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RE: John H. Ford's short play since escabaro also said he liked it:
I definitely don't disagree that it's a good play, in fact, if I had the spare cash to invest in my "risky account" then I probably would take a shot for some quick cash. A short term short position that you could hold for a few weeks could probably net you 10-15% if it dips back to $60's soon, just like it did a few weeks ago but you are also assuming you don't get greedy and complete the play. Who says its not going to drop more since it's so "overvalued"? Panic could set in since fundamentals are "iffy" or it could bounce right back as the chart exemplifies.
I would prefer a longer play on value if it got back down to where I was comfortable purchasing. Where that level is? Who knows, it's a little different to determine now vs. when you are "writing the check", as with many things...
You also have to think from a very, very high level fundamental point-of-view... The DOW and MDBX are both at 52-week highs right now. When the DOW starts to cool off, I'm thinking MDBX will too in the next couple of weeks. Call it nothing more than speculation or a gut feeling though. What goes up must come down, at least a little bit, right?
Haha, gold.
Haha, creative spin on the conflicting side of the argument and I have to agree it sounds absurd to many but thinking of it terms of "medical marijuana... something our 4th graders are going to learn about someday" is a little much.
People are certainly free to their own opinions but if someone genuinely receives benefit from the usage of medical marijuana, when they have researched and legitimately been prescribed it, that's a whole other ballgame. Whether it goes from here, only time will tell, but if it does, these are the stocks to look at.
Happy New Year!
1. That's a really nice perk for MWIP because then they are probably going to see higher rates of usage, meaning more revenue...
2. Agreed, and with recent revenue stories, it looks like they are doing quite well towards reaching profitability/break-even in 2013.
I think your post does an excellent job of hitting on a lot of positive points for MWIP and I personally share a lot of the same sentiments that as it grows, both revenue and share price wise, it very well could be seeing more triple digit gain surges like we've seen recently.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year as well!
I will do a post on them sometime this week and let you know!
I've published two articles in the past week on ATVC and MDBX if you want to take a look but I agree, both are a little crazy right now but worth a watch.
Hah, thanks, Joe.
Absolutely. We came across the stock in search of a good candidate for our next series feature and found much more than what we were expecting. This is definitely a more diverse pick and could really turn into a monster pick in a few years, whether it catches fire in the medical marijuana industry or not.
We hope to cover some of the recent events around some of the stocks you mentioned above over the next couple of weeks so stay tuned and let us know what you think about the stocks yourself.
We aimed this article with a medical marijuana industry spin but all very interesting information, thank you for commenting.
Like we both said, simply one major chain pick it up and this could really expand quickly and mean a lot of money for AVTC. Blue Rhino is an excellent example of relieving a bottle neck at the cash registers when an attendant has to go unlock the cage and all that. (If you've ever gone through the process, you know its a pain in the ass at most places)
There's definitely a strong possibility that tobacco companies will take a frontrunner's approach to producing marijuana cigarette type products since they have all the infrastructures in place. However, I'd like to think a lot of consumers will be taking an approach similar to the craft beer phenomenon thats sweeping the US at the moment once more and more businesses develop particular strains, flavors, etc.
All valid concerns and opinions considering where we are now. However, as the CEO stated the machines will be used primarily by professionals so the risk of getting vandalized or broken into is a little less than the scenario we assumed. Appreciate your comment!
Just for clarification purposes, MedBox, Inc. has confirmed that our comparison as some of their systems as "the Redbox of medical marijuana". However, they say that the consumer/patient will not have access and it will be more in use by "professionals".
For more information check out:
I don't see why they couldn't expand this to be used in a dispensary location with proper surveillance though. I do see how our statement comparison could have brought some negative stigma to how "easy" it would be to get the medical marijuana so in that regard we apologize for provoking that assumption.
Hahaha, will do. Have you seen these guys?
I wrote them today but being on Bloomberg probably flooded their inboxes. I'll try to get more information into a blog post tomorrow. Basically private equity for the medical marijuana industry for those of you who are too lazy to click.
For sure, Michael. I think the stigma is what a lot of people have trouble getting past but the fact remains there are a lot of opportunities like this out there. I'm no hippy, or crazed out stoner, I just can see through all the negativity and focus on the potential and I hope a lot of my readers can get to that point too.
I'll be covering them in the next few days, both on Seeking Alpha as well as our blog:
It had a pretty volatile day similar to MDBX.PK this morning. They both shot up out of the gate then died.
Haha, first of all, great use of capitalization.
Seriously though, I completely agree, on paper it is extremely overvalued and we more or less say that in our article. I, for, one would love for it to come back down but it's very hard to determine what's a fair price when most of your potential value can't be represented on a balance sheet completely. (e. g. patents and patents pending)
That's pretty much why we put it in our weed stock spotlight. It's a fun stock to watch because it's so volatile but we are also prospective investors giving it a look.
I have an Ameritrade open for that sole reason, ha. You'd be hero if you could catch one of these swings right and make 20-30% in 24 hours too.
Our recommendation is the exact same. It has a lot of potential but it's way too high right now. I mean c'mon... $66 open then $115 high then its back down to $87 in one day for really no reason?
Haha, no kidding!