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  • 'Buying Dividend Stocks For Income' Arguments Don't Make Sense [View article]
    Thanks Lawrence Weinman for your article on "arguments don't make sense". You point out that some people can pay for their retirement with municipal bonds. My dearly departed mother, who died in 2009 at the age of 91 was placed in these municipal bond instruments from the time she was 68. Her broker made the same arguments that you do, concerning their safety. When the market tanked in 2008, many of them quit paying their interest. Later, just before she died the last out of State (Virginia) municipal bonds in her portfolio defaulted. If it hadn't been for her stock in T and VZ, her heirs would have been left with nothing from her unbalanced safe portfolio of municipal bonds.
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  • Dividend Champions For May 2014 [View article]
    Thank you David Fish for this update of the CCC charts. This is a powerful tool, which I refer to daily. It is gratifying that so many stocks were added this month. It also shows that these companies are giving back to shareholders more of their capital returns on their investments. I no longer buy stocks that don't pay a dividend and this has helped my performance immensely!
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  • 28 Dividend Stocks Acting Like a Money Machine [View article]
    Hi Hollywood65- You ask a very good question. One answer is that many people don't have the time to fool with investments. Another thought is fear of loss-people would rather have someone else take responsibility for their money and possible losses. You can do much better domestically with your own stock picks, but it takes time and effort. You need to know what your objective is. Mine is dividend growth investment to bring in a constantly increasing stream of dividends from safe companies to supplement Social Security.
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  • Procter & Gamble: The Greatest Dividend Stock [View article]
    Thanks DGI for the report on PG. I own it in a DRIP and have reinvested in shares since 1994. Price wise, it's the same as in 1994, but it has split 2/1 in 1997 and again in 2004. The 3% yield + the 10% DGR justifies a p/e of 13 vs the current p/e of 15.79. However, when I bought the stock in 1980, it was the only time it got down to a low p/e of 8 and I don't believe it will drop to a p/e of 13. This is why I have dripped this stock and will continue to, using dollar cost averaging of the reinvested dividends to build a position.
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  • What's a Safe Withdrawal Rate? These 10 Dividend Stocks Are the Answer [View article]
    Thanks D4L for a good philosophical argument for dividend growth stocks for retirement income. I have been retired since July 2000 and agree that a steady stream of income without touching the principal is necessary. Through the Dot Com bubble and the Great Recession, this plan has always worked for me. I have owned the health care stocks, PG, T, VZ, D, and SJM and reinvested the dividends for the entire period. You have provided advice that works.
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  • What's a Safe Withdrawal Rate? These 10 Dividend Stocks Are the Answer [View article]
    Thanks txwoodworker. I have taken out distributions from the health care companies. My children are in mid life and have families. Education expenses for my grandchildren and helping out in the businesses of my children is a responsibility that I never dreamed of when I retired. However, with the current Depression, things happen to young families that they never expected. When that time came, I stepped up to the plate, rather than waiting for them to inherit.
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  • My Transition To Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) [View article]
    Thanks Marty941 for your comments. I like your idea of PSEC, however this brings up another political situation. My wife does not like finance, stocks, bonds etc. She only counts money in her checking account as real assets. If that balance gets too low in her estimation, I get the bag lady speech. I have found through 47 years of marriage that "yes dear" is the only answer!
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  • SEC Inquiries: Opportunities, Wrapped In Hysteria, Inside A Catastrophe - Part II [View article]
    Thanks 5+ for this timely article explaining SEC Inquires. I believe that the current interest rate rise on long term treasury bonds has moved all high dividend stocks down a lot. MLPs were holding up until this recent investigation brought a cloud over the business model. I am holding all three high yield stocks; AGNC, MTGE and LNCO but not adding at present to see where the bottom will be. I think that continuation of LNCO's monthly dividend will prove them to be a sound investment.
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  • 11 Dividend Stocks Offering 5+ Years of Dividend Growth and 5%+ Yields [View article]
    Thanks D4L for a good list of high yield dividend growth stocks. I like the phone companies-due to their high yield and steady cash flow. I am still a bit leery of financials, but with each passing day of QE, I feel better. When you're retired, you must make the safest choice of dividend stocks in your own estimation-there is no more time for starting out again.
    Dec 1 12:54 PM | 16 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • 14 Dividend Stocks With Dividend Growth Potential [View article]
    DGI- Great article at a time of market fluctuation. The list of stocks provided is excellent, coupled with your earlier detailed analysis of each. Although there are ongoing issues with many of these industries, like Energy, Health Care, and even soft drinks long term dividend growth of each of these companies shows that they have triumphed over adversity in the past.
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  • 106 Dividend Champions For December [View article]
    Thanks David Fish for this ever growing masterpiece of dividend data. I have profited greatly from your work over the years and hope you continue to expand it. You have provided many good extrapolations and estimations of dividend growth through your model and historic data.
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  • 10 Commandments For Dividend Growth Investors [View article]
    Thanks David Crosetti for a great list of Commandments for the dividend growth investor. Your first article is a great start in your Seeking Alpha Contributor career!
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  • Dividends Matter a Lot, But Not More Than Proper Diversification [View article]
    Thanks Roger Nusbaum for the philosophical article on dividends and diversification. Being a dividend growth investor, I ride the market up and down, utilizing the ever increasing dividend stream of Dividend Champions, Contenders, and Challengers. In the low interest rate environment that we find ourselves in today, the steadily increasing stream of dividend income is comforting to this retiree, especially during market swoons, like the last 6 weeks. Even though T, PG, JNJ, and D and other dividend stalwarts have not fully recovered their prices of 2007, the increased yields at the lower prices have allowed me to buy more shares through the drip plan.
    Jun 12 05:34 AM | 14 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Is Apple the 'Short of the Century'? [View article]
    Thanks Andy for the introduction to an explosive year for AAPL. When the media come out against this rising star, you know the price is going to skyrocket!
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  • My Dividend Champions List as of December 1st [View article]
    Thank you David Fish for your monumental task of the Dividend Champions! I have seen it evolve into one of the most comprehensive financial data sheets available.
    Dec 1 07:46 AM | 14 Likes Like |Link to Comment