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I couldn't disagree more.
Satya Nadella is the best thing to ever happen to this company. I believe that most of the criticism in this article is simply based on bias.
Satya Nadella is laying off a lot of people - people complain.
If Satya Nadella didn't lay off a lot of people - the author would complain that Nadella can't see the signs and is carrying dead wood blah blah.
A lot of the crap Satya is trying to fix happened on someone else's watch and he's doing his best to try and fix it. He seems to be cool and calculating and makes logical moves that make sense.
Does that guarantee success - no. He's also human but I haven't heard one credible thing from anyone (including the author here) that would clearly be a great alternative.
Part of the author's solution is to give the Xbox away.
I guarantee you if Satya did that, this author would be here writing an article on how foolish Nadella was to give away the Xbox and not get anything for it.
Microsoft has some problems but we need objective analysis of what the challenges are and what any of us would do differently.
My 10 cents
The truth is a free Windows Phone is still no threat to anyone.
The user interface is simply not compelling so price is a straw man for any argument about the success of Windows Phone.
Until the fundamental user experience of those phones is different, the outcome will remain the same.
By the way I'm not knocking the UI as clearly a lot of people like it. More people just like something else.
When those young people turn into old people and actually start to do real work outside of gaming and social media they're likely to see the advantages of this integrated platform.
I'm glad you'll wait that long with this stock.
I think we'll have more information about whether Microsoft should make that decision on the 21st.
>> I think most people who actually try the Windows phones love them.
I agree that a lot of people love them but a lot more people love something else and I am not sure if and when that will change.
It's pretty sad how the phone hasn't been a hit and the consumer experience has been less than ideal.
The author has also spent the last 5 years focused very closely on Microsoft and Windows and is a former Microsoft MVP for Windows.
Yeah at some point some of this is speculation but my articles can give you enough information that you know what to look for and what to avoid.
As for my history of reading other opinion pieces and being wrong, you'll have to elucidate.
I write about Microsoft because it's actually a very transparent company and it becomes really easy to figure out what's going well or badly if you know what to look for.
Seems like you know better than me. Good luck with that.
You mean betting against missing the tablet, smartphone, itunes, search engines and more?
Im very familiar with the "every other release" pattern from Microsoft. I just prefer to look at facts as they stand today.
That was a machine gun volley of Apple resentment.
Time will tell...
The relative numbers will NEVER support my claim but it's really Apple's and Oranges (no pun).
Apple haven't made money from their OS updates recently. They made them free. They clearly make their money in other ways obviously.
The challenge for Microsoft going forward is whether they can continue to charge substantial amounts of money for Windows.
The way to do that is innovation.
If they are unable to do that, market forces will drag prices closer to free and make that less profitable for them as a publicly traded company.
It's not about how much they are selling Operating System wise relative to Apple, it's about whether Windows will ever grow or will continue to decline or even become free.
Makes sense. Sounds good.
Thanks for the comment.
You say:
What Mr. Amobi fails to address (or rather what he chooses to ignore), is that Threshold isn't meant to be a front end (UI update) as much as a drastic back end update. This will once and for all align the mobile and PC operating systems. No other company can claim that.
See my response to xXTomcatXx above.
You say:
Apple has a handful of flavors of iOS and the completely separate OSX. To make matters worse, there's zero cross comparability between them. Same goes for Android. It's fragmentation at it's worst.
I say:
How are the Android and IOS app stores doing? Doesn't seem like people care that much about what you are complaining about.
Apple and Android are still the preferred platform for app development. Each have over 1.2 million apps in their stores compared to Microsofts 300k.
The fragmentation doesnt seem like a real problem to me.
You say:
The essence of this whole article is "Windows 9 isn't out but it will be inferior to Yosemite, also not out". The support for this statement is a link to a far from impartial article praising the list of mainly visual tweaks that weren't even available for preview? IMO a stronger argument is needed for such a conclusion.
The essence of the article is that Microsoft are busy "fixing" a mistake and their competitors don't have that burden. Thats a fact.
As a result, their competitors seem to be doing more creative and forward looking things.
Absolutely, a lot of this is all speculation.
LOL at the lack of insight statement.
I know precisely what Threshold is meant to be and I would be cautious not to engage too deeply into marketing spin.
You say:
Threshold will finally bridge the mobile and PC OS gap once and for all and Microsoft will be the first company to accomplish this (Innovation). The potential in this lies in app development. Allowing a developer to only develop once and simultaneously release into to markets has HUGE interest.
I say:
The reality is that it will probably make it EASIER to develop for multiple platforms but there will still be a lot of work required to make apps scale and work across multiple device platforms. Be wary of marketing.
Based on the timing and the rolling back of a lot of features, it's hard to come to the conclusion that Windows 9 is a natural evolution of Windows 8.
Can you send a call from your Lumia to your Surface?
Thats true too.
Thanks for the comment.
Good to hear a contrarian point of view.
Thanks for the comment.
Good point. We'll have to wait and see...
That does seem to be the case...
Yeah thats true. Some people do like Windows 8.
I agree.
Thanks for the comment.
Ummm.. as the article says, look at the features of OS X
Umm it really doesnt.
My blog http://bit.ly/1oygttO has over 8600 articles on Windows written over the past 5 years.
I know more than I care to about Microsoft's strategies (or lack thereof at times).
One big point about the CEO with the Surface setup. The company probably paid for it so when that's the case, who gives a sh*t? Thats the mindset.
When consumers have to shell out their own cash.....
It's an interesting point but it's just internal "funny" money and really doesn't affect the larger problem.
They're not priced appropriately.
See my response to Alex below...
Thats a possibility. Thanks!