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Fiscal Cliff (?)--Bring it on!
Lotteries and online gambling have BOOMED during economic downturn. Lottery sales are up as much as 30% in some countries.
Spain, despite 25% unemployment (50% for youth) is a sportsbetting hotspot.
During the 1st Depression, NV legalized gambling.
The Great Recession will be the Golden Age of Gaming Convergence, with global gaming conglomerates combining land based casinos, online casinos, smartphone gaming, and social gambling on sites such as, Double Down Casino.
888 stock closed at GBp118.25, Zynga is around $2.50.
Not so fast...
The Nevada license would only allow intrastate gambling by players aged 21+. What portion of FB traffic is eligible?
Also, Zynga must then pass a certification process to verify the randomness of the probability algorithms in its games.
China is the fastest-growing gaming market, but land casino gambling is restricted to Macau, and only operator VODone (Hong Kong 0082) is licensed to offer mobile lotteries and games.
The world's largest online gambling operator, 888 Holdings (LSE:888), just announced that it will offer real-money games on FB. 888 also has the profits to acquire Zynga.
UIGEA bans nationwide online gambling in the US. The NV license is only for intrastate (GPS-enforced) online & mobile gambling
If Zynga is so great, why are its executives leaving and dumping shares, and the stock is underperforming?
If Zynga is so great, why is the stock underperforming?
All operators must demonstrate the odds to regulators.
Only pros win consistently. They tend to play poker, blackjack or sportsbetting (horses), not slots or video poker.
"I suspect however that there is NOTHING stopping Zynga from opening shop in NV and letting international traffic play."
UIEGA banned interstate/global online gambling from the USA.
The NV license is for INTRASTATE gambling--verifiied by GPS.
Players must also be aged 21+ (no FB teens).
Unlike Zynga, Bally & IGT are generating real-money online & mobile gambling revenue.
Cantor Gaming currently offers mobile betting in NV.
Trongod2000--Cash flow is more relevant than (falling) stock valuation. They have lots of short-term operating expenses (wages, rents, etc.).
A NV online gaming license is $500,000+legal fees.
Less than 2% of free play gamers convert to paying players.
Most of Zynga's FB users can't gamble from NV (not located in NV or 21+yo).
Even after approval, any real-money games must be submitted for regulatory review (more delays).
Zynga has never had a real-money game. They have no experience with programming probability algorithms for fair games.
ZyngaSlots is not very popular.
Zynga has been laying off staff while IGT and Bally are releasing mobile games & signing deals with land casinos.
IGT's acquisition, DoubleDown, is generating profits.
Does Zynga have the management, developers, and funding to compete with veteran gaming firms like IGT, Bally, Aristocrat, and MGM? Unlikely.
Jbravo, Many of Zynga's top execs & developers have either cashed stock & left, or have been laid off.
Developing & submitting casino games for regulatory approval requires PhD mathematicians.
Zynga will also have to generate revenue to cover the $500,000 NV filing fee and legal expenses.
In NV, Zynga will have to complete with profitable, experienced gaming companies (IGT, Bally, Aristocrat, MGM) for a limited player pool. Idle teens on FB will not generate gaming revenue.
A licensed Nevada online gaming operator cannot accept FB users who are are either under age 21 (most of the core teen userbase), or not located with state borders.
NV has a mall population to build a large enough poker layer pool to generate a profit for a public company with millions in debt, and millions in licensing costs.
An Atantic City mobile gambling license is a more cost-effective alternative.
The Mobile Gaming Index(TM) for 25 October 2012 was £20.59, up from £7.39 in January
Mobile Betting News-Nov: Mobile Lotteries in Europe
Zynga's market is primarily US teens, not 21+ adults. Even adults may not be eligible, as Romney has promised to ban real-money online gambling in the US if elected.
The gaming market is also moving to mobile, which is forecast to generate $100 Billion by 2017. Zynga missed the boat on mobile gaming.
Dennis, Look at the MGM Connection section.
In October, I will publish a feature on the use of social media and mobile apps by casino resorts.
If Mitt or Newt wins the White House, all U.S. online gambling bets are off.
Zynga Live Poker has more players than any online casino.
In October 2011, Zynga reported over 11 million daily users on mobile devices, including the iPhone, iPad, and the Android platform, up from 9.9 million daily users in the third quarter of 2011.
The company’s most lucrative apps remain Zynga Poker and Words with Friends.
Zynga Poker is the second Top Grossing iPhone app in the US on both Apple's App Store and Google's Android Market — in the UK it tops the rankings for iOS.
Zynga is listed in the Mobile Betting News, Mobile Gaming IndexTM.
Mobile Gaming IndexTM
The Mobile Gaming IndexTM for 22 December 2011 was £7.39
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