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Long/short equity, momentum, deep value, portfolio strategy
Mitchell Harris
Long/short equity, momentum, deep value, portfolio strategy
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The jury is still out, so don't feeeeeeel badddddddd..
I think it deserves some watching down here. Let them secure some more contracts in 2016 and the stock will climb.
Ric, sometimes the trend isn't gonna be your friend when you are dealing with oversold. If the shorts start to cover, the stock goes back to $4 then you can run for the hills. I'll make sure Newman gets a bowl of treats if it gets to $4 :)
Ric, he is my best friend, his name is Newman, short and stubby lol. I read the Kratos article and want to park on of those drones in my driveway. They are awesome.
Nor would I. Lets see how these pan out over the next few months. Hopefully there will be an uptrend.
Interesting User, thanks. I am thinking there is some bottom fishing here, which is why I wrote the article.
Very funny Powell, yes the bean counters love em :)
JG thanks for weighing in. The question I have is if rents are falling and vacancies are rising, where are people going? They aren't buying houses as property values are up in Canada. I would like some insight from you. Thanks.
How goes it sleek? As far as Boardwalk is concerned it isn't relevant as they manage multi family housing rentals, so most renters stay renters when real estate values go up, as they are less likely to buy at high prices. RioCan has more exposure to the points you are making, however their tenants are large retail, restaurants and supermarkets mostly. Those types of tenants are typically steady payers. See this attachment it has some interesting data and insight.
All great points Bea, keep them coming!! Thx...
Yes RMR have had their issues, but I think the bludgeoning may be over. If u dont need the hard dollars then reinvest the dividends and dollar cost average. Over time that should be effective.
I am happy the stock is at $109.
Fre take a look at this link
In my opinion as beaten down as this stock has been, it would have happened by now. I could be wrong but I feel it is hard to get hurt falling out of a basement window.
Thank you for your reply
Rd that's fine we aren't going to agree on every idea but I have had success in those companies before. There are plenty of accountants that handle LP's.
Here is the site I use for dividends.
I am not qualified to comment or guide anyone on tax questions, that is for your accountant. Here is a link that should help any SPH investors.
I based the $2.70 premium on the giveback for the stock being over $55. It is still a great play with either strike.
It is an ideal time, that is why I wrote the article. I love pulling dollars out of the O position. Look at the $60 strike as far as you can go out.
Surf, the fact that it's at a 52 week high is a bull sign to me. I was never afraid to buy and write a call on ANYTHING that was trading at a 52 week high, if that was the case I would have never bought Apple at $110, or Amazon at $63 when they broke those highs forever ago. I know you can't compare those to O, but you see my point. I am trying to create a "trade by trade" basis, and calculate returns one at a time, with no emotions. I have experienced tremendous success doing it this way. That is why I like to share with all of you the same strategies.
The ice is only as thin as your time frame is. If you have time, your strategies are different than if you don't. IMO if you really want to be in a stock than prepare to own it 6-12 months longer. To be honest I don't really look at probability %'s. I look at trading ranges, and total premium $ in hand, that is how I assess risk. As for V and MA I think you are in good shape.
That's why I leave that crazy stuff to the bean counters :)
Great minds think alike, hopefully u bought them recently, if not double down, long term I think they are great...
granko, just write quarterly calls on FB until you get called away. Keep one thing in mind. You don't believe the valuation and the stock is $105, but u will be cashing out at $150 when the valuation is even higher? Write a $150 leap for 2017, wherever it opens up at and let it ride...
oh for Heavens sakes its all about the traders that missed the buy below $100. They got their wish, they can load up their portfolios for the quarter, and look like heroes if it trades back to $130
I love the model, love the profitability especially since they make NOTHING. Facebook is thriving on the new narcissism paradigm in this world, people CANNOT stay away from it. Ride the wave as long as you can, trade with tight stops and write some calls on your position.
EXACTLY. I mean even a blind squirrel finds a nut now and again...
Sabrook, if you would like a few leap plays down here I am all for it. In the next couple of days I will put something together. I would most likely write leaps on half the position and let the other ride LT, as that seems to me to be the value play here...
I want everyone to share their investment ideas, I love hearing from followers!
That is exactly why I write them, it just knocks down your cost basis every time and you get to rewrite over and over. Over the years I have found stocks in tight trading ranges and have made 20-30% in premiums annually while the stock doesn't move out of its range.
Not buying calls, selling them. The option traders set the premiums they are taking some risk as well. I used to write leaps way back when