Mobile Guru

Long/short equity, deep value, special situations, growth
Mobile Guru
Long/short equity, deep value, special situations, growth
Contributor since: 2010
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Adem Tumerkan, Contributor
contrarian, gold & precious metals, value, natural resources
Hedge Fund Manager, Cash Investments, Dividend stock ideas & income
Devon Shire, Contributor
long only, newsletter provider, oil & gas, small-cap
SA Stocks To Watch, Contributor
long/short equity, special situations, event-driven
SA Eli Hoffmann, Contributor
SA's CEO, Editor-in-Chief
Avi Gilburt, Contributor
newsletter provider, Elliott Wave, gold & precious metals, Emini S&P 500
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long/short equity, small-cap, tech, solar
Jason Bond, Contributor
long/short equity, newsletter provider, small-cap, micro-cap
Tom Shaughnessy, Contributor
long/short equity, special situations, deep value, tech
AppHead, Contributor
PE Fund Analyst, Tech stocks
Jake Mitchell, Contributor
long only, value, growth, momentum
Fusion Research, Contributor
research analyst, oil & gas, tech, mid-cap
Lennox Yieke, Contributor
growth at reasonable price, long only, oil & gas, tech
Alexander Maxwell, Contributor
value, growth, long-term horizon, biotech
Glen S. Woods, Contributor
restaurants, growth, biotech, long only
Greg Miller, Contributor
long/short equity, special situations, long-term horizon
Dutch Trader, Contributor
deep value, special situations, contrarian, long only
John H. Ford, Contributor
deep value, special situations
EnhydrisPECorp, Contributor
long/short equity, research analyst, biotech, healthcare
Chris Katje, Contributor
research analyst, growth, value, IPOs
Benjamin Padnos, Contributor
long only, micro-cap, tech, growth
Lou Basenese, Contributor
research analyst, tech, micro-cap, contrarian
Jason Napodano, CFA, Contributor
research analyst, medium-term horizon, biotech, small-cap
Stocks N Sectors, Contributor
Newsletter author, Energy stocks, Stocks - long
Todd Johnson, Contributor
closed-end funds, dividend investing, REITs, newsletter provider
The Gold Report, Contributor
portfolio strategy, gold, commodities, long/short equity
John Henderson, Contributor
long/short equity, growth, momentum, event-driven
Full-time Investor, Options, Stocks - long
The Burrill Report, Contributor
Journalist, Stocks - long