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  • Texas Instruments: A Successful Transformation Play And Increasing Dividends [View article]
    To me, what differentiates TI and gives it the leg up is not just analog product, but the ability to integrate analog AND digital portions of the design. What we call analog chips today are really combinations of analog functions and digital signal processing and control to address range of functions. TI has long experience with both DSP and RISC digital processing. It picked up analog expertise with a range of acquisitions (the largest being Burr Brown in 2000 and National in 2011). Others may have specific areas they do better, but by and large, this integration gives TI a width of product and a depth of IP integration capability that is probably best in class. One issue with IoT will be making highly functional cheap chips, driving down the price curve is also something that TI has been known for. We shall see - IoT still needs to become real (Still a lot more talk than product) before we figure out who the winners in it.
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  • Windstream Presents Mixed Picture With Weak Performance But Promise Of Boost To Future Revenues [View article]
    I am seeing different stories on new dividend structure. Barrons reports on 7/29 "Windstream expects a 70-cent aggregate annual dividend per share for the two companies (down from WIN’s $1 current annual dividend), consisting of a 10-cent dividend for WIN and a 60-cent dividend for the REIT."
    Has this changed?
    I see this as a gross potential positive for WIN. Their higher tech business gets the chance to get market attention. They get to play "pass the turd" by putting land line business and most probably a huge part of their debt into this REIT. To me, their debt is major concern going forward.
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  • Texas Instruments: A Successful Transformation Play And Increasing Dividends [View article]
    Yes. These are better competitor list to TI. Also relevant are STM and Infineon, which is in process of acquiring Int. Rectifier.
    A key point on more relevant competitors is they show that TI is the big dog in the analog yard. This gives them lot of advantage with large customers.
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  • Why Selling A Few Shares Is Not The Same As Getting A Dividend [View article]
    The sad oxymoron of our time is that those who will benefit most from a zero cap. gain rate are typically those who can or will not invest in stocks.
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  • Exxon Mobil: 32 And Counting [View article]
    The question is 161 shares of CVX vs 200 of XOM (or 122 sh of XOM vs 100 of CVX if you prefer). I am happy with XOM, but I am adding to CVX, which is cheaper on any metric that I track.
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  • Predicting Share Prices: Texas Instruments To Hold [View article]
    To be clear - you are talking about index of pets, pet products and services (PETS) from Recreation CPI category as in dogs, cat, goldfish, etc.? Or is this something different?
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  • My Technology Dividend Portfolio [View article]
    I used to own HP and Compaq before that, but got out back in in 2011 when I thought they lost their way. I guess I missed a good bet in 2012 when they cratered, but their story was still pretty iffy. Looking at the recent numbers, they seem to have found their mojo again. Good for them.
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  • My Technology Dividend Portfolio [View article]
    My bad. Just an oversight, read nothing into it. Cisco is like EMC, they are the huge leader in their field, and a pretty direct and reasonably priced play on internet and cloud infrastructure. Like all dominant tech leaders, some people like to throw rocks at them. I think they have a interesting upside since their Chinese counterpart, Huawei, seems to have lost confidence of key western customers.
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  • My Technology Dividend Portfolio [View article]
    PE is a metric based on fact. PEG is an estimate based on assumptions. So PE has more credibility. Likewise I discount dividend growth since dividends grow until they don't. I would rather have a good dividend today than a good dividend growth history, since companies are probably much less likely to cut dividend than they are to stall its growth. I am not so much concerned about debt. as long as it can be managed out of FCF. Strong companies adding debt in low yield world is often cheaper than issuing shares with a higher dividend.
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  • My Technology Dividend Portfolio [View article]
    Had not heard that Skyworks is starting dividend. thanks for the info
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  • ModernGraham Quarterly Valuation Of Texas Instruments Inc. [View article]
    One of my issues with Graham based analysis of P/B for technology companies is that intellectual property, as in software, design models, patents, licenses, etc. do not get factored into a book value, despite being the underlying value of a tech company. Is TI overvalued, maybe - but the winning horse is always overvalued, the losing horse is a bargain; who do you want to bet on.
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  • Cypress Shares Trade Lower: Buy? [View article]
    I would point out
    1. they do have cash on hand to cover the dividend
    2. they have a few niche business in touch control and PSoC that are
    differentation from others.
    3. They have a CEO who is proven again and again.
    4. Sales guys come and go. Don't read too much into it.
    I never quite understood the why of their Ramtron purchase, seems like ferro-mem is also ran in a world of more advanced flash technologies.

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  • Dividend Contenders: 25 Increases Expected In The Next 11 Weeks [View article]
    My experience on these once a year dividend stocks is that you would need to buy at least 2 months before the dividend, since the there is a steady run up in that last month prior to ex-dividend date . AND that the post-ex-dividend drop can easily exceed the amounts of the dividend collected as people dicount the time until the next dividend. It feels very much like investing on a roller coaster. So the play is how to game the stock ups and downs around the dividend, rather than for the dividend itself. Some with considerable once a year dividends, like STO, are moving to a quarterly dividend, probably in good part to get focus back on investing in the stock than gaming on its price.
    Feb 17 11:59 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Will Boardwalk Pipeline Partners' Struggles Bleed Over To Other MLPs? [View article]
    An interesting comment in the briefing points out that not all pipelines are equal - I assume that new, more modular pipe is easier to repurpose than older pipe that BWP mentions. Does anyone track pipeline age and type, rather than just miles? Seems this is a factor in BWP case and worth considering both from a maintenance and versatility pov in selecting mid-stream companies.

    "Unfortunately, these pipes were put in the ground a long time ago and you can't dig them up and just repurpose them, so you figure out what you can do with them. And in those situations where you can't do anything, you try to abandon them and get them out of service and save the expense." Stanley Horton - CEO
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  • Dealing With Loss (The Monetary Kind) [View article]
    Not so dumb, blondy ;)
    thanks for getting it that financial blogs are sometimes about more than stock-o-the-week.
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