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Don't forget to look at share count when comparing share prices of companies jkq. TPLM has 75 million outstanding shares and EXXI has 94 million compared to MHR's 220 million. As for HK they have significantly more o/s shares at 590 million but they also have 5 times the revenue and ten times the amount of value in current assets - which equates to about 30 million+ working capital compared to MHR's negative 100+ million. TPLM has about 7 million in working capital and EXXI has 436 million in working capital. So there is a big difference with these companies.
"c) Petroamerica has clearly stated that the production has resumed and normal production operations along with oil evacuation were restored in the Putumayo properties as of October 1, 2014."
Do we know if this was in fact restored on Oct. 1st? Because the company did not "clearly state" that production has resumed in the link provided, all the company said was that the restrictions are in the process of being lifted and they assume that production will be restored on Oct. 1st.
Looks like Vijay is up for re-election on the Board according to their SEC filing this afternoon. So for all those shareholders who constantly complain about him or have a problem with his leadership the first step would be to get him off the Board. This is your last chance til 2017.
And that's why sentiment changed all of a sudden after people realized that the news was actually very good for Surge (heck they're already up almost 9 million dollars on the transaction) . The first two minutes after the bell the stock dropped to 5.51 on the TSX and then it triggered a buying frenzy once it sunk in.
It was dropping the last few days because people were worried about Surge buying Longview outright and how Surge would acquire the money to do so (the biggest fear being dilution again). I imagine this will be back in the 6.20's by the end of next week.
I'm glad to see someone else sees value in this company too (other than the CEO and the Chairman of the Board who have both been buying shares periodically over the last 12 months). I've tried for several months to get BNN (Business News Network) to discuss the company with their guest analysts and hear what their opinion is but BNN for some reason refuses to bring it up. The stock price has been in limbo over the last 6-7 months with occasional spurts to 13-15 cents and then back down to 10 cents or under (admittedly I've ridden those little spurts and sold and bought back in a week or so later but luckily I chose to hold on to the shares this time around), and it looks like the resistance has finally been broken. There were even buys at the ask in after hours on the TSX yesterday- I have never seen an after hours trade for Aura (TSX after hours are very rare in comparison to U.S. stock exchanges). There's a bulletin board on stockhouse under ORA for those who want to discuss the company.
Seeing as your motto is buy when others are selling (provided there's value of course) have you ever looked into Southern Pacific Resources? STP on the Toronto Stock Exchange and STPJF on the pink sheets in the U.S. They've obviously been having problems the last few months but after adding an ICD to one of the well pairs, it seems to be working quite well (for now at least). Admittedly I haven't always been a fan of your work but I am curious to hear what your take is on the company.
I still don't understand why there was so much confusion, and why there were so many articles about the VICL management buying shares. The original SEC files specifically state that these "Shares were acquired pursuant to a restricted stock grant and generally vest one-third on the first anniversary of the grant, with the
remainder vesting quarterly over the remaining two years." Would these stipulations exist if they were actually bought on the open market at market price? Not to mention the title of the stock was "Common Stock $.01 par value". So yes Vical made an error and put $1.42 instead of $0.01 but if people had just taken a second to look at the actual filing they would have realized what the filing actually was instead of jumping on the "Insider Buys I must write an article about it" bandwagon.
With that being said I'm quite impressed that the share price actually held up today and there wasn't a serious sell off with crazy volatility. Perhaps it's because Singer still owns 10%, or the fact that Vijay and company will only get their excess bonuses based on performance or maybe VICL has finally turned around and has found a new bottom.
Take a look at Aura Minerals hanni, there was quite a bit of insider buying over the past year. And that was actual buying with their own money. The CEO alone bought close to a million shares ranging from 11 to 37 cents in the public market, as well as other upper management. Yet ORA.TO sits at 9 cents a share (75% less than the CEO's original purchase). Just goes to show that it doesn't really matter if insiders are buying or not, because gold producers are just simply out of favour for the time being.
I have nothing against this article nor you, but I do have a problem with you saying that people should listen to you based on a couple of successful picks while totally leaving out the picks that you made a mistake on. So out of curiosity sake why are you leaving out your other bullish bet of TID which is down 70% since your buy recommendation last August in your article - "Tuscany International Drilling - The most undervalued company in the oil services sector"? Not to mention your recent bullish buy recommendations on TID in the comment sections of other articles written by you.
With regards to Zynga, I think you forgot to mention that they were not including, in their guidance for Q2, any revenue from new games such as Draw Something 2 which they released today. So yes while on the outside it looks like a dismal guidance, you have to take into account that it's not including what will likely be a blockbuster revenue generator for them. Just take a look at how well it's already doing after only a few hours of being released.
Just to add to my point about upcoming games from Zynga. Zynga just launched, today, another mobile game worldwide called War of the Fallen. That's on top of the other two announced this week Eden to Green and Battlestone.
Just to update my third reason, UK's channel 4 just announced today a Draw Something game show being produced in the UK, in addition to the CBS one being produced in the States
The same way that he's written a bunch of articles on Zynga in the last few months (i,e after it already collapsed and was bouncing back up), saying not to buy it. It's up over 50% since his article in Dec.
As reported today in India.
“I told the Board that I want to take $1 towards my salary this year because I am an owner of the company and I believe in its future. I want to make that really clear to the shareholders and the employees because they invest their money and energy for building this company,” Pincus told Business Standard.
I don't know about you but I'd say that exudes confidence. As far as the split goes, I would much rather see more shares being bought back then to see a reverse split. And as for the earnings in April, I don't know what the Q1 numbers will be, but regardless I'm more interested in hearing about the forecast and their direction.
Fair enough, but my question is if she was so distraught about the sell-off why did she stay working for the company for another 6 weeks or so? I mean if she was livid at how her and her fellow employees were being treated with the ban why not quit or at the very least give the customary 2 weeks notice? Surely the 190 grand would have been a nice cushion while she looked for employment elsewhere. But that's just my two cents on the lawsuit matter that you brought up in your article about WDAY
As far as the Zynga lawsuit goes. Once the ban was lifted, she could have easily sold her shares for a hefty 70% profit, but instead she chose to hold on to them. So she didn't lose money on the ban, she lost out on making a much bigger profit. Would she have had a case then? Does she have a case now?
haleiwahu I'll answer your questions in the paragraph order they were asked:
1)Their huge reach of potential RMG players would be their current customers, the 300 million play money players you just mentioned. Would you not consider them to be a captive audience, perfect to advertise their real money gaming platforms? The definition of potential is possibility not guaranteed. You obviously don't play or have never played on a real money gambling platform so just to let you know many online gamblers/poker players play on more than one site, so no one is expecting them to get up and leave the sites that they're comfortable with. People test out other sites all the time, especially if the sign up bonuses seem lucrative (for the UK launch Zynga is offering two bonuses one is an instant bonus of £15, and the second is a 100% first deposit bonus accumulated after earning a set amount of points) and if they like it they'll stick around.
2) as reported by Zynga their FY12 online game revenue was $1.14B, and advertising revenue was $137M
3) I understand the hurdles and headwinds that Zynga has faced as well as the management issues - and I understand the fact that Zynga's stock on the whole has been battered as a result - but I am basing the upside potential from today's stock price not last years when it was $10-15 a share. But yes I believe that they can turn things around especially with John Doerr stepping in to keep an eye on his and Kleiner's investment, Zynga has already set forth on cost cutting measures, such as shuttering unprofitable offices and unfortunately laying off 5% of their employees, so I believe that profitability is easily attainable. And yes I do believe that this new team will be on board and ready to make profits for the company as their bonuses are now performance based. And I believe that Pincus refusing a salary and any bonuses until the company gets turned around is an excellent sign for investor confidence as well.
How many of those companies are also sitting on $1.5B in cash with miniscule debt? Yes Zynga's market cap is double the amount of cash they have on hand. As for the cash of the two companies that you mentioned, EIHDF has $81M, and PYGMF has $198M. Not to mention that Zynga has a huge reach of potential RMG players. And as I said in the article they plan on expanding beyond the UK and into mobile as well, not to mention that the RMG is just one of the three reasons for upside potential that I stated. Now if you look at my second reason you'll see that Zynga Slots almost tripled the user base last week, is it
just a coincidence that it tripled the very week that Zynga's RMG platforms launched as well - I interpret it as people checking it out to see if they'd be interested in playing the real money version once it actually launches worldwide. You're basing your entire argument on just the RMG part - and ignoring the other parts that I mentioned as well - those are also revenue drivers as well. So you can't just compare ZNGA's market cap to other online casinos/poker rooms - as Zynga has a lot more on their plate than just gambling. ZNGA is just getting started in the RMG industry, their bread and butter is still in games and ad revenue - and seeing as they produced the top three fastest growing apps on FB is definitely a good sign of a huge upside potential.
Why wasn't the Q&A portion transcribed? There were several questions asked and answered that were very informative and reassuring for shareholders. If anyone would like to hear it I suggest you call the toll free number and listed to the CC. There's about 10-15 minutes of Q&A at the end.
Thanks Bulls on Parade. Not to mention their latest financials FY11 as well as their FY12 guidance beat analysts' expectations (March 9th). Also they've recorded a profit every quarter for the past two years. So aside from the market panicking on rumors or shorting tactics it doesn't make sense for CAAS to be trading so low.