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Long only, short only, research analyst, growth
Muhammad Bazil
Long only, short only, research analyst, growth
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The article represents my thoughts and opinions about Nokia.
Hi Tdot, you don't need to stop reading the article because I am not imposing anything on anyone in this article. It's just a reflection of my thoughts about Ford stock.
Thanks Mathias, will take care of this in my upcoming Coke article.
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I think the company plans to make itself sustainable by lowering it's reliance on GE Capital. I believe the company plans to use it's buyback investment to maintain it's stock price to increase investments by mutual funds and move back into 'safe stock' status.
The main trouble is that because of the toxic assets linked to GE Capital many other companies would be in trouble.
Europe has it's own argument over economic fairness, and economic policy and they are not always the same. Giving money to Spanish, and Greeks would help the economy, but the argument among German voters is, if it's fair? The Greeks also argue that because many of the granting banks are German the money would re-enter the German economy anyway. The end result is a tug of war that could end with Greece leaving the Euro, which would create major panic about Spain, and Italy. Germany could provide stimulus (which raised the markets day before yesterday) but may suffer in the polls. While Europe is not a country it still has a GDP larger than any one country, but a poorly run central bank.
These toxic assets will more than likely need to be coupled with some type of relief for borrowers that would likely come in the form of government stimulus. The gov money will help banks stay very profitable and stabilize the markets. The issue is there are large debates about economic fairness in both the US and Europe (China seems to have no problem following US economic books, but has a small GDP) that complicate things. No one wants to pay for someone who bought a house they couldn't afford either, but the overall effect would be felt by everyone.
My view is GE plans to migrate away from lending and reenter the energy & industrial markets, and base more earnings on those markets. As far as the debt I think they find themselves in the same place as most banks. It's just my opinion.
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I've already contacted SA team to correct it.
I've already contacted SA team to correct it. Its 4 Gigawatts.
Thank you for your correction. It's a typo error. Its 4 gigawatts. All the other figures are 99.9% accurately written. Sorry Alvin.
You're absolutely right.....
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