Nicholas Kitonyi

Research analyst, growth, value, long/short equity
Nicholas Kitonyi
Research analyst, growth, value, long/short equity
Contributor since: 2013
It's also another way of providing a willing buyer for the stock at given prices without necessarily resulting to a sell-off, which would otherwise affect the stock price. On the contrary, Share Buybacks boost the stock price.
Yes, that's the ADR.
Yes, that's why I highlighted performance on the pitch as one of the main risks.
Congratulations! David, Eli, the editors and the entire S.A community. This is wonderful news, it shows that things are getting better and better everyday. Amazing progress.
Yes, bottom line the company has an interesting array of events in the pipeline. Next year will be a big one for the company.
Absolutely, I will keep a keen eye on those developments. Right now it's not very clear.
Thank you Alex for your insight. SNY has a portfolio of products in the pipeline that will revamp its diabetes business. I believe PCK9 could be among the first to be added on the company's revenue streams.
Yes, Lemtrada was approved after submission. I think by that time the article had already been published.
The general view is that after the failure of Exubera patients wouldn't welcome inhaled insulin without proof of success, but there are reports that indicate some patients prefer inhaled insulin, rather than injection. The latter case is perfect for Sanofi and Mannkind.
The company says its selling non-productive assets, but the last time I looked, most of those assets were unexplored. So how did it conclude that they are the most unproductive. Based on recent development in Utica, what is deemed productive may not necessarily be the most productive project. My point is that the driving force behind these sales has nothing to do with concentrating on productive units, but rather, it's a case of trying to put the balance sheet in shape. Therefore, when you acquire assets and dispose them without making an attempt to monetize, isn't that a little more like a real estate company? Additionally, my analysis is also based on the current price, which I believe may have rallied a little too far with no key catalysts to justify the advance.
rephrase, "I'd rather see Chesapeake reporting gains on sale of assets".. of course, that's if it stops the quick-fire sales, only to sell at the right price.
Thanks Ashraf.
I like your unique insight on Groupon, from your point of view, you definitely have a point. But I still don't think anyone envisioned the stock doubling this year. As I had pointed earlier, I expected Mason's exit to trigger some form of rally, .But doubling? well never saw that coming. Thank you for you insight.
Thanks Alan, I read their article which attacked me and seeking alpha, but they could not say that whatever I mentioned with regard to their financial statements was inaccurate. Otherwise, thanks for link-back and taking your time to do an in-depth research, which otherwise confirms my general opinion on the company.
Thank you for the heads up, but I feel if a new generation iPhone was to have a plastic back, would still be nothing close to the 3GS in terms of looks, or weight. The device has evolved, it's slimmer, bigger and definitely lighter.
**FEW Switch
Thank you for understanding my point. Also note that I said FEW witch if any.
Thank you for your unique insight, but I think Samsung leads.
Honestly, I do not think the Aluminum cover adds any value to the user, or to the iPhone itself. It's more of an identity for the company.
I think Seeking Alpha should be more strict on who displays their Seeking Alpha Certified badge on their site. It's sad to see penny stock promotion websites display it.
Fantastic article. Some people wonder why Yahoo's made 12+ purchases since Mayer took over. Some think it will backfire, but Mayer's focus is future. I have always believed that investments are long-term. If you dive in looking for short term pop, the you are just a speculator. Yahoo has acquired amazing products, which will define its future, and for now, I think it's great.
yes, promotions, definitely promotions, telling me that the stock is about to break up, triple, reach $1 etc.
Thanks, for the comments, I'll sure do. for some reason I have been getting emails for NVLX since January, never bothered, until I felt I had to look at it.
Thanks for the complement.
Thanks Nocturnian, which camp do you think could swing the stock?
Thanks FaithEnough
That's cash and marketable securities sub-purchase of tumblr.
Good read, but I think the fiscal year is supposed to be 2012, not 2013?
Thank you Mike, I too am bullish about that happening.
Thank you once more
Thank you Larry!