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  • Why Apple Is Worth $80 [View article]
    i sold out @ $200 and am happy to do so. Long term AAPL is a buy, short term, it's a sell. Here is my reasoning:

    1. Nice run up due to strong sales. revenue recognition FASB ruling is not a reason for a runup, so Kramer's arguement is not valid.

    2. Taxes. Lots of funds/investors have tax loss carryforwards. As the year nears, its probably a good bet to take some returns w/o having a tax penalty.

    3. The response to this article. AAPL may not be worth $80, but the response here that it's worth much more gives me reason to think that fund managers will be taking profits at the expense of people who don't know when something is overvalued.

    note: I bought AAPL in '05 around $70 sold around $100...missed the run up to $200 and the crash. Bought again late last year @100 and sold @ 200. had i held onto my stock from '05 I would made the same in return, but in real terms I've done better.
    Oct 27, 2009. 09:09 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Schadenfreude: Finally, Countrywide's CEO Getting What He Deserves [View article]
    mozilo is also behind indymac bank. it went into receivership i think last year.

    not sure why BAC bought CFC. it didn't look like a good buy back then and still doesnt
    Jun 7, 2009. 05:00 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Coal Stocks Are on Fire [View article]
    JRCC was the catalyst for the latest run. I don't see it being sustainable.
    May 12, 2009. 12:28 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Microsoft to Issue Bonds: Will It Go Shopping? [View article]
    speculations of what to buy:

    1. yhoo
    2. rimm
    3. sirius/xm - i just threw that last one in, because i think they have the software monopoly (not on the net) and to get that they will need to control the bandwidth
    May 11, 2009. 09:57 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Why Chrysler Needs to Declare Bankruptcy [View article]
    real world salary + benefits ==> competition on a global scale against korea, is a 50%+ wage cut that is going to impact the entire us economy....just saying.

    On Apr 24 02:24 PM jack kreg wrote:

    > I so look forward to a severe BK that re-sets union wages to reality,
    > that is max'ed out at low 40's including benefits, like is comparable
    > to the real world salary's paid in the mainstream economy.
    > Then, with the Chrysler unions in line, the rest of Detroit will
    > have to buckle, and union workers will discover the real (zero) value
    > of their unions and thoughts of how the "bought and paid for" Omaba
    > presidency will take care of them.
    Apr 24, 2009. 11:06 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • A Few Thoughts on the Upcoming Auto Sector Implosion [View article]
    1. how could chinese vehicle development be 10 months shorter than a north american (or japanese) company?

    i agree that the boat ride is 4 wks and the chinese auto manufacturing industry is here now. i would like to get more information as to why or if it is possible that chinese vehicle development is as good as a north american/japanese company. i find this hard to believe.

    On Apr 14 10:19 PM expat in China wrote:

    > VP of common sense wrote:
    > Chris B and Expat in China:
    > "Have either of you either looked at an actual Chinese branded and
    > manufactured car, or even read a review of said? "
    > Please some day take a vacation and come to China!!!!!!!!!!
    > 1. Our vehicle development plans are 10 months shorter than any North
    > nAmerican company.
    > They crrently manufacture and produce Cadillacs, Buicks, Chevrolets
    > Hondas, Mercedies, Volkswagons, Toyotas and every kind of super truck
    > you can thinks of.
    > Ther is no 10 years to market and the reality is that the boat ride
    > is 4 weeks.
    Apr 14, 2009. 11:39 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • A Few Thoughts on the Upcoming Auto Sector Implosion [View article]
    ford stated during the first bailout hearings in december that they would need support IF chrysler or GM went bankrupt. also F's sales plan is for 11 million SAAR, we're on track for 9-10 million vehicles sold.

    I'm buying $4 puts on F if the price is right this week

    On Apr 13 07:18 PM lbator wrote:

    > I started buying Ford at 1.28. Just wish I had the courage to have
    > bought more at the time. Figured then it would take some time for
    > everyone to realize Ford had more lasting power. I'll ride the Ford
    > bubble for while. Hope the trajectory is straight up but at some
    > point even Ford will flame out. As the economy improves and there
    > is money to be made elsewhere, a close look at Ford's fundamentals
    > will lead to a sharp sell off. In the mean time there is good money
    > to be made on Ford. GM's demise is well deserved. GM's loss is Fords
    > gain (at least for a while). One thing you can count on in this
    > market is the short memory of most impulse investors. Wish now I
    > would not have sold GE on an impulse at 10.39. My fear is when the
    > market stabilizes and the ability to guage impulse movements ends.
    > :)
    Apr 14, 2009. 02:35 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Sucker's Rally Approaching an End [View article]
    things that have changed in the past five weeks that i can think of the top of my head:

    1. mark to market rule change
    2. treasury pumping more $$$ into the market (insurance)
    3. china saying their first stimulus plan showing signs of change
    4. china getting ready for a round 2 of stimulus
    5. g20 meeting...anything come out??

    not that i'm saying we're heading straight up, but the point is, things have changed in the past five weeks.

    On Apr 13 08:30 AM somecatchyphrase wrote:

    > The author offers an excellent summation of the recent rally. Thank
    > you.
    > Nothing has changed in the past five weeks to justify a 25% rally.
    > Despite all of the media coverage, it seems like many people don't
    > yet appreciate the depth or gravity of the world economic situation.
    > This could create a wonderful shorting opportunity. I'll keep my
    > power dry and finger on trigger. The next month could prove to be
    > very interesting.
    Apr 14, 2009. 02:28 AM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Bank of America: A Risky Bet That May Be Worth It - Barron's [View article]
    i still don't see why ken lewis saved CFC by paying $6/share last year. cfc was at the heart of the housing crisis
    Mar 7, 2009. 11:28 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment