunder Capital: Content business is the bread and butter here. Looks like the stock is still trailing off. eHow.com has been in a tailspin.
    • HFI: I personally don't think the content business is the bread and butter. The registrar and the domain is the cash machine.