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    BlackBerry Throws A Screen Pass On 4th And Long With Acquisition Of Secusmart $BBRY
    Aug 4, 1:46 PM
      • Money Investor
        There is to much smoke for me with this Blackberry/Amazon news the same day of the Amazon Phone press conference. More to come? $BBRY
        Jun 18, 9:27 AM
        Reply (2)
        • Thepianist: Well where there is smoke there will be Fire.
          Jun 18, 9:49 AM
        • mapodga: No big deal. All others are for years on Amazon. This won't make any substantial revenue for $BBRY nor make it market winner.
          Jun 18, 10:23 AM
          • Money Investor
            $BBRY - Million unit order news does not excite me and I am a bull. Info is to vague. Could be carrier or gov't. Could be over 24 months.
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