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  • Big Pharma And Medical Marijuana; How Can They Coexist? [View article]
    I think a lot of people are missing the point with GBLX. The reason for them not selling the GrowBLOX chamber is because they are vertically integrating the technology within the company. Which in my opinion, is smart. They are leveraging their technology to develop partnerships and gain equity share of medical marijuana operations in various approved states without having to put out any capital. It is obvious by their Illinois partnership that their technology is indeed in demand otherwise the deal would never have been struck. I cannot speak on how well the technology works because I just don't know, but giving up 20% equity imo is substantial just to use someone's technology. If GBLX made a capital investment in the partnership I'd agree with you that 20% is a meager number but not for putting out no capital at all. It's a free 20% just for letting them use their technology. This leads me to believe the technology works and works well. If selling their technology was the main business model I'd be a lot more concerned because technology comes and goes and changes overnight. But an equity partnership in a medical marijuana operation is contract binding and has A LOT more longevity than selling the industry's hottest technology today.

    By providing the technology they are drastically cutting back their time to revenue from each state by not having to go through the extremely difficult and lengthy state legislation process which they are very familiar with being the ONLY public company to have been approved for a special use permit for a dispensary and cultivation facility in Nevada. Not to be confused with an operating license, the company recently announced they filed all their applications to the State for final approval and could hear an answer as early as this month but no later than November 3rd. November 3rd is not the day everyone will find out, it is the last day the State has to announce their decisions on the applications. Companies can hear an answer back before then.

    But still there is more to this company's story. The cultivation technology is just the beginning. The whole point of their vertical integration is to produce exact, consistent, high grade cannabis strains for extraction and production of a pharmaceutical product line. Growing and selling medical marijuana is not the end game here guys. GBLX's strategy is to develop a product line to license out to big pharma and therefore I think the author's mention of GWPH makes sense. I am very familiar with the biotech space and have been for years so I love this story. In my opinion, while other marijuana companies are focusing on just dispensary and cultivation, GBLX is one of the few that has visions of providing real medicine that can be approved by the FDA, like GWPH is doing.

    Would it be better press or paint a better picture right now to say they are selling the grow chambers like hot cakes? Sure it would. But there's a much bigger play here and it's in biotech more so than even marijuana. And their technology could be the key (or at least they think it is) to helping producing a pharma product line that will be approved by the FDA. That's the end game here. The dispensaries and cultivation facilities will simply be cash flow for the company while they work towards producing the product line.

    But to say the company has nothing going on when they received a special use permit for dispensary and cultivation facility in Nevada with 3 dispensary applications and 1 cultivation application filed with the State of Nevada is just crazy. They could be the first public company to receive both licenses. Not to mention their strategy in partnering with groups in various approved states to gain equity in their operations.

    I will agree with you there are definitely some concerns with the shares outstanding and other topics you mentioned, but that's the reality of most OTC companies. They need money to grow. Although I don't like some of the moves made they were necessary moves for the company to move forward. I don't like some of them, but they aren't toxic or negative enough for me to turn away from the bigger picture here. If GBLX is approved by Nevada for their applications they will have more than enough cash flow to develop their pharma product line. They just need to ensure they have enough cash to open the dispensaries and cultivation facilities if approved hence the financing activities.

    And the one thing I'll say about the promotion, this company stands to raise I believe it's an additional $25 million if they can call on the outstanding $2.00 warrants. But in order to call them I would guess they would need a steady share price around $2.50. So although its a controversial method, I can respect the idea behind it.

    In closing, I respect everyone's concerns and views on all companies as this type of dialogue is healthy and helps everyone make the best decisions possible. I hope my input helped people understand and see the bigger picture here because I'm very excited about Q4 2014 with the state application decision and 2015 as their biotech/big pharma strategy comes a bit more to focus.
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  • Growth In Cannabis Popularity Spawns New Ways For Cultivation Efficiency [View article]
    Yea I saw this. I'll definitely be tuning in to listen. Company just announced the first GrowBLOX chamber arrived in Vegas too
    Aug 11 08:12 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Growth In Cannabis Popularity Spawns New Ways For Cultivation Efficiency [View article]
    @The Core I agree I would like to learn more about the science behind the cannabinoid research because they talk about plans for a pharmaceutical product line. Hopefully we get further insight here when the GrowBLOX arrives. Recent press releases suggest it should be in Vegas any day now. I am very familiar with the biotechnology space and have been an active biotech investor so I'm looking forward to learning more on the topic as well.
    Aug 6 06:20 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • The Vapor Trail To Profits: Who's Winning, Who's Losing? [View article]
    Great article. Very informative. I'm bullish on the vapor sector as a whole. I think you did a good job of identifying the real players with the most potential.
    Jul 13 06:34 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Growth In Cannabis Popularity Spawns New Ways For Cultivation Efficiency [View article]
    They are the only public marijuana company to be approved for BOTH a dispensary AND cultivation permit. Once the state issues the final business license, GBLX should be well on their way. I too initially thought that they should sell their grow chambers but after further DD I understand their business model much better. They are completely vertically integrating their technology so that they can grow perfect and consistent medical marijuana of the highest efficacy from harvest to harvest. Think of buying a bottle of Tylenol, you expect that Tylenol to be exactly the same whether you buy it in New York or Texas. That is what they are trying to do, create the consistent standard for medical marijuana so that each strain is exactly the same harvest to harvest for a specific ailment. Plants never grow exactly the same when grown in an open, unregulated environment, there will always be inconsistencies. Their technology is geared towards creating the very same efficacy strain repeatedly. That's something that I don't think any other marijuana company is doing. If the FDA is going to approve medical cannabis products, there is going to have to be a consistent standard so patients know exactly what they are getting no matter where and when they purchase the product, just like Tylenol. Moreover, GBLX just updated their website and it has a lot of info about a new pharmaceutical approach that I was unaware when first looking into the company. Creating perfectly consistent marijuana strains will give them an advantage when extracting cannabinoids to develop a pharmaceutical product line. Now, this isn't going to happen overnight by any stretch of the imagination, but I certainly think this company is heading in the right direction. I am going to be following their progress and/or failures very closely. And I think now that the crazy volatility in their stock has calmed down that people can feel a bit more comfortable acquiring a position for a longer-term hold. My opinion.
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  • Growth In Cannabis Popularity Spawns New Ways For Cultivation Efficiency [View article]
    The results for this is what I'm interested in
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  • Growth In Cannabis Popularity Spawns New Ways For Cultivation Efficiency [View article]
    @belgium thanks. def have to pay attention to that
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  • Growth In Cannabis Popularity Spawns New Ways For Cultivation Efficiency [View article]
    @mistielynn As far as I know it seems like anyone can use their grow system. The system can be completely controlled remotely. And thanks for the links @dcmorris I've also been waiting for the result of those applications to be released. Anyone know when we can expect that??
    May 29 04:50 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Marijuana Companies: The Good And The Bad [View article]
    Great article, very informative. I like GBLX a lot.
    May 27 04:09 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • 5 Pollution Treatment Stocks To Clean Up Your Portfolio [View article]
    Thanks Green! I'll be sure to take a look at CLIR.
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  • 5 Bakken Oil Plays For Your Portfolio [View article]
    As embarrassed as I am that there is clearly some type of fraud or false reporting, or untruthful press releases, I am still a trader at heart and called this out at $0.54. In less than two months it hit $2.06 for a 280% gain from when this article was published. I can only go by the information a company makes public, I was fooled and apologize to the investment community. However, at the end of the day, this was still a very profitable trade.
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  • A Diverse Oil Portfolio Should Include These Companies [View article]
    Hence the reason I said this before mentioning the company "And although investing in micro-caps is often times more risky as many statements are considered forward-looking,". What caught my attention was their one-year progress, you have to admit their revenue, net income, and cash flow increases are a little impressive. I always like to include a small unknown company to reach all levels of investors.
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  • When It Comes To Biotech, Diversity Is Key [View article]
    Thank you Jeff. Biotech can be a tricky space, especially if investors do not fully understand the technology of the companies they're investing in.
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  • Double Up On These Companies As Bakken Estimates Double [View article]
    No its an OTCQB.
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  • 5 Bakken Oil Plays For Your Portfolio [View article]
    Exactly my thoughts Veritas1010. Whiting's lower market cap and large Bakken holdings appear to make for a juicy acquisition target by a large major. Their industry-beating low F&D costs and consistent production numbers have to have caught somebody's eye by now.
    Apr 18 11:17 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment