• Moon Kil Woong
    CRM is one overly loved stock that has not popped yet. The valuation is still way out of line. Any slowing growth will tank this.
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    • 1980XLS: indeed...
    • Ocean Man: I'd be careful. Red Hat's great qrtr a few days ago has had correlation with CRM, and CRM just had their big conference that adds clients.
    • Derek A. Barrett: CRM is a trap, at some point it will pop but people have been trying to short it for a decade and have gotten burned.
    • Chris Lau: CRM is unshortable - it literally IS the profitable cloud play. FSLR, LNKD might be ones to consider
    • Moon Kil Woong: No one will let this stock fall until the slowing growth and/or dropping margins becomes obvious. I agree its not a short until weak growth.