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  • Galena Biopharma: Late Stage NeuVax Justifies Higher Valuation [View article]
    You are correct. On a undiluted-basis, the current market cap should be right around $75 million which would still be less than its peers, but is quite more than $62 million. I apologize for that. I will have it corrected. Thanks.
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  • Kodiak Oil & Gas: Small Company, Big Potential [View article]
    al640, thank you for your comment. I should have clarified my opinion further. I apologize. I am not saying to wait until after the earnings report and nor, am I saying the stock will get beaten down because of the sell on the news mentality. The future valuation for Kodiak seems to be well worth the price you could pay for the stock today, but I think that there is a lot of volatility in the markets right now. And, as a result, I think there may be a better entry point for longer-term investors based on the macroeconomic outlook and possible U.S. recession fears. During the last recession, Kodiak went from around $3 per share to below 20 cents at one point.
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  • Kodiak Oil & Gas: Small Company, Big Potential [View article]
    Thanks! I put at least 10 hours of research into this so hopefully it helps. With regard to the 2012 and 2013 EPS estimates, I really don't know why Credit Suisse is only expecting a 6% growth rate. Their research was written in May of this year so it is a bit outdated. Based on management's growth strategy over the past few years, I would think that 6% is a very low estimate. I'll take a look at CXO. Having good weather all year round is certainly a benefit to production.
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  • It's Time To Kill The Electric Car, Drive A Stake Through Its Heart And Burn The Corpse [View article]
    I completely agree with you, John! Have you ever read Power Hungry by Robert Bryce? If not, you should read it if you get a chance. Here's a sample of a couple of the quotes from newspapers that he cites in the book about the future of the electric car:

    - In 1911: The New York Times declares that the electric car "has long been recognized as the ideal solution" because it "is cleaner and quieter" and "much more economical."
    - In 1915: The Washington Post writes that "prices on electric cars will continue to drop until they are within reach of the average family."
    - In 1959: The New York Times reports that the "Old electric may be the car of tomorrow." The story said that electric cars were making a comeback because "gasoline is expensive today, principally because it is so heavily taxed, while electricity is far cheaper" than it was back in the 1920s.
    - In 1967: The LA Times says the American Motors Corporation is on the verge of producing an electric car, the Amitron, to be powered by lithium-ion batteries capable of holding 330 watt-hours per kilogram. (That's more than two times as much as the energy density of modern lithium-ion batteries.) Backers of the Amitron said, "We don't see a major obstacle in technology. It's just a matter of time."
    - In 1979: The Washington Post reports that General Motors has found "a breakthrough in batteries" that "now makes electric cars commercially practical." The new zinc-nickel oxide batteries will provide the "100-mile range that General Motors executives believe is necessary to successfully sell electric vehicles to the public."
    - In 1980: In an opinion piece, the Washington Post avers that "practical electric cars can be built in the near future." By 2000, the average family would own cars, predicted the Post, "tailored for the purpose for which they are most often used." It went on to say that "in this new kind of car fleet, the electric vehicle could play a big role -- especially as delivery trucks and two-passenger urban commuter cars. With an aggressive production effort, they might save 1 million barrels of oil a day by the turn of the century."
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  • Why Traders Should Be Short Ahead Of Bernanke's Speech [View article]
    I completely agree with your "Operation Twist" scenario. Who knows if it will actually do anything though! Another thing to watch tomorrow is the GDP revisions number. Hopefully, it's not a steep downward revision like last time, otherwise, like you say TZA would be an excellent trade in the run up to these announcements.
    Aug 25 11:41 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Antares Pharma: A Promising Pharmaceutical Play [View article]
    I apologize for the confusion regarding the trial data announcement. The efficacy data was the trial data that I was referencing in this article. Thank you for the clarification on that issue.
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