• O. Young Kwon
    TANER MOMENTUM: OCT.17, 2011 STOCK T1(NUS) A1(WMT PH NFLX) E1(AMZN) R1(MA AET DE). One-month term.
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    • bilton: Back for more momo punishment?
    • O. Young Kwon: bilton. "momo"? It's ome-month term momentums. We cannot judge by daily market movements. yk
    • bilton: Does not apply to a pure momentum stock like $NFLX. It might work sometimes but I would not bet the system on it.
    • bilton: My point is: there are a lot of stocks that a system like yours will work. Why keep including this one? It often ignores technicals.
    • O. Young Kwon: bilton I agree. Forty equities in the TANER System were well selected, including NFLX. This one has a problem now, but it maintain <c>
    • O. Young Kwon: its "laggrad" position (e.g. "E" ("Emerging") or "R" ("Reverging"). Please read my indtablog, "Go TANER: The Market Primer." Thanks. yk
    • O. Young Kwon: This week NFLX moved from lagard positions to "Leader" position (e.g. "T" ("Topping") on 10/17 & 10/18) & "A" ("Advancing" on 10/19).
    • O. Young Kwon: It's risky, but it has TMs on one-month term because it is relatively well hoding in the current market. yk