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Ockham Research

Ockham Research is an independent equity research provider based in Atlanta, Georgia. Ockham covers an expansive universe of stocks mostly in the US, but also from a variety of exchanges throughout the world.

Security analysis at Ockham Research is based upon the principle known as Ockham's Razor, named for the 14th-century Franciscan friar, William of Ockham. The principle states that a useful theory should utilize as few elements as possible because efficiency is valuable. In this spirit, our goal is to make the investing environment as simple and understandable as possible, yet no simpler than is necessary. We utilize this straightforward approach to value over 5500 US securities, with key emphasis given to ...More
  • Description: Independent / boutique research firm analyst.
  • Interests: Dividend stock ideas & income, ETFs, Stocks - long, Tech stocks
Ockham Research At Ockham, we are dedicated to slicing through the massive amounts of information available to give clients only the most relevant information. We have products that promote efficiency when researching equities, including RazorWire which captures anytime a stock is talked about on business television. This ...More
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can you say "dead cat bounce"...S&P still down 4.2% for the week May 21, 2010