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Nick Pollari
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Company: NAP Management Services
I don't think you truly understand the revenue model, their Non-GAAP fictitious accounting, or are taking into consideration the thousands of customer complaints (just do a google search). The amount of accounting discrepancies alone in this company are enough to send any investor capable of understanding a simple 10-K running towards the hills.
I can tell you with near certainty that the company will not be returning in the future. The shares are worthless and the debt holders will likely be forcing the company to liquidate its assets in an effort to recoup $0.50 on the dollar (if they are lucky and depending on what all those magical intangibles are worth). For additional news on the company your best bet is this website
Dear MK,
Please don't be so bitter about my leaving your firm. Your firm's research is poor at best and you have taught me nothing. I belong at a place where I can grow and learn not in a place full of mediocre research, poor training for employees, unbearable early working hours, and such a strong focus on selling. I should have you know I did not end up shorting GCI, I still believe the company is not in a good place and there are numerous headwinds facing the industry. Best of luck to you
I wonder how Stan feels now that its down 50% from where he said to buy and FIO is up about 50% from my call.
How do you still feel about OCZ these days? Great call... Down to $3.30
I suspect some class action suits to be in play sooner rather than later. It is a terrible shame what has happened here and an incredible waste of those tax payer dollars.
Theres Ch 11
Theres the conclusion to this story.
Almost 400k in stock on a single sale... serious volume for this stock.
I don't know who still looks at this article and who doesn't but did anyone notice the $2.11 print this morning? Or the HUGE amount of selling recently? Big holders of this name are dumping it quick.
Thank you. If anyone is wondering why Textor is still being paid such an absurd amount of money than you are in the same crowd as us. He is being paid extraordinarily well for running this company straight into the ground.
Will be closing full short position in the near future. Thank you all for your contributions to this article.
Around $12.50 is a solid price for us. We may begin buying our full position in pieces.
We monitor a variety of factors including store traffic, inventory levels, product pricing, etc. Purchases were made at the low $16's in Dec and sales in Feb 2012 around $20. We have made no investment long or short since.
People who don't change their views based on changing fundamentals are destined for disaster. We have not been a buyer for quiet some time.
Not sure if you are aware but this article was published 6 months ago
Yea, right before the abu dahbi announcement on monday... Shady.
And here I was thinking it was totally possible that not only the conference call would give DDMG some love but the facebook launch would give anything tech related a little jolt...
Ill take a look at Angies this weekend when I have some free time. Anything else I should look at? If SA allows (don't know if they do) I'd be happy to work out an article collaboratively with you if we come to a similar conclusion
I am not specifically referring to my profit Arkram, don't take it so personally. I am noting the recent sell off from $8 to $7 in regards to a moderately decent call, not a disastrous one, which doesn't really make 100% sense. Although I have not estimated recent short term correlation to the overall market yet which could be a reason.
Going to republish an article over the weekend with my update and take on everything. Just wanted to point out that personally, I didn't feel like it was that bad of a conference call and yet the stock is now at $7? Does somebody know something I don't?
@Akram: Times like this recent sell-off is why I had entered into the 1/4 of a position.
All in all much of the same story with the addition of the unsolicited bids.
Not done doing the financials but it still looks just as bad as before so far. Waiting for the conference call as well.
What we were thinking? We were thinking that profits are important and when you don't have any and don't seem to be making any anytime soon its a bad thing. Pretty simple business concept.
We are entered in a privately negotiated contract with an institution which is forced to be long on an extended basis based on its by-laws. For this position volume is irrelevant.
I am not hoping for anything negative. It is always the things you don't see that have the greatest impact.
I am short 1/4 of a position because if the 16th if a disaster I want to have something to profit from. I am really looking for a nice pop on the 16th to enter into a more solid position for the short. Just want to make sure if it falls off a cliff on the 16th I have some profit to make.
1/4 Short position initiated this morning on the open.
I have sent numerous requests to their investor relations for information and they have not responded once. Goodluck trying to get any of the detailed information you'd like out of them. Worse than pulling teeth.
Trust me, I am very eagerly awaiting this upcoming conference call. Still not short. Looking for a solid pop thanks to the call on some good stories to get a better price to short from.
Different culture in the Netherlands rather than the lazy people here in the US with their hands out for free money
One can only pray
I won't need to write an article when it hits $11 because that isn't a reality as far as I'm concerned. You should check out the CNN Money article on DDMG as well.