Pat Elkins

Pat Elkins
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Great article. Thanks for writing. Looking forward to more.
I agree with you and get the same feeling. Over the last few years SA has helped me so much (learning how to value and analyze an investment, etc.) by sharing articles from professionals and novices alike - and it was all for free. I am able to filter and pick-and-choose which articles I will spend time reading. I value and appreciate being able to see all the articles. That's part of the reason SA is so special.
I so hope it doesn't change into an advertising nightmare and pay-to-read website.
I look forward to all of your articles. I really appreciate the intelligent perspective you present. Thanks very much for this one.
Heck of a good article and great comments. Eddie, thanks for doing all the research!
Great article! Thank you.
Awesome article. I am long O, and plan on adding. I'll keep my eye on OHI and VTR as well.
Not only was this article also made me hungry. That cake looks delicious.
Merry Xmas!
Thanks so much for your comment.
Thanks Chuck. I learn from every one of your articles. Helps me get rid of the fear and greed and commit to a firm bases to build my portfolio on. Keep writing!
Thank you for highlighting the divi. increase - and what a great long term holding Rockwell has been. Appreciate the comment.
Wonderful article. I've printed both parts I and II to re-read everytime I get fearful in these volatile times. Thank you so much. Please keep writing.
Hi RS,
Your articles are the ones I look forward to. Good piece and thank you for writing. Especially enjoy all the good (and the crazy) comments your articles attract! Sorry to hear that you hurt yourself. Get well soon.
RS: I look forward to each of your articles and appreciate them very much. I own a lot of the companies in your portfolio and have learned a lot from you. Keep the articles coming!
Hi Chuck,
Another awesome article. I learn so much from each one. Thank you!
Well written and informative. I am long KMP.
Great article. Thank you.
Thank you for this historical analysis. Very well done.
Thank you for the link to the article. If the facts reported are correct, CAT's CEO is truly a greedy jerk. I won't buy this company.
Appreciate your kind words and positive feedback. With all the great information above, I am holding off on purchasing CAT and taking a closer look at COP. I also own KMP-which has done very well for me.
Thanks again.
Hi DesertRat40,
Good point, and I realized that. I do believe O's FFO growth rate is low which disqualifies them for me. I have PAA on my watch list and may buy some in the near future. Thank you for your comments.
No stock buy backs that I am aware of for this year...
Thanks for your comment.
Thanks for your informative comments. I agree with you about price targets. I'll take a closer look at COP.
Chuck Carneval,
Thanks for the kind words. I really appreciate your articles - I've learned so much from them.
Thank you for your comments.
Thank you for your comment and the links! Appreciate hearing from you.
Thanks for your comment. Well said!
Thanks for your comment and I agree with you. I am thinking $65-$70.
You are so right. Although, I do wish the dividend yield was a little higher.
Wonderful. I wish I was going with you!
Great article. There is so much confusing information out there. The data can be manipulated and presented with a bias. I like RG's article because it is positive, interesting and has good advice. I hope we are moving into a new bull market.
Thank you TripleG! I sure appreciate your feedback.
Good article. Thank you. I am long GLD and SLV -- but I have read that the price of gold and silver is "manipulated". What is your thought on this?