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    ETF T2(VHT PHB) A (QQQ VDE) E2 (VPU TIP) R2(VAW VWO). (Aug. 13, Monday) STOCK T2(ESRX AMZN) A2( NVR PH) E2(FDX MCD) R2(SU NFLX). <c>
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    • O. Young Kwon: 2 = 2-month term. Momentum can help you (a) to manage your portfolios piecemeal, not on-off fashion,<c>
    • X Oil-Field: $SU Suncor falls to $2-billion loss, slashes 2016 spending budget. http://bit.ly/1R8qdbi TheGlobeAndMail
      Fri, 1:37 AM
    • X Oil-Field: Calgary, Alberta: Canada's largest integrated energy player $SU is slashing spending plans http://bit.ly/23UrKHg amid the crash in crude.
      Tue, 8:14 AM
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