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Nat Stewart

My interests:

-Short Term Futures Trading

-Long term investing in "growth at a reasonable price" (GARP) stocks

-Stocks with a upcoming "catalysts" that have not yet been factored into the current price

About me:

-Majored in Finance

-Have worked in finance, risk management, and accounting

-Passed the three CFA exams

-Have been an independent trader/investor for about 10 of the last 14 years -

I am always looking for new investment ideas in the small-cap space - both to invest in and potentially write about. I like GARP stocks or stocks were upcoming catalysts do not appear to be factored in to the current price.
  • Description: Full-time Investor. Trading frequency: Daily
  • Interests: Commodities, Dividend stock ideas & income, Stocks - long
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The Volatility should be good for IBKR's market making business as well as brokerage volumes Oct 16, 2014