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Long/short equity, healthcare, growth
Nathaniel Matherson
Long/short equity, healthcare, growth
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Venmo and tell me that the interface is not simple and user-friendly. That is the exact reason why they have been able to build a foothold. Not to mention, Venmo is cross platform and device now. No just Apple. Not just smartphone.
Thanks for the comment and info. I'll have to do some research on INTERAC. Haven't heard of email transfer before.
That $1.50 fee has got to add up over time..
Yes, I very much like the Braintree portfolio of assets. Great acquisition. Thanks for reading!
It sounds like you may have gotten some spam.
I've never had any dishonesty from PayPal. I'd double check that those emails were actually sent from the company. Maybe even reach out to their customer support.
Thanks for reading!
I can't say I have. I haven't spent too much time with Facebook messenger.
I'll keep my eye out.
Thanks for reading!
Thanks for your comment! Thanks for reading! Good luck to both of us.
I agree that PayPal and Venmo are very similar in terms of technology. And, I bet we will see an integration between the two companies.
I believe Venmo just beat PayPal mobile in terms of user acquisition. Venmo is the first mobile payment application that I've actually seen catch on. Going to college on the east coast, and growing up in CA, I've seen Venmo take over on both coasts.
Perhaps Venmo could become a customer acquisition tool for the greater PayPal brand. It is too soon to tell if Venmo is just a fad. But I firmly believe that Venmo is here to stay. Any app that becomes a verb "Venmoing" is powerful.
Great question. I actually have PayPal mobile too.
I'm not sure I can tell you why Venmo has become popular where as PayPal mobile has not. This might not be a great answer.. but Venmo just makes it so easy. Venmo just beat PayPal mobile in terms of customer acquisition.
Hi Hopeful17,
I use my debit card 99% of the time and pay zero fees. That being said, I did use my credit card one time for a larger purchase.
The Facebook factor is fun, but not the reason I use Venmo today. Venmo is the definition of convenient. That is why my generation has taken a liking to Venmo. Facebook just got the word out.
Thanks for reading my article! And thank you for your comment.
Me too! Good luck to both of us. Thanks for reading my article.
I believe Venmo's FB integration has been essential to their success. Everytime a FB friend joins Venmo I get a new notification. It is easy to see and find who is on Venmo. The other mobile payment applications haven't embraced social media the way Venmo has.
In the beginning, Venmo would even share your payments across FB. This made for some good laughs.. :)
MONI.L is the ticker the company trades under in London. MONIF is the ticker the company trades under in the U.S. on the OTC market.
I called and talked to the company. They told me that they don't sponsor the OTC listing, instead it was created by market makers in the U.S. to enable investment from American investors.
Yes, the two should trade together, pull up a long term chart. There is some currency exposure from what I understand though.
Oh ok.
Well, I do know some of the brokerage firms offer this service to their customers. I would reach out to client services and ask them about a gift transfer.
It should be noted I am long the stock. Been noted in my other articles but there must of been some error here. I'll let the editors know so they can correct the disclosure.
Sorry I don't understand the question?
Exactly, the company is fairly large at this point, hence the typical penny pump phenomenon isn't as likely. I would be weary to put to much into any particular stock within a portfolio.
In the U.S. Green Dot has been working on a mobile banking and payments product. Management really hasn't been clear on the success up to this point.
Just from looking at the industry, PayPal looks the biggest.
As far as labeling the company a "penny stock", I don't agree. With over $1 billion in market capitalization it should just be labeled a small cap.
Yes! Advertising is key in my opinion. From what I've read, the company has the ability to geotarget ads to consumers directly through push notifications. You combine that with mobile payment and mobile credit/giftcards, the full stop shop.
While I am not saying that Yelp is by any means a value play, nor I can correlate search trends with revenues, I thought it would be interesting to share this data with SA readers. I am currently testing to see if search interest data and price movements have a decent correlation. I will share the data once I can make a determination.
@Teodor Rasa
That's odd, I'll email seeking alpha in a bit to see if they can resolve the issue with the charts. You can re-create them at the link I provided at the end of the article.
I saw the Omega 3 update on CNBC, it was definitely interesting that the researchers said there were absolutely no proven benefits, just risks. I'm rethinking my fish oil supplement going forward.
Hi oneinfiniteloop,
This article was actually submitted on Seeking Alpha before the earnings release, publication occurred just after w/ minor updates. After the huge drop, Blackberry looks pretty cheap as mentioned in my article you highlighted. Perhaps emerging markets will be the future of this company? I really like MONIF(or MONI.L) as a play on the underbanked population. You should check out my in depth article regarding MONIF here on Seeking Alpha.
Hi Conrad,
I have found it useful on a few occasions recently, particularly in very competitive markets. While doing the article I did do a search for "Pacific Sunwear" which is at all time lows. I just did the "PacSun" search and you are correct, all time highs, great insight, one that should be included. Thanks!
Sorry for your loss. I know exactly how you feel.
I haven't heard of Beast yet, but I'll look into them. The packaging does look similar but other than that I haven't dug very deep. As mentioned in the article, this industry is almost perfectly competitive.
All the best,
Thank you for your kind words.
Exactly, what I have been seeing firsthand on both Coasts. While I understand the company is working on other ventures, see my recent Monitise article, relevance is important.
I will be releasing an article shortly showing the company's waning relevance.
I don't hate Blackberry in any way nor do I have position in the company. As far as "farting apps" go, I'm not quite sure I've ever spent time on one.
All the best,