• Ocean Man
    Took a 10% gain on ZAGG last week. Looks like I could've had another 10%. Congrats to those that held.
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    • Hillbilly Stock Star: VZ....think we can get $50? Long.
    • JASummers: Was curious Ocean Man.... I bought at 7.09 and wanted to know if you would hold till Q3 or Q4? or just take profits and wait? thanks again.
    • det9: OM: Thinking about getting into ZAGG again. Ideas?
    • Ocean Man: Nah, that was a quick play based on an overdone drop. I do like their products though.
    • det9: Gotcha.. Hurting with all the losses. Trying to make up one way or another. Its not fun to lose 3 months gains in 2 days...
    • Ocean Man: Yep, I'm down on a bunch of different things more than I'd like to be.
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