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  • O. Young Kwon
    E.TM.1-2-3 (TIP BND) E.TM..1-3 (VTI) E.TM..2-3 (VNQ SPY BWX) E.TM.1 (XLF DIA PHB VAW VWO) E.TM.E.2 (PFM QQQ VXF) E.TM.E.3 (VHT MDY) <c>
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    • O. Young Kwon: SUMMARY OF ETF TANER MOMENTUM (E.TM) (6/18/2012, Monday) 1,2,3 = 1-m, 2-m, 3-month term. <c>
    • O. Young Kwon: The TANER System synthesizes performances and relative strengths of 20 ETFs and 40 equities thoroughly yk.
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