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    Summary of TMs (Nov. 11): S 1-2-3 (CME) S 1-2 (NUS DE) S S 2-3 (PH MA)S 1 (AET BEN WMT JWN AMZN)S2 (FDX ESRX CMG)S3 (DLTR YUM MDLZ CAT SU)
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    • O. Young Kwon: TMs are TANER Momentums. Read my Instablog, "How To Use TMs.", "Go TANER: The Market Perimer.", "Income Portfolio", and "The Tiger Rule"yk
    • O. Young Kwon: Re-posted on Nov. 11.
    • X Oil-Field: $COP ConocoPhillips, $MS Morgan Stanley and others have recently raised the possibility if oil demand weakens further this year, and the..
      Sat, 1:56 AM
    • X Oil-Field: ..oversupply lasts longer than expected, ''it could cause the oil downturn to stretch into 2017.'' http://bit.ly/1SS3znK FF
      Sat, 1:57 AM