• Nawar Alsaadi
    Equal Energy (EQU) review to conclude in 30 days or so, expect 50% to 100% upside from current levels.
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    • pgaines72: just picking up shares over the last week or so. does it look like a buyout? do you have any articles other than seeking alpha?
    • Nawar Alsaadi: Most of the information I have has been discussed in this article: http://bit.ly/MiQ00Y , this has all the key info.
    • pgaines72: thanks, looking to keep adding to my position as long as price stays below about 3.25
    • Nawar Alsaadi: You are getting an excellent deal on the shares, my average is $3.29.
    • Nawar Alsaadi: pgains, I don't usually use trailing stops, I just keep an eye on the fundamentals and act accordingly.
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