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    S.TM.1-2-3 (AMZN) S.TM.1-2 (MA TMO NUS) S.TM.2-3 (BAC ISRG AET) S.TM.1 (CME DLTR FCX JOY) S2 (SU) S3 (FDX NVR MOS MCD) <c>
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    • O. Young Kwon: SUMMARY OF STOCK TANER MOMENTUM (S.TM) (9/4/2012, Tuesday) 1,2,3 = 1-m, 2-m, 3-month term. <c>
    • O. Young Kwon: The TANER System synthesizes performances and relative strengths of 20 ETFs and 40 equities thoroughly yk
    • X Oil-Field: $IMO Refineries were the only thing standing between Canada's largest oil producers and operating losses. That boost to earnings may be..
      Tue, 7:43 AM
    • X Oil-Field: ..coming to an end. $SU http://bit.ly/23UpwYv TheGlobeAndMail
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