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  • Adding Income And Growth To Your IRA With The CCC DiviDogs
    Fri, Aug. 22 CTL, GTY, MO 38 Comments


    • The “CCC lists” are a collection of dividend-growth stocks that have raised dividends for at least 5 years.
    • The “Dividend Dog“ strategy can be applied to any group of dividend-paying stocks.
    • Applying Dividend Dog methodology to the CCC lists should provide a list of undervalued, higher-yield, dividend-growth stocks.
    • Collecting the dividend income while prices rise to fair value should provide a nice bit of income and growth to your IRA.
  • Catching Up With The DGI Lite DiviDogs
    Editors' Pick • Tue, Aug. 5 DX, MCY, OHI 58 Comments


    • The DGI Lite Portfolio was created in November 2011 to find yield growth in a small group of CCC stocks.
    • This strategy combines The Dogs of the Dow with the CCC Lists for a quick method to find underdogs.
    • The current update explores various scenarios to see how it has performed.
  • The DGI Lite Portfolio Q4 Results
    Apr. 4, 2013 DX, OHI, ORI 67 Comments
  • The DGI Lite Portfolio Q3 2012 Update
    Oct. 2, 2012 DX, MCY, OHI 48 Comments
  • Confessions Of A 'DGI Lite' Investor - Part 4: Managing The DGI Lite Dog Pack
    Sep. 24, 2012 DX, OHI, ORI 45 Comments
  • Confessions Of A 'DGI Lite' Investor, Part 3: Care & Feeding Of The DGI Lite Dogs
    Sep. 17, 2012 DX, OHI, ORI 76 Comments
  • Confessions Of A 'DGI Lite' Investor - Part 2: Creating The DGI Lite Portfolio
    Editors' Pick • Sep. 12, 2012 CTL, NPK, OFC 155 Comments
  • Confessions Of A 'DGI Lite' Investor
    Sep. 11, 2012 CTL, NPK, OHI 139 Comments