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No way. AAPL goes to test $480 before taking a break.
Yes, that's exactly it, rru2s!
What I'm also suggesting is that things tend to run in cycles and history often repeats itself. While techs saw a bubble in 2000 and came crashing down, energies hit a bubble in 2008, but, has not really come down yet. In 1990s, a lot of speculation drove the internet stocks way up; the same thing happened to energies in the 2000s. Back then, the internet industry was only at its infancy. Now, we know that the internet industry is here to stay; not only that, it is taking over old business models.
On the other hand, the oil industry is as old as it can be, and one day it'll die. It has to. And, this will probably happen sooner than we think. Our world cannot go on running on oil. The energy industry has to reinvent itself, and, new energy technologies will replace oil (again, sooner than we think). Imagine a new energy solution that will make renewable energy (solar, wind, bio-fuels, what have you) more economic than oil. When that happens, and it will, oil will fall dramatically overnight.
The thing that will allow oil industry to linger on is that it'll take time for the world to change to other energy paradigms. Auto industry is already shifting, but, it'll take time. Airline industry is basically dying because of oil, but, it stays alive because people have to travel. When new, economic energy paradigms come along, new airplanes will have to be built. That'll take time, ...and etc.
So, the energy sector has not fully corrected itself. Based on how the internet bubble corrected itself in 2000, energies have a lot more correction to do. As energies correct, money has to go elsewhere. Where will it go to? Well, it can go back to the techs, as the 2nd wave of internet has started.
I'm just trying to form my opinions not solely on logical reasoning from status quo; that never changes the world. Intuitive thinking and knowing is much more powerful.
before you know it, CSCO could see $18. There are better stocks out there than CSCO. Don't buy something just because the valuation seems cheap.
What I told my members the day after CSCO's report:
November 11, 2010 12:18 PM
I'd wouldn't fixate on CSCO right now. charts are broken; might as well look at other things that are moving. I've set an alert for CSCO at $21.5 and have taken CSCO off of my watchlists. won't look at it again until it goes above $21.5.
Options volumes records are everywhere. The table was from Yahoo Finance.
Like I said, "More than just the numbers, analysts and investors will be looking for an answer for more versatile phones, not just ones that text. "Apps" are the hottest things for smartphones right now." RIMM did not present an answer for iPhones and Droid phones.
Until RIMM does that, it'll be very vulnerable.
fxmaven, the mentioning of handheld devices is not a comparison, but, an example of how fast technologies can develop.
We should not let our minds to get locked in to the status quo. When we think out of the box and be imaginative, that's when creation happens, and that's how we can evolve.
Great thinkers will not let the present limit the future. Everything that you have said may be true at this point in time, but, don't let the present time frame dictate the future possibilities.
If inventors always complain how long things will take to develop, then, nothing ever will.
The statement should be "Why banking on global oil consumption growth is a bad idea, period."
We have to think a LOT more progressively. To cut ourselves from the oil countries is not to drill more. It is to find innovative ways to generate cheap alternative, green energy. The oil industry is killing our planet, and, everyone is too afraid to veer away from it, partially because the industry so big, and perhaps too much money in it?
However, just 10, 20 years ago, did people think we'd having handheld devices as powerful as we have them now?
The present Chinese government is different from the old "Communist" rulers. I think we have to understand that China is a very big country with many, many different ethnic groups. There are Chinese people that are genetically closer to Europeans than Asians. It is not an easy country to govern.
Understandably, there are things done by the old government that the present government is still trying to hide, in order to keep civil stability (at least that's what they say as one of the reasons). But, through time, the truth will come out. I think the new government understands that. The question is what is the proper timing?
China wants to integrate itself into the world. The "Chinese Image" is changing, as can be seen from the recent Winter Olympics. I think eventually, the "better" choices will be made. Chinese people already have a lot more freedom.
People everywhere want the same thing. A good life, a happy life. Money, nice jobs, care for their old and young. We are in a different age. Countries now are working more together to create a better world, not trying to overtake or invade some other country for imperialism.
China is no different. Chinese people are no different. Therefore, I believe that things will work out into a win-win solution, for Google and for China, which will be good for the rest of the world too!
Thanks, Chuck. Yes, oil services are getting stronger. DO, SLB, and RIG all breaking out. VIX seems to be coming down...
You can't be too greedy in this volatile environment. Leaving over 300% profit on the table is not prudent. RIMM is now back below $60 again. You can always look for new trades. Cash is king!
On Apr 06 05:59 PM Love Rimm wrote:
> i AM so happpy for you. just think of your percentage if u would
> have waited another day or two. Are we suppose to admire your witt,
> winnings, both, or what ?? Unfortunately, I listened to your plan
> and sold part of my holdings, Now I'm kikking myself.
looks REALLY weak. $47.5 was the support; just went below today (Friday 2/27).
has a strong resistance at $0.5. It's not going anywhere unless it breaks that resistance.
On Feb 27 07:45 AM jimmy Turano wrote:
> Andy Wang, Good article"Market Goes Down, Biotech and Healthcare
> Lead the Way".
> Maybe you can give some insight on 'MRNA' one day.
> They have had several news announcements lately, but the stock price
> has been anemic for half dozen months now. Is it due to the fact
> that they are in tremendous debt, or low earnings, or high burn rate?
> Or is it all three Vital signs that puts this company in Critical
> Condition? Please give your prospective when you can.
Thanks for catching that typo. I've notified SA to change it. It was $131.77. Thanks!
David, you should come by my blog and check out my Happy Trades!! page. Those are actual trades that I've made. On my member site, that page is updated during the day when the trades are made. On the members' board, I also try to call out the stocks that I'm watching before I make a trade. I also have email alerts to notify members when I make a trade. Please understand that these are not trade picks. These are some of my trades in my personal "notebook" that I'm opening up for my members to see.
Sorry for the late reply. Please come by my blog site, as I'm there everyday. I think if you're looking to play the search engines, you should look at the leaders. By now, the leaders have well-established their positions in the market.
Made a big jump today. Anyone know what's up?
Did go, and close, above 54 today. But, looks like they'll need to clear, at least, 54.5 to get a real breakout.
Wow, what's going on with this stock? (thanks for mentioning it, icarus rising)
All closed above the 10-day MA today. Looks like the bottom is beginning to form. Will watch them to start heading higher. Phil picked MGM out of the group last week as a LTP, I think.
These metals look like they could break higher! Need to hold off on buying the puts? I actually ended up buying March 90 Cs on X yesterday and sold them for 1.15 this morning before I even got out of bed! =) Not sure what to think about them. But, their daily charts look like they might go up more.
Not impressed by their actions today. AAPL daily chart still looks good. GOOG really need a jump to get above the daily MAs. Hopefully, that'll happen soon! Must at least hold the present levels tomorrow! Waitin'...
Just checked out your profolios on the member site! Are the profolio gains for this week, or this month?
LTP, 51+%, very impressive!
Are we still using this page tomorrow? I missed the party here today. Is the comment page address going to stay the same? i.e.
or, will it get a different article#?