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There seems to be a lot of confusion on MLPs and IRAs. Please read this article on MLPs
..and this one on using TurboTax with K-1s :
Martinium, you are right. SCPB is indeed from State Street. Thanks for pointing it out. I'll get it corrected.
Thank you all for your comments. The list was based on some backtesting with a similar set of stocks.
During the lost decade, most lost money on stocks. I decided to time my purchases by buying low-beta, defensive stocks on the worst day possible - when the market was at its peak.
Can you guess how I would've done at the end of the lost decade? Check out my earlier post - though the stocks aren't the same, this list was based on this research. (15 Stocks To Survive Another Lost Decade)
Thank you Bob! Very true! Good time as any to stock up on some boring, but stable stocks!
I agree, Canadian banks have been managing their finances much better than our domestic banks.
Nice analysis there! A company with a healthy profit margin, though the PE is a little high for my taste.
Worth watching.
Thanks for the kind words Bob. Glad you liked the post.
Just Ducky, even without forward P/E the above stocks all are less than 16.
MexCom, thanks for sharing your thoughts. With a company like say BP, the company was caught doing wrong, damages were assessed, fines imposed, compensations paid, end of story.
With BofA (and other three major banks) we are talking about a decade or more of wrongdoings. From sub-primes, to muni-bond frauds, to robo-signings to illegal foreclosures to partying with bailout money.
My concern is, is this the end of it or is there more to come? The last point - bonuses and partying with bailout money tells a lot about corporate culture. That is troubling.
The politics behind the ratings downgrade is an entirely different topic Moon! :) Thanks for chiming in!
The entire energy sector is on sale right now. I agree, oil will bounce back. If a BP-like event worries you, stick to energy ETFs. MLPs are another good option.
It's a calculated risk. The companies I mention above are all fundamentally strong and trading at a discount. Predicting when the market might bounce back is hard, but when it does, those who who were buying stocks when others were selling, should see some handsome gains. Meanwhile, enjoy the dividends!
The stocks you have are all excellent picks.
Good point on NAVs investigateinv.
There is something about commission-free trading that is very liberating! :)
Most definitely donzelion! I myself use zero commission trades, but chose a middle ground at $3.95 a trade.